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At GoGoCar, our mission is to completely change the way that modern consumers buy vehicles and how dealers sell them.

Powered by the industry’s first AI-driven Automotive Expert, GoGoCar assists customers at every step of the car buying journey through decision science. GoGoCar helps recommend the right vehicle, best deals, and delivers all the benefits of in-person car buying with the convenience and simplicity of purchasing from anywhere, anytime.

With nearly every industry adopting digital and AI technologies to streamline processes and deliver the digital experiences that today’s consumers expect, the automotive retailing space is now faced with a unique opportunity to get on board. 

Simply put, consumers are more comfortable when they feel in control.

And digital platforms deliver that sense of control by putting the power in the
car buyer’s hands -- from vehicle shopping
, to credit approval, to sifting through
F&I options, to home delivery, and more -- and all at the touch of a button.

Savvy dealers are increasingly seeking technologies that bring omni-channel mobility to the physical salesroom -- blending the digital with the physical
to create a more experiential car buying process.

At the same time, these innovations allow dealers to eliminate much
of the waste and inefficiencies of the traditional car business and benefit
a significantly improved sales and conversion process. 

GoGoCar is dedicated to fostering the world’s most rewarding online car buying and selling experience -- one that delivers unmatched value to both car buyers and auto dealers alike. And that’s exactly what we’ve created with our AI-powered, nextgen platform.

GoGoCar completely transforms the customer car-buying journey into a dynamic and flexible experience -- one where customers can discover and purchase their dream car at the touch of a button.  

You can also share your experiences with your social connections. 

With GoGoCar, the customer is entirely in control of their experience. Car buyers benefit from unprecedented transparency, while interactions remain incredibly personal and user-friendly. 

Product Selection | Online access to 1000s of aftermarket, warranty, & service products.

Virtual Assistance | Our industry first AI-powered Automotive Virtual Assistant helps consumers at each stage of the process by showing best product fit, best available financing/leasing and trade-in offers, and providing real-time assistance for any and all queries related to available car models.

Contextual Recommendations | The more users engage with the GoGoCar, the more GoGo can understand the user’s context, sentiments, and emotions -- all powered by a machine learning.

Human Assistance | GoGo delivers the best in AI expertise and human interaction, allowing users to seamlessly switch between virtual assistance and
human assistance when necessary. 

For dealers, GoGoCar represents the most efficient and fully-transactional self-service platform on the market, significantly reducing operational costs and never cutting down on margins.​

Pricing Transparency | Allows dealers to build customer confidence by offering their best prices upfront online.

Improved Conversion & Sales | Enables dealers to manage the entire process online including deal generation, trade-in, credit app, and F&I products to close deals faster.

Personalized | GoGoCar understands and remembers user context, location, preferences and profile, providing hyper-personalized answers that bolster consumer sentiment and engagement.

24/7 Lead Management | As a 100% “always on” digital platform, GoGo delivers the best in efficiency without any human limitations (sleep, lunch breaks, fatigue, etc.)

For dealers, GoGoCar represents the most efficient and fully-transactional self-service platform on the market, significantly reducing operational costs and never cutting down on margins.

The GoGoCar team has already made a ton of progress toward
our goal of bringing the car buying process into the 21st century. As the sole provider of an AI powered digital storefront for car retailers, GoGoCar most recently announced the expansion of its industry's first 'Virtual Automotive Assistant' GoGo into Facebook messenger, Google Home, and Google assistant with supporting marketing services. Soon, they will integrate this technology into GoGoCar's Facebook page and use it with Google Assistant. This accomplishment is just one of many notable milestones acheived thus far. Additional noteworthy accomplishments include:

We’ve forged strategic partnerships with numerous high profile companies, brands, and influencers that will be invaluable in helping position GoGoCar as the leading pioneer in pushing the automotive industry to its next evolutionary phase.  

Tony Urrutia | Founder & CEO
25+ years of automobile industry experience working in strategic dealership positions as an operational leader implementing and executing well-targeted, sustainable strategies resulting in securing sales and increased profitability.

Chris Vester | Co-Founder, Board Member
25-year automobile business veteran with positions in every area from detail to executive management. Hubert Vester Auto Group COO. NADA Dealer Academy Dealer Candidate Graduate Class 143. Chairman of NCADA NextGen Group.

Hubert Vester | Chair Dealer Advisory Board
27 years in franchise auto business. Owner of Hubert Vester Auto Group. Owned and operated 15 franchises in 3 states including Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Chrysler, Jeep, and Mazda. Currently owns 6 franchise
roof tops

Antony Satyadas | CTO, Board Member
30 years of IT solution advisory, software business management and marketing leadership experience in Fortune 100 and startups.CEO, Managing Partner, and Co-founder of Innovation Incubator, Inc. Experience working with IBM, Perot Systems (Dell), BellSouth (AT&T), DoE, and his own startups. 

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