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The idea for Groopview hit Delmond Newton while he was babysitting his nieces in 2017. The girls were trying to watch video game content while talking and using a video chat app at the same time. Their tech frustration sparked Newton’s lightbulb moment.

The finance executive and serial entrepreneur reached out to his lead engineer and product developer. They developed Groopview, a B2B PaaS company that offers social engagement platforms that enable streaming platforms with video to synch different people, in different locations, to enjoy and share the same video at the same time while communicating and increasing engagement. 

We have currently gained traction in the Gaming Market and the Real Estate Market.

Groopview brings people together for a shared experience like no other.

Our solution delivers a 5G forward synchronization system across mobile devices regardless of the network connection or device.

Plus, we created a heartbeat syncing system that leverages 5G to deliver a best of class experience.

Groopview helps users synch up to share the magic through its social engagement and interaction platforms. No more waiting!

Sharing experiences has become second nature with social media. With 5G, the power to stream synchronized video is in the palm of our hands.

Groopview gives users the power to share video in different locations while watching video by merging all participants in real time. Social engagement and communication adds to the video experience with talk, text and even emojis reactions.

We are a B2B PaaS Company offering cool social engagement platforms.

Our social engagement platforms include:

  • Synchronized Co-viewing as a Service
  • Many-view Live Broadcast as a Service
  • Dual-view Sharing as a Service
  • User Engagement Data Analytics as a Service

At its core our synchronization system is designed to retrieve and deliver multimedia content to a group of user devices while receiving social media content generated by the users.

By employing timestamp receipts and fragment identifier acknowledgements, the system prioritizes and adjusts simultaneous deliveries of multimedia and social media content from multiple user devices, sharing with all users in the group without any noticeable lag time.

Groopview’s debut already features some star turns:

Product development | We’ve built our SDK product and standalone app for both iOS and Android, our app for realtors and our customer portal, as well as minimum viable product (MVP).

Patents pending | We have patents filed and pending on products including Collaborative Video & Audio Synchronization, SDK, Bridge Connect, Many-view Live Broadcast and Dual Camera Sharing

Tech partnerships | We have relationships with AWS, Verizon, Samsung and Micron Technology.

Social standing | We are growing a social media following on LinkedIn and in the Press with industry validation and mentions.

Delmond Newton | Founder and CEO
Delmond Newton has more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience founding or funding six companies across various industry sectors. With a background in finance and marketing, this serial entrepreneur shares expertise with others as a business advisor while also supporting his own endeavors. Newton is responsible for planning and executing Groopview’s strategy and vision, as well as overseeing platform expansion and new product features.

Raymond Newton PMO | Co-Founder and Head of Product Development
ReyMonn Newton has more than 15 years of experience with product development and project management, putting expertise into action to ensure on-time product delivery and readiness for the general market. Newton leads the Groopview product management team, driving the development and execution of product and feature sets while tracking progress and ensuring completion. 

Phillip McRae | Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Business Operations
Phillip McRae previously served as managing director of GladRuth Services, LLC, transforming underachieving business units via client-focused solutions that improved sales, marketing and customer relations. He also has more than 20 years of telecom experience, including 10 years as an SVP at Comcast Communications. McRae uses his innovative talents to help build Groopview’s strategy, business operations and growth.

Krishnan Rajam | Chief Technology Officer
Krishnan Rajam built his expertise over 30 years at the intersection of the cable, telco, media and technology industries. He’s a strategic thinker with a talent for forecasting trends in technology, market conditions and customer expectations. Rajam founded a high-impact consultancy that has enabled Fortune 100 clients to execute multibillion dollar digital transformations in record time. He leads Groopview’s product and tech strategy, establishing key technology partnerships and relationships.

Mark Stalica | Advisor, Chief of Staff and Head of Strategy & Investments
Mark Stalica has more than 30 years of experience in the cable network industry. He puts his expertise to work behind the scenes to solve problems and mediate disputes before they reach the CEO. He acts as a liaison between the CEO, Board of Directors and Board of Advisors. Stalica also helps lead the development and growth of new Groopview business partnerships.

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