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Greatest Desires:
Fast Facts

Do you know what desire is? More importantly, do you know and understand your own desires? What do you want most in life? What is it you are looking to achieve? Many people ask themselves these questions, but very few people know how to go out and get what they want. Greatest Desires was built from the ground up to change this, to fulfill desires and live up to expectations. We are developing the ultimate social network to help people in a way no other social network or service ever has.

Massive Problem
Everyone has desires…but so
few of us fulfill them

Everyone desires, but few do what's needed to fulfill them.

That's because they don't have the motivation need to do so, or perhaps they lack the knowledge to progress.  Maybe they are even without the necessary self-confidence to prosper.

Consequently, they cannot and will not be able to achieve their desires -- today, tomorrow or in the future -- without help, practical advice and the support of other people.

The reality is that people need a little assistance, and maybe a little push, to achieve their desires. If they continue to fail, the lack of desire fulfillment will continue to plague us. It is one of the biggest problems we all face, resulting in despair, depression and pessimism throughout all aspects of life.

The World Has Been
Waiting for This

Greatest Desires is the solution
the world needs right now

Greatest Desires solves these problems with elegance and class, empowering people to find and communicate with each other. We connect people with common Greatest Desires in life, allowing them to find and share ways to achieve everything they want.

Greatest Desires gives every single category of people the possibility to thrive -- in life, in happiness, in success. Whatever your desire is, Greatest Desires is here for you:

How It Works

Users start by registering for a profile in our social network. They can write down their greatest desire; they can also add two other desires and appoint one as the primary desire. After that, it's off to search for people with the same desires. Search far and wide, anywhere in the world! Users can invite and confirm invitations of friends to expand their network, then communicate with their friends in the messenger feature.

Users can also create, publish and share photo albums, videos, groups, blogs and polls. Photo albums, videos, groups, blogs and polls are grouped by category (Animals, Automotive, Beauty / Health, Business & Money, Entertainment, Fashion / Style, Food, Life styles, Music, People, Sports / Fitness, Traveling).

The best part comes once a desire is achieved: users can publish and share their success story with friends! Friends may then comment, like and share posts of friends in the timeline.

Last but not least we have included (for the convenience of users) a "Presentable Desires Board" in the main page with ratings of desires.

Traction &

The start of our project began development in April 2019.

We concluded our first stage by April 2020, and finished our second stage (and launched the Greatest Desires website) approximately one year after that in September 2021.

Meet The Team 

Viktor Kolyada | Founder and CEO

  • Finance executive with over 20 years of experience
  • Has been involved in businesses ranging from international trading and tourism

Vladimir Likhovid | Founder and CTO

  • 25+ years of Software Development and Professional Services

Sergey Likhovid | Founder

  • 20+ years of executive experience in various travel technology organizations and computer training

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