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Gorilla Boost: Fast Facts

We are a global company with over twenty years of experience in the manufacturing and design of eco-friendly innovations for the agriculture industry. We work with a team of scientists, agriculturists, engineers and management professionals focused on quality and sustainability in order to achieve our goals. 

All of our products undergo rigorous quality control, and we have a partner manufacturing plant in India that is awaiting the prestigious GMP certification.

Market Problem
Lack of quality control and unsustainable methods used

Gorilla Boost Solution
Consistently high-quality products

Our coir is processed using a proprietary washing and buffering system in a dedicated facility in India. The small-batch system allows full control to deliver consistency from bag-to-bag, as well as custom products.

Our products go through the most stringent quality control protocols which starts with raw material selection and ends when the product is sealed in containers. This process involves a full-time chemist and traceability of each batch.

Furthermore, we practice what we preach and recycle the fresh water used in our operations in India,
saving 67,500 liters of water per 40-foot container produced.

How It Works

Coir is the sponge-like substance in between the fibers in the outer husk of a mature coconut.

Until recently, this was a waste product of the worldwide coconut processing industry. We recycle it.

Inherently high in salt and other elements, coir requires washing and buffering to make it suitable for growing.

Coir is used by itself or blended into organic soil blends for horticulture; it is also used in alternative applications such as horse bedding.

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Meet The Team

Mr. Morrow has 16 years of experience as a financial advisor and is a Co-Founder of Gorilla Boost. Mr. Morrow’s background includes financial planning, technology sales, accounting, finance, and operations. In the past he has worked for Evergreen Investments, Ameriprise Financial Advisors, and Bankers Healthcare Group.

Mr. Krychowecky is an experienced entrepreneur of 18 years and is a Co-Founder of Gorilla Boost. He spent much of his career working with the derivatives of coconuts including coconut water, virgin coconut oil, and coconut coir. He is also the Co-Founder of a passion liqueur company that is made in the Dominican Republic called Chinola (www.chinola.com), which is one of the fastest growing liqueurs in the US.

Mr. Srihari Ratnam is an expert agronomist and a 7th generation owner of family coconut plantations in one of the world’s richest coconut regions in Southern India and is a Co-Founder of Gorilla Boost. He has more than 15 years of experience in the production, processing and exportation of valued-added Cocopeat from India with major clients in USA, Europe, Japan & Australia.

Mr. Abramson is a breeding and cultivation expert in both the agricultural and cannabis sectors. He has spent the past 20 plus years in both Israel and the USA working with large scale operations helping them streamline processes while reducing operational costs. While consulting he spent the bulk of his time working in tangible commodity-based industries where he was responsible for Product Development, Forecasting, Demand Planning, and Compliance.

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