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Golf Mind & Body is a simple, comprehensive app that customizes a training regimen for your body and mind to unleash the best golfer you can be. Traditional golf teachers are often one-dimensional instructors who work exclusively on your swing.   But research shows that without the proper physical conditioning and mental acumen, it’s simply not possible to reach your full potential. Modern professional golfers understand that doing customized workout plans for the body and mind are crucial to perform at the highest level. They spend thousands of dollars a month for instructors, personal trainers, nutritionists, and mental coaches…. resources that are out of reach for most amateur golfers, until now. Golf Mind & Body provides a customized, 360-degree approach to golf fitness allowing the amateur golfer access to the game’s best minds in fitness, nutrition and mental focus.  Now, any golfer can really train like the pros and get the absolute most out of their body and game. Golf Mind & Body is simply the most comprehensive customized training app for overall golf fitness, health & wellness!

There is an over abundance of golf advice out there with much of it is focused on the swing itself. Most golfers are simply ill-equipped to make a “perfect” golf swing because their bodies aren’t physically able to do so. Additionally, even when players have somewhat mastered the golf swing, they may still  crumble like sand when the pressure is on. What’s the point of trying to learn movements that your body can’t replicate on a consistent basis – especially at crunch time.  And yet, golfers are insatiably hungry to improve. So, what should they do? 

It's also no secret that most golf instructors have limited physical and mental fitness training -- or the ability to properly convey the physical aspects of the correct golf swing -- and are thus unable to provide any insight or direction to the physical aspects of the game.  They are therefore limited to an approach that addresses symptoms but does not provide a long-term, sustainable cure.

And the reality is that most fitness programs are designed as one-size-fits-all solutions with little to no consideration for each consumer's physical condition or limitations; nor do they evolve with them as their bodies get stronger and more flexible.

Golf Mind & Body solves these problems by providing a pathway for golfers -- of all ages and abilities -- to play the game at their highest level and find more enjoyment from playing.

Physical and Mental Considerations
We have carefully and meticulously developed a comprehensive model for assessing golfers' specific challenges from both a physical and mental perspective.

Personalized Curriculum
Golf Mind & Body provides a personalized curriculum that continues to change/evolve over time as the golfer's body increases in strength, flexibility and mobility.

Incredible Results
To ensure optimum success, we combine this programming with other wellness insights and live broadcasts to keep the subscriber engaged, healthy and motivated.

Golf Mind & Body was developed with the best physical and mental fitness & wellness talent on the PGA/LPGA Tours. Our core success includes a proprietary approach to assessing an individual's specific needs.

Once a curriculum has been designed for the subscriber, the workouts continue to change and evolve so that the individual is consistently and continually getting a workout program that is designed for their then current state of physical and mental wellness.

Golf Mind & Body doesn't stop there -- we continually feed subscribers with fresh “inside the ropes" content from our team of experts, as well as additional content that is also personalized based on the subscribers' noted interests.

Product Development
Golf Mind & Body is in its fourth month of product development (that includes both app development and content creation). We have hired Bravo Media (NYC) to lead app development because of their experiential marketing expertise. In addition, we have hired highly acclaimed brand building executive, Andy Ladden, to lead brand positioning.  The  App is scheduled for completion in December 2021.

We expect to enter the market in Q1 2022 after a series of pilot testing that is currently underway internally. We are planning for focus group testing in late December.

We have an agreement in place with on-air personality David Feherty, who we have commissioned to be the voice and face of Golf Mind & Body. David had the most successful golf talk show in history -- "The Feherty Show" -- where he interviewed hundreds of celebrity guests including Barack Obama, George W.Bush, Kevin Hart and Matthew McConaughey. In addition, we have agreements in place with 9 top experts including Ryder Cup Strength & Conditioning Coach Randy Myers, Golf Digest Top100 Instructors Tim Mahoney and Mike Malaska, and World Long Drive Champions Justin James and Troy Mullins.

We have signed an LOI with Golf Nation, a venture-backed streaming golf network launching in 2022. We are designated as their "Health & Wellness Channel," which allows us to build a national brand of high-quality lifestyle content with celebrities including David Feherty and others such as Michael Strahan, Peyton Manning and more.

We are currently in discussions with the following brands: BMW, NIKE, StretchLab, Troon Golf, Club Car, GolfTEC (220 stores worldwide), 18 Birdies, Rapsodo, and other relevant golf brands. 

In addition, we have begun discussions with the USGA, the PGA Tour and several other potential sponsoring brands such as Putnam Investments, Optum and Empower.

Keith Allo  CEO

  • 28 years of executive leadership in sports media, including C-level position with the Olympics and Head of original production & programming at the Golf Channel/NBC Sports
  • Focus on content/media production and distribution
  • Has numerous long-term relationships in golf 


  • 25 years in executive management for tech and sports industries
  • Focuses on operations and strategic partnerships 


  • Mark is a highly accomplished golf teaching professional recognized by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine as a Top100 Instructor
  • 10 years on both the Nike & Titleist Advisory Boards.  


  • Bobby is a Golf Digest Top 50 Fitness Instructor and a PhD in Physical Therapy
  • He was instrumental in the creation of the largest golf fitness training certification program called TPI, formerly Titleist Performance Institute

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