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HairSanity is a new line of hair care products that delivers a long-awaited breakthrough to the medicated shampoo market.

Consumers suffering from dandruff and other scalp-related issues have been traditionally forced to sacrifice either treatment effectiveness or their hair’s aesthetic quality.  Thanks to HairSanity’s proprietary formulations and technology, they can now receive the best of both worlds - and do it through the unmatched convenience of subscription-based home delivery.

Almost all over-the-counter dandruff shampoos available today - most originating from giants like P&G and Unilever - use a 40-year old technology with zinc pyrithione as the active ingredient.  This lack of innovation and differentiation isn’t getting the job done for consumers who are concerned about the look, feel, and fragrance provided by their hair care products.
*Textbook of Cosmetic Dermatology.  Malden, MA, Blackwell Science; 1998. 

Medicated shampoos that get results for dandruff problems are available, but these products almost always sacrifice the volume, manageability, and overall look and feel of one’s hair.

Consumers are in desperate need of a medicated solution that properly addresses scalp issues while delivering a luxurious, salon-quality look and feel.  It’s time for a new leader to step up with a true alternative!


The first major technology breakthrough in 4 decades has now arrived, thanks to HairSanity.
Our new line of medicated hair care products, which is the fastest growing segment of the global shampoo market, has been designed around a “
skin care for the scalp” concept that delivers better results than can be found in any other hair care product.

HairSanity products directly address the two sets of problems dealt with on a daily basis by scalp irritation & flaking sufferers:


We use proprietary technology with strong competitive barriers and the finest ingredients available for both the treatment of the scalp as well as for the conditioning of the hair.

Hydrocortisone Acetate
None of the major brands 1use hydrocortisone acetate, which is the active ingredient in Step One of our system. It took five years to figure out how to get hydrocortisone into a cleanser and still get the aesthetic results
t hat Dr. Kazin sought. The reason we can do it and no one else can is our patent combined with the proprietary licensed technology that is the subject of 41 domestic and international patents pending.


Salicylic Acid

Step Two of our system uses salicylic acid as the active ingredient, which is monographed by the FDA for the treatment of dandruff.  Salicylic acid is well accepted by dermatologists, aestheticians and the FDA.  It is used in many of the finest spas in the world for treatment of the skin.  The same proprietary technology we use in Step One allows us to effectively deliver the desired cosmetic results with our moisturizing and conditioning ingredients in Step Two while our active ingredient, salicylic acid, is effectively addressing the scalp issues.

This technology allows us to achieve the desired cosmetic and aesthetic results with small molecule technology which breaks down our ingredients into small particles for delivery into the hair strand. 


We haven’t been at this long, but our list of achievements is impressive:

Conducted a large study in 707 homes that revealed:

Received a patent

Acquired rights to a technology with 41 domestic and international patents pending that delivers compelling, differentiated, visible results as well as a strong competitive barrier. 

Completed customer acquisition test market

Trademark registration in final stages for the HairSanity brand name.

Engaged a well-established manufacturing partner and achieved excellent results with production line product. 

Completed comprehensive regulatory review with respect to FDA compliance on drug claims and aesthetic claims with all necessary registrations in place. 

Completed an extensive video asset portfolio to support our marketing efforts.

Demonstrated overwhelmingly favorable customer reaction on social media, our website, popular blogs, and Amazon.

Received strong third-party endorsements including great words from industry icon and former L’Oreal Salon Division President Jim Morrison:

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Dr. Rebecca Kazin - Founder who heads up medical efforts & helps develop products

  • Board-certified Dermatologist at Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery
  • Nationally-recognized expert who served as a Medical Director at Johns Hopkins
  • Has been repeatedly elected “Top Doc in Cosmetic Dermatology” by physician peers

Steve Ziskind - Operated numerous consumer product ventures across many industries with a concentration in DTC activities

  • Creator of the Lap Band direct-to-consumer program for Inamed, the first DTC campaign of its type for a medical device.  Inamed was acquired by Allergan.
  • Former CEO of Den-Mat Holdings (grew revenue of Snap-On-Smile with DTC campaign from $1M to $13M in under a year)
  • CEO at Dye Magnet Industries, with a successful exit to a major consumer products company 

Robert Gluck - 3-plus decades of management experience, including CEO & other executive roles with publicly-traded companies.  Seasoned financial management expert who has created hundreds of millions of $ in value for private equity partners.  Graduate of Wharton School.

Ted Knudsen -Seasoned strategic executive and private equity operating professional with particular functional expertise in operations, finance and marketing. Formerly of DLJ Merchant Banking, Credit-Suisse and Bain Consulting, Ted graduated Summa Cum Laude from Dartmouth College.

Eric Relyea -Senior marketing executive with a knack for building consumer goods brands.  Graduate of Wharton School with significant experience in the beauty industry.


Christina Hitchcock -Versatile skill set that includes logistics, marketing, sales, and management in the hair care industry.  Has an MBA from Florida Atlantic University.

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