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GRIPBELL: Fast Facts

Dumbbells are called “dumb” for a reason - it’s old, outdated and not capable of fulfilling the wellness needs of today’s smart, more health-conscious consumers. It’s time for us to go beyond that and move onto the next revolution. Enter GRIPBELL, a weighted fitness tool that can replace all other handheld free weights (and many other fitness tools). The GRIPBELL Fitness Tools (GFT) provide a simpler, sleeker, safer, and more balanced design intended to improve and revolutionize the current, exploding fitness tool and equipment marketplace. And our GRIPBELL Wellness Project (GWP) app, an IOS/Android-based family lifestyle wellness and fitness app, will allow families of all ages to easily understand, navigate and access everyday fitness routines, lifestyle tips, wellness, nutrition, and community.



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Major Problem

Mankind has been exercising, and most of all building muscle, by doing the same thing for thousands of years.

We've continually relied on machines and unbalanced, archaic handheld weighted fitness equipment, including dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls.

But fitness is transforming -- people are happily embracing hand weights over machines.

Multi-purpose and more versatile free weights are emerging, but cost, space and other issues are still a concern.

What the world needs is an outstanding solution that inspires us all to get up, improve our wellness and stay fit.

What the world needs is GRIPBELL.

One Incredible Solution 

GRIPBELL solves all of these problems with a revolutionary solution for free weight market. We are committed to providing the largest possible audience the safest handheld free weights ever built. Led by science, not assumptions or guesswork, our full 26 piece set of revolutionary fitness tools -- cumulatively known as GRIPBELL Fitness Tools (GFTs)  cleverly range from 2.5 to 90 lbs. GFTs outperform everything else on the market and are capable of replacing all archaic/outdated free weights of the past.

That's right, our single handheld weighted fitness tool can get rid of the clutter created by all alternative solutions.

Our all-in-one GFTs are comfortably and ergonomically designed for every person out there. We wanted them to be easily used both at home, at the gym, as well as at school, for physical therapy or rehabilitation, and even on-the-go. With the flexibility to be used in  endless strength fitness programming, and the ability to enhance yoga, pilates and stretching, GRIPBELL is perfect for any wellness routine, no matter how intense or gentle. It can even be used in water or pool for aquatic fitness.

A Better Future For All

GRIPBELL is more than a replacement for conventional free weights.

We are also working to change the way you advance your wellness with the GRIPBELL Wellness Project. Designed to complement and provide professional instruction and training within the GFT product line, the GRIPBELL Wellness Project is a first-of-its-kind,  App with focus on improving a family or individuals lifestyle by engaging and sharing updated science and past experiences of information within niche communities, using highly respected wellness professionals and members of those communities.

The app will empower anyone and everyone -- individuals, families and workers -- with uncensored and unrivaled fitness and wellness information, regardless of your age or fitness level.

From the very young to the very old and everyone in between, as well as those who need rehab at home, our app is here to serve all.

The patented GRIPBELL Fitness Tools (GFT) in collaboration with the GRIPBELL Wellness Project App (GWP) is designed to offer more effective cross-selling opportunities into the home, family, and niche community-based marketplaces and at the same time replace archaic, less functioning and bulky traditional handheld weight equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls in most gyms big or small worldwide.

GRIPBELL’s scientifically balanced design has safety and increased functionality in mind and can be more functional whether using the tools for one- or two-handed routines enhancing any fitness or wellness jhandra from stretching, yoga, cardio to strength and athletic performance training at the highest level.

Unlike other free weights and fitness apps, GRIPBELL has perfectly built a wellness tool with perfectly distributed weight allowing all families and individuals of all ages/wellness levels a safe wellness tool as well as the complimentary GWP family focused learning center that can enhance any individual or family that aspires to make living a healthier lifestyle,  simple, consistent, effective and most importantly…fun.

Channels To Reach Any Audience

With specific channels to reach any audience, the GRIPBELL Wellness Project features a wide variety of options:

Traction & Accomplishments 

GRIPBELL isn't some new startup on the block with no experience, no product and no success.

We have already successfully delivered more than 40,000 units to customers during our beta testing since our soft launch of the 3-12 lbs GRIPBELL Light edition.

With seven years of designing, five factories, complicated engineering and building out generations of GRIPBELL patented prototypes to safely test the GRIPBELL main scientific design with the top professional trainers and fitness product consultants in the industry, we are just getting started. Our testing has been a success and is complete. Tooling is in final stages at the GRIPBELL go-to-market factories.

Meet The Team 

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