The Hammer Driver

The driver that adds an average of 40 yards per drive


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The Hammer

Watch your ball rocket over the nearest mountain range as your piercing "POOOOOOWWWWWWW" startles Chuck Norris from a dreamless sleep.  Tee it up, my friend, and do it all over again.

The father of the big-head driver, golf legend Jack "The Hammer" Hamm, has done it again with a re-designed ball-blasting machine.  For the average golfer, the aerodynamic design of the Hammer will:

  • Increase club head speed by 4-6 mph
  • Increase launch angle by over 2 degrees
  • Drive the ball 38 yards farther than a 465 CC club head
  • Drive straight and true, with the lowest spin factor ever tested

Drive Fast.  Drive Straight.  Drive Far.

Jack "the Hammer" Hamm

Jack "The Hammer" Hamm is a six-time world record long drive holder with a long-drive of 473 yards and a club head speed clocked by Golf Digest at 162 mph.  Jack is the inventor of the original oversized golf club head that took the industry by storm and has been the staple for over a decade.  However, as oversized heads became larger and larger, they began to lose effectiveness above a certain size.  With new metallurgical technology, Jack has maximized power in his "power core" and utilized a minimalistic design to achieve a speed that all of the major club manufacturers are now mimicking.

The Unbelievable X Shaft

The Hammer X driver is a revolutionary patented zero cubic centimeters "CC" driver head. Through the aerodynamic head design and the patented "X" shaft, The Hammer delivers an extra 40 yards to the average golfers' drive!  

Why We Need You

The Hammer X is now fully at launch stage.  All the developmental work has been completed, including design, manufacturing, logistics, marketing/branding etc.  Your contributions and pre-orders through Fundable will be used to launch the Hammer brand nationally, with follow-on campaigns for hybrid drivers and putters (also a revolutionary design). With your pre-order, you will help us get this driver into the hands of consumers around the country and bring the average golfer's game to the next level!

*For your contribution and support of our company at this early stage, you will receive a Hammer-X Driver, Shaft, and DVD for a huge discount from our projected retail price.  If you want to drive the ball farther, straighter, and with more power, sign up with us today and get the Hammer X before it hits shelves in stores near you!

Back our project, and receive the following:

The Hammer X Driver for $129.99 ($94.99 w/o the X shaft)

A free Hammer DVD "5 easy steps to 50 extra yards off the tee guaranteed" and a free Hammer club head cover.  ($20 S&H)

You'll see a $30 discount compared to the normal offer of $159.99 for all the above (plus S&H).  To get this club from a major brand name, like Calloway, it would cost you $600+ in stores!

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