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Goshen Hazmat:
Fast Facts

Goshen Hazmat is a new line of wearable safety equipment, allowing the wearer to put the suit on in pieces but remove it as a one-piece unit for ultimate protection.

Goshen Hazmat is not only for people working in hazardous environments; individuals wishing to protect themselves and others from contaminants will find comfort in what Goshen Hazmat has to offer.

The Goshen Hazmat mask not only protects the wearer, it provides real-time feedback of the wearer’s temperature, for early illness detection.

Safe when wearing.
Hazardous when removing.

Without proper procedure, removing a hazmat suit can become as dangerous as not wearing one at all, as the wearer can become exposed to contaminants on the outside of the suit.

Safety wear, reimagined

Goshen Hazmat is the next step in the evolution of wearable safety gear.

We’ve eliminated the risk of contamination when removing a hazmat suit.

Customizable wear.
Safe removal.

The Goshen Hazmat Suit begins with the Cowl Neck Barrier Gown, designed to open from the back. The unique design allows for contamination-free removal of each part of the hazmat suit.


In addition to the primary garment, Goshen offers a range of interchangeable articles to complete the hazmat suit, including:

Each piece can be purchased separately or as a bundle.

The suit can withstand being sprayed down without any leakage or bleeding through the attachment areas or seams.

Goshen Antiviral
Protection Face Mask

The Goshen Face Mask is the most innovative of all the attachments. It can attach to any of the headpieces and comes with optional antiviral coverage and thermometer.

Each mask comes with a respirator attachment for safest breathing.

The mask’s usefulness extends well beyond being part of a hazmat suit:

  • People suffering a contagious illness
  • People seeking to avoid a contagious illness
  • Airline passengers
  • People with allergies
  • People with compromised immune systems

Traction &

Since the company’s inception, Goshen Hazmat has achieved notable accomplishments:

Hazmat suit and mask designs have been patented, with a second and third patent pending

Positive feedback has been received from within the medical community, including the Emory Ebola team

Partnership established with Kickr Design for engineering, prototyping and development

Once a successful prototype is developed, the mask and suit will be tested with the goal of gaining certification from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Meet The Team

Debra Johnson is the founder and owner of Goshen Hazmat and is a retired registered nurse. Her desire to help and compassion for people is stronger than it has ever been . She remains encouraged and excited about her company, Goshen Hazmat, and all it has to offer to society. Debra remains passionate about the people that cross her path individually and globally and look

Forward to making this dream of her Hazmat suit with Attachments a reality as well. Another Dream to come True.

Carlo Juilo Salas, an attorney at the firm Smith | Tempel, is working as Goshen Hazmat’s legal counsel.  He has experience in patents, trademarks, prosecution, and IP enforcement and litigation.

KickR Design, based in Atlanta, GA, is the outsourced prototyping service, covering design, engineering, prototyping, and potentially manufacturing as the product matures.

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