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HDLV-USA is an innovative brand that creates on demand apparel for the socially-conscious millennial that seamlessly fuses the three most important aspects of your life: social media, fashion, and technology. This is the future of fashion.

HDLV, which stands for “High Demand, Live Vibration,” is positioned to become the Twitter of clothing brands: setting trends and creating a platform for social stances -- through fashion.

Our patent pending social fashion on demand model involves keeping up with the latest current events in both pop culture and politics and creating fresh, new, and innovative designs that allow our customers to show their style while also taking a stand for the issues they believe in. Social fashion on demand is revolutionizing the way consumers buy clothes online.

Our growing social media following of over 30,000 fans anxiously wait for our newest designs, to be released every 30 days, and some collections are available for 24 hours or less

To see how we’re disrupting the fashion industry read on!

Believe it or not, HDLV did not always seek to innovate the worlds of online shopping and social media -- before we achieved a 6 million dollar valuation, and as many great brands before us, we had humble, grassroot beginnings, creating custom designs with sharpie markers and brush strokes on trucker hats.

Launching as a pop up retailer, we developed a fun collection of painted trucker hats, along with a loyal customer base in Venice Beach, California. Our designs became so popular among Venice beach tourists and locals, that we eventually began receiving custom requests from Hollywood actors, musicians, and entertainers.

After a profitable test market, and to leverage the new demand, we raised  a round of institutional startup capital.  Our first major growth milestone stemmed from support through the US Small Business Administration which enabled us to launch a custom fashion kiosk partnership with recently acquired 15.7Bn Westfield Corp -- the first of its kind within Westfield's Portfolio. On demand alone, we grew from one to 30 employees in the blink of an eye.

Simply put: our customers loved the benefit of purchasing exclusive culturally trending products, at a mid-market price, completely on demand. This is the concept we built our business strategy on. High Demand, Live Vibration.

Now, we’re scaling the model by creating an online marketplace where designers can create fresh, trending designs for our branded products at rapid speed, and engage with others in the same fashion-forward community.

Our design inspirations derive from content our consumers are interested in -- that is, original parodies derived from social media trends, online news, current events, and American pop culture. Our collection consists of headwear, accessories, tops, and legging prints, providing our consumers with fashionable products that connect directly to their social interests, and reflect relevant content of the day.

Our unique social media tie in also allows designers to become members of our online community where they can not only design our products, but earn freelance income, fuel real social change and conversation, and connect with other members as well. The socially conscious appeal of our designs, released on limited cycles, creates urgency and motivates engagement of this nature.

Additionally, all of our designs are available for both direct-to-customer sales as well as wholesales to big box, and mini major retailers. From an operational standpoint, we have developed a scalable cloud based business model that allows for quick printing and shipping turnaround times, with low overhead, and no inventory risk. After the moment a consumer buys a product online, their order will be imported, made, and ready to ship within 2-3 business days.

HDLV: innovative social designs, in the cloud, on demand...

You’ve heard about our past and present, so the question now is: where are we going next?


Our parent company Spooler,Inc has developed an innovative business model that crowdsources design to deliver truly personal products customized to individual’s preferences across apparel. Spooler is positioned to become a leader in innovative company’s combining fashion + technology. One of our core goals is to design, develop and build custom solutions for the fashion industry using real time technology.

Timeless is an unique platform providing inspiration for designers to create timeless masterworks, and earn income.

Similar to how an art gallery focuses on attracting and retaining fantastic artists to ensure a strong end customer experience, Timeless intends to do the same. The strategy for Timeless starts with the artist, and as a result, it is a priority. Artists derive two types of benefits from our Timeless program 1) career progression and 2) monetary. Timeless is what feeds HDLV-USA high quality designs with speed and convenience to our end consumer.


WeDesyn is an innovative app that allows anyone to design their own apparel in custom groups. WeDesyn Q&A-like functionality can be likened to is designed similar to Quora or StackOverflow. Groups can post ideas about a design and upvote/downvote until a winner is decided. After this period, the project is posted on our designer platform, where designers can submit polished versions of the winning design. Members of the group then vote on which polished design should be chosen before ultimately ordering the finished product.


HDLV has approximately $50,000 in preliminary-orders from our new prospective licensing programs. Recently, we teamed up with our friends at Apple and Tootsie Properties to release a fun new tech collection of iPhone cases inspired by the 1980's and 90's pop culture. 

We are also pursuing a collaboration with SEGA in promoting a “Victorious” collection of t-shirts, caps, a limited edition skateboard, and hover board design, while donating a percentage of the proceeds from sales to A.Skate Foundation, whose mission is to allows children with Autism to be part of the normal world through skateboarding. (For Placement Only)

The fitness and nutrition partnership we are pursuing will be on a program titled “Healthy Living". The program promotes nutrition and fitness through a fascinating collection of t-shirts. Potential retail participators include a number of reputable Nutrition Centers, who also donates a percentage of the proceeds from gross sales to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. (For Placement OnlyWe’re also working on teaming up with Shell Incorporated in promoting clean energy through a cool collection of t-shirts and caps, while donating a percentage of the proceeds from sales to The Thirst Project, whose mission is to provide clean water and energy to 3rd world countries in Africa.

As you can see, a major part of our blueprint is being socially responsible, which  allows us to build interest and create valuable partnerships with other reputable brands and industry leaders.

We’ve been featured in the KillerStartups - Investors Review (Feature story), Digital Community News, Examiner, Hype Magazine, US Small Business Administration, Travel Channel, LA-Times, Bloomberg's Businessweek, Glamour Magazine, Starpulse, Hollywood Times, KTLA5 Evening News, and America's Top Model.

Our designs have also been spotted on celebrities like  Dwayne Wade, Mel B, Lil Flip, Jaleel White, Vivica Fox, Twista, Melissa Prophet, and Frank Stallone.


"Ben" is an apparel industry pioneer and Founder of Spooler, Inc. "Ben" has an extensive track record in Design, Digital Media, Commerce Technology, and Marketplaces. Benʼs ever simple idea of customizing apparel for celebrities and tourists on Venice Beach has expanded to over 12 countries across the world, spawning product collaborations with iconic brands such as Nike, Jordan Brand, Sesame Street Workshop and Tootsie Roll Industries to name a few.  His executive experience expands an impressive career over 10 years, making Janey a favorite figure among enterprising millennials and innovative business figures today.

Joey specializes in transactional work across the entire spectrum of entertainment and business law for HDLV. Joey worked as an in-house business & legal affairs attorney for over 7 years at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Universal Studios Consumer Products Group and Universal Interactive.  His experience includes negotiating and drafting agreements regarding the acquisition, development, production, financing and distribution of motion pictures, television programming, radio programming, interactive games and evolving new media content.  

Originating as a seed partner during our retail days, Tim is a digital media executive with extensive experience in ideating, planning, developing and deploying engaging, multiplatform digital products and marketing campaigns for media & entertainment clients in television. Tim worked as Director of Digital Operations for Warner Brothers, CW Digital for 5 years and continues to work with HDLV on an consultative basis.

As a board member and officer of the Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA) for four years, Cynthia was instrumental in shaping the criteria used for LIMA’s annual International Licensing Excellence Awards which recognize outstanding contributors to the licensing profession. Cynthia came to licensing via Wall Street, her first stop after completing her MBA at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Throughout her years in licensing, Cynthia has closed over 750 deals in categories ranging from toys to food, apparel to video games and collectibles to home furnishings. Sales of Cynthia’s deals represented well over $300 million at retail, not to mention billions of consumer impressions.

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