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Tasers are supposed to protect criminals from lethal force – not increase health risks to our first responders and healthcare professionals.

At Global Pathogen Solutions, we’re putting an end to the unsafe removal and handling of Taser darts. Our D.A.R.T. PRO® Kits allow law enforcement, paramedics, and other dart handlers to safely extract and store contaminated darts without fear of blood-borne infection.  Inventory, new model prototypes, and distribution are all ready and waiting, and sales have been made.  Join us, and help set a new Taser safety standard – with the only OSHA/FDA approved device on the market!

To say “it hurts” is a vast understatement – but it’s not done yet.  Next, a 50,000 volt charge hits your entire body, locking up every muscle as you drop straight to the ground.

The Taser darts, which stay connected to the main unit, deliver a strong electrical current to the victim resulting in intense involuntary muscle contractions.  Because of this incapacitating effect and relative non-lethal safety record, widespread Taser use continues to increase as a proven effective weapon to apprehend and prevent crime.

But, with less lethal protocols, law enforcement often runs into increased lethal health exposures of their own – mostly on the dart removal end.  One little prick or scratch of the skin is all it takes.

Traditional methods to remove the sharp darts directly from the victim’s skin consist of using pliers, forceps, or even your own fingers. This leads to great potential for exposure to and the transmission of infectious diseases – much more likely within the population of those being “stunned”.

The issues continue in the evidence room. Darts are like bullets. When they are discharged during an incident they must by law be collected as evidence. However, current dart storage methods (in a Taser air cartridge or plastic bag) aren’t meeting FDA bio-hazard standards.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has standards of their own, which are also proving very difficult to follow and making evidence collection a huge challenge.  The bottom line is -  Everyone is at risk of exposure and the whole process is a pain.

Those who protect and serve need a reliable, convenient, and above all safe way to remove and store Taser darts, and it’s finally here.  Global Pathogen Solutions (GPS), a worldwide medical device company, is proud to introduce our D.A.R.T. PRO® Kit – a revolution in safe, evidence-friendly dart acquisition and retention. D.A.R.T. PRO® Kit is the Answer!

Our patented D.A.R.T. PRO® devices greatly limit exposure risk to blood-borne and bodily fluid diseases while also holding up in the regulatory and legal spotlight.  They’re the only current market solutions that allow clinics, hospitals, and law enforcement to meet FDA and OSHA protocols.  The latter group receives the added value of evidence protection, as all darts housed using D.A.R.T. PRO® devices ensure the satisfaction of evidence guidelines and the legal process.

The new Disposable is ideal for EMS and Emergency Room personnel who required a quick and easy solution to remove and store darts. The  product also fits the needs for law enforcement personnel limited by certain working environments and the equipment they can carry.

The innovative D.A.R.T. PRO® Kit includes six different items.  They are:

D.A.R.T. PRO® Handle – The basis for dart removal, this device allows for attachment of the X-TRACTOR Tip®.  It’s custom designed with hard-shelled polycarbonate to be durable and ergonomically sound and contains a battery pack and LED lighting source.

X-TRACTOR® Tips – Allows for safe acquisition andstorage of contaminated Taser darts.  It’s a transparent sharps/evidence container that glows in the dark for easy nighttime usage.  It easily attaches to the front of the D.A.R.T. PRO® Handle, with the other side attaching to the dart – all FDA-approved.

Locking Caps – One of these is placed over the end of the X-TRACTOR® Tip to secure and contain the darts.  Pressing it into the locked position protects against exposure to any pathogens, and seals the darts for convenient evidence storage or disposal.

Zip-Seal Type Bags – These 4x6 bags allow for additional storage security and also contain an evidence card, for easy and accurate tracking through the evidence chain.

Black permanent marker – For writing on the white area on the Zip-Seal Type Bag.

D.A.R.T. PRO Kit Box – All D.A.R.T. PRO® Kit components are housed here.



The D.A.R.T. PRO® Kit is remarkable in its simplicity.  The D.A.R.T. PRO® Handle and X-Tractor Tip allow for safe dart extraction from a distance, meaning the human extractor never comes into direct contact with the dart.  This semi-automatic extraction system works a bit like a retractable syringe – removing the dart and getting it ready for storage all in 1-2 basic motions.  Check out some other secondary features we’re proud to boast:

Patent protection on design and method of use;

Light up handle/glow-in-the-dark tips for nighttime removal;

Repurchase available for additional X-TRACTOR® Tips, similarly to purchasing replacement blades for a razor;

Much easier and safer than using hands or pliers, helping to avoid HIV, hepatitis, and other blood-borne diseases – not to mention peace of mind for law enforcement and healthcare users;

Money-saving benefits of up to $30,000, the cost of the exposure program that exposed officials must go through;

Easy storage, protection and shipping of evidence.

We’ve kept plenty busy since the establishment of Global Pathogen Solutions in 2007.  From then on, our team’s been hard at work on R&D activities that have led to the creation of the world’s foremost dart removal medical devices.  

We’re happy about these accomplishments – but, there’s even more.  Here are a few other milestones we like to hang our hats on:

Product line is coming together.  Production of our original kits has been a success, with over 2,000 currently in inventory.  The prototype for our new disposable option was also completed in November 2015 and ready for production.  The distributors are there, too, with four in place already and a dozen more in the works.

Sales success established.  Our current customers are located in 8 states and have produced hundreds of units sold. One of the latest successes is with the Oregon State Department of Corrections in January 2016 – where they purchased and rolled out close to a hundred units.  As a result, every prison in the state was outfitted.

Intellectual property protection granted.  In total, we own three patents for the D.A.R.T. PRO® Kit, three US registered names, and four levels of FDA clearance.  Two other patents have also been applied for.

Social proof established.  The Salem Police Department, Sacramento Police Department, and EMS/ER bodies are just a few examples of the outstanding social acceptance we’ve had.

Key partnerships aligned.  Key manufacturing player Bill Shultz (customer acquisition network), Med Care Visions (International distributor), IPV Medical  (California Distributor), and CMEacuity (New York Metro Area Distributor) are just a few of the very important partner relationships we’ve formed.  We’re also working with an Taser International Asian distributor to market our products in 11 countries.

For the foreseeable future, our focus at GPS will be strictly on selling these current product offerings.  The initial Sales and Marketing launch will be the US market.  Eventually, we’ll sell worldwide through our established distribution network – with direct sales support in North America.

Our visionary, Carson Linker, has two decades of experience as a Portland-based firefighter and certified paramedic.  It’s this experience – and his understanding of emergency medical situations – that led to the “lightbulb moment” for Global Pathogen Solutions.  After witnessing several unfortunate situations where peers were subjected to blood-borne infections, Carson invented D.A.R.T. PRO® Kits as an all-encompassing, safe solution.  Four years on the State of Oregon’s Hazardous Materials Team also greatly benefitted his expertise.  As VP of Product Development, Carson is our subject matter expert and developmental guru.  Meet the rest of the team:

Our day-to-day boss founded Custom Electric, a respected electrical contracting company in Oregon.  He’s got 20+ years’ experience in business development management.  For GPS, Mike is in charge of operational management and corporate oversight.

Our other Mike is a successful entrepreneur himself, having founded an established construction company that serves communities throughout Oregon.  He’s a financial management and operations expert with over 25 years of top-level experience.  These are precisely his responsibilities for our company.

Brad’s a startup expert in the medical devices sector.  He’s the Founder of Purity Health Systems, where he’s established key distributor relationships in and sold products in over 40 countries.  This is a huge asset for us and for the sales and marketing management activities Brad heads up.

Founder and CEO of Weissert Tool and Design, Jeff brings over 25 years of tooling and engineering experience.  He’s had clients from many industries, including HP, Taylor Made, Nike, and a number of other Fortune 500 companies.  We rest easy in giving Jeff full control of product design and production management.

We’re guided from up top by a Board of Directors, consisting of Mr. Linker, Mr. Wiese, Jeff Weissert, Jerry Weissert, Mark Baker, Ray Linker, and Alice Linker.  A very astute and proven Board of Advisors is also by our side, providing key assistance in important situations.  Members are:

  • Dr. Gregory Smith, pain management/disease prevention expert
  • David Rothman, 25+ years healthcare executive;
  • Joel Bradus, 35+ years medical marketing executive;
  • Lou Lopez; 25+ years Corporate and Financial Executive;
  • Brad Shupe, 25+ years business development experience.



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