Clothing rental app and infrastructure for travelers who hate baggage.


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GOCLOSET is an intelligent new clothing rental network designed to disrupt both the travel and apparel industries. It provides users with a simple, cost-effective way to avoid paying large fees to haul large bags through airports while traveling.

Using our exclusive TwoClickTrip option, our customers can ensure that all the clothing and accessories they require while away from home are delivered directly to their hotel or rental location by top-tier local producers and providers.


Let’s face it: Luggage is awful. Travelers hate it. It’s bulky, heavy, subject to loss or destruction, and generally a major stressor for people who should be focused on the million other minute details that one must manage while away from home.

Carriers hate it too. That’s why baggage prices have skyrocketed in recent years: Moving people all over the place is logistically hectic enough already. Moving all their stuff along with them is just not a decent value proposition. In fact, it’s often the opposite. 

US carriers lose over 25 million pieces of luggage each year. That’s not just $2.1 billion in lost revenue spent paying for a logistical headache. It’s also a huge PR nightmare, reflecting millions of pissed-off customers who will likely not return.

The truth is that much of the stuff that travelers feel they have to lug around is actually pretty fungible. The sizes and styles you own may feel unique, but they’re actually pretty simple to source in just about any city. There’s no need to import them yourself.   


GOCLOSET was conceived when our founder turned up at an airport with luggage that was a couple of pounds overweight. The airline demanded hundreds of dollars in overweight fees to accept liability for the overage.

As he was throwing out enough small, easily-replaceable clothing items to get his bags inside the unpaid limit, he realized that most of the stuff he was paying to ship with him could easily be sourced from local providers in his destination city.

The only thing impeding his ability to simply rent the items required for the time he needed them was the lack of any platform allowing travelers to pre-arrange rentals (for durable items) and purchases (for indurable ones) with local providers.

From this realization, GOCLOSET was born. Our platform has been designed, from the ground up, to effortlessly connect regular travelers with all the local providers they require to completely avoid carrying and checking the majority of their luggage. Thus rendering the travel experience stress-free, and a lot more convenient for the modern traveler.


  • App-based interface makes it easy for users to input all their requisite details and learn about options in their target destination city.
  • AI customer management and TwoClickTrip feature minimize customer interaction while maximizing desired results.

  • Seamless delivery to either hotels or rental units ensures that your freshly-cleaned rental items and new-in-box purchase items are waiting for you when you arrive.
  • Three value tiers (at launch) ensure that everything from workaday and leisure clothing to haute couture one-offs are available as per your travel needs.
  • Never deal with the stress of checked baggage fees and lost luggage incidents ever again. 



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