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For hackers, your WiFi router is the front door to your connected home and your loved ones inside - so why leave it wide open?  At Gryphon Online Safety, we’re locking it up and throwing away the key with a new network security system built for smart homes.  Our all-encompassing solution includes a mobile app, cloud-based platform, and a super-fast WiFi router equipped with all the latest technologies - protecting your home and family from privacy breaches, identity thefts, and inappropriate content.  A well-rounded feature set that includes intelligent intrusion detection, malware protection, and community driven content filtering helps eliminate virtually all online threats.

With 5 patents filed and over 450 pre-ordering customers, we’re gearing up to help make the connected world a secure one!

The days of 4 walls and a roof are long behind us.  In 2017, the smart home revolution has taken over - turning our houses into enterprise networks with an ever increasing digital presence on the Internet.  The average home now has over a dozen (and growing) connected devices operating within it; but for as great as this is, we lack the tools to keep the network safe. Burglars breaking in is no longer the only threat to our homes.  With as many as 3 out of 4 of these devices susceptible to hacking, there’s a whole new set of vulnerabilities.

Any criminal around the world now has the ability to break into our smart homes remotely and do some serious damage to our loved ones.  70% of kids already see inappropriate content accidentally - and with them being exposed to the internet as early as 5 years old, the prospects are frightening.  Teens aren’t immune from the dangers, either, as parents are having a difficult time managing the 8 hours per day they average spending online.

In addition to content filtering, there’s also a dire need to stop the privacy violations and identity thefts that occur via hacks into our webcams and smart TVs.  A startling recent example occurred when a line of connected dolls was hacked, allowing potential criminals the ability to interact with our kids.  With the proliferation of connected devices, cybercrimes are on the rise.  Just recently, one of the largest ransomware attacks was carried out that wiped out valuable data on many computers.  It’s time to step up our security game in this smart home era.  It’s no longer adequate to just install anti-virus software, Gryphon takes smart home security to another level with intelligent network layer protection.  

Why put your family at risk?  It’s time to gain some valuable peace-of-mind with Gryphon - a  security and safety service platform for the connected home and small business networks.  Our system brings enterprise level security to smart homes through an innovative combination of cloud connected hardware and intelligent security software.

No matter what type of threat is bearing down on your home, the patent-pending Gryphon technologies will provide the first line of defense for what’s most valuable to us.  Network intrusion detection, malware filtering, parental control, and more are all built into one fast and secure WiFi router.  Gryphon also comes with an intuitive native iOS/Android-ready mobile app for real-time management of all connected devices.  All of this, and all of our system’s beneficial features, are managed through a cloud-based platform that allows for real-time access from anywhere and automatically installs the latest security updates.

Gryphon helps make the internet a safer place almost instantaneously, with a simple onboarding process that requires just 3 quick and easy steps:

Gryphon’s enterprise-grade WiFi router is robust enough to secure small to medium-sized businesses, yet nimble enough to protect your connected home.  

 Our tri-band AC3000 router boasts the latest MU-MIMO Wi-Fi technology that makes networks more efficient by providing separate data streams to each device while also supporting wireless mesh networking with self-organizing technology to be able to blanket the whole house with strong WiFi signals and conduct intelligent handoffs to provide the highest throughput for video streaming.  Furthermore, beam forming technologies direct wireless signals in the direction that’s optimized to each device - rather than blindly in all directions.

Because the web is a massively dynamic platform where anything goes, we’ve developed a community driven feature called CrowdRanking where parents vote on the appropriateness of websites for their children by allowing or not allowing requested websites. We aggregate the approval ratings and provide that to the parent community to help them make a more informed decision for their child. Here’s a look at just a few more of Gryphon’s many features.

Our patent-pending machine learning algorithm learns the unique fingerprint of each connected device on your network and monitors it 24/7 to react to abnormal behaviors.  The algorithm improves over time as more Gryphons are deployed.

Through constant syncing with Kaspersky’s leading threat database, the Gryphon router is always helping to protect against the latest virus outbreaks like the recent ransomware outbreak while also preventing other types of malware from entering your smart home.

Gryphon’s real-time secure messaging protocol allows users to be notified of intrusions on their smartphones and manage their home network from anywhere.  

Parents can review web access requests and immediately grant permission from anywhere.  This is especially useful if a child needs to access a blocked website for homework.

Gryphon gives parents even more peace of mind as their kids explore through user-specific content filtering and the ability to pre-set homework and bedtimes. Browsing history can also be viewed transparently even if your child clears the web history in their browsers.

Easily view the signal quality and safety of each device in the home as well as prioritize the device you are streaming video with the Gryphon smartphone app with Gryphon app’s network health.

We haven’t been at this long, but big things are already happening at Gryphon. Here are just a handful of the many impressive accomplishments we’ve amassed during our first year - which give us a great deal of confidence going forward:

We’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished so far - but know that reaching our ultimate vision will require additional hard work.  Right now, the focus is on securing the needed funding and doing everything we can to ready ourselves for a Fall 2017 launch - including final versions of our hardware and software.  A bit further down the road, we will turn the focus towards R&D in 3 specific areas: ongoing research to further improve the machine learning based intrusion detection, improving our community driven content filtering, VPN functionality for privacy protection, and other user requested features.  We are also working on a few major distribution and co-marketing agreements.

The Gryphon concept was born from our CEO’s desire to be a better parent.  A few years ago, his daughter stumbled onto some inappropriate content while searching the web on his iPad.  He responded as any parent would: by searching up and down for an easy-to-use solution to keep his family safe.  After this search came up empty, he dug deeper and uncovered the fact that our homes are quickly becoming enterprise networks - but lack the proper tools to keep the network safe.  The result, just a few months later, was the Gryphon solution.  Let’s meet the quartet of key team members tasked with disrupting the way we keep our smart homes safe!

On top of being a great parent to two beautiful daughters, John also has more than 2 decades’ worth of executive experience in wireless, IoT, and networking.  He holds the distinction of being a key inventor of MiFi technology - which is just a few of the 11 patents he holds.  John resigned from his previous 16-year senior leadership position with another company last year to start Gryphon, and continues to guide us daily.

The first place our CEO would turn after conceptualizing Gryphon was to his good friend Arup, the other half of our visionary founding duo.  Arup is an expert multimedia technologist who holds the distinction of building the chips that powered the iPods.  He’s got a keen eye for the IoT - making him the ideal person to serve as our CTO.

Currently a professor at Eastern Washington University, Arindam is at the forefront of today’s artificial intelligence landscape.  All told, he boasts over 15 years in machine learning technologies and is a huge asset to the Gryphon team.

Binu is a seasoned software expert with a knack for creating easy to use consumer-facing solutions like the Palm smartphones and MiFi mobile hotspots

We are also fortunate to receive key outside guidance from a talented group of board members, advisors, and counselors.  This includes the following individuals:

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