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Coatings purity using additives through seven main offerings


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There are currently paints that claim they are ‘antimicrobial.’

This is a nano-technology (running a current through semiconductors in the coating, resulting in a high pH), which evaporates as it dries, and pH levels are lost in the process.

HDM is proud to have developed a superior product with high pH qualities that last for many years. Longitudinal studies show our antiviral propoerties last up to 7 years, and point to fixed mold abatement and bedbug eradication and prevention. HDM’s product has been in the R&D phase for two decades. This is vastly different from today’s quickly emerging fixes, in which peer-reviewed studies have not necessarily emerged.

Competitors studies can not back the science and effectiveness, as well and as safety in the solid way that HDM’s additives can claim.

HDM Coatings Corporation is working to provide the solution to Global Purity.

The Coatings Corporation solves issues with surfaces that have natural pH levels. This normally allows bacteria, mold, insects and viruses to sit on surfaces for long periods of time and propagate.

HDM uses its patented additive, applied to below, and more:

Once the formulated top coats are cured, resulting surfaces achieve a pH of higher than 8.0 – 12.4 for a period of up to 7 years, although only guaranteed for 2 years, based on our liability insurance.

HDM Coatings Corp.– HDM Powder Additive

  • Mixed/suspended in paints, epoxies, inks, laquers, waxes and varnishes at time of application at differing % per volume
  • When cured, result is a topcoat that has pH between 8.0 – 12.4
  • This leaves an environment inhabitable for insects( exoskeletons), fungi, bacteria and viruses for up to seven years (guaranteed two)

HDM Coatings Corp. – HDM Textile Spray

  • Applied to textiles in an atomized spray
  • The cured result is a stain-resistant shield with a high pH between 8 – 12
  • This is an environment that is unsuitable for mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses for up to seven years: guaranteed for two years due to our current liability insurance costs ( may change)

Uniquely, HDM is partnered with LiceSquad, a lice fighting product that is #1 doctor recommended, as well as parent and teacher trusted.

HDM's additive is safe, pure and approved as food grade.

It’s main agent has approval by the FDA (USA) and Federal (Canada) for Fully Allowable Uses, including but not limited be used as a food preservative, mold prevention, cop aids, insectisides and more.

HDM Global Corp.'s Owner and Founder, Donald Meade, is in a Joint Venture partnership with Pres. of HDM Coatings Corp., Trevor S. Perkin.

We had an in-person meeting with a hi-level executive from the Bank of Canada on June 11, 2020 regarding being infused into banknotes offset varnish and inks. We since have received a requested price point and we are able to achieve it. We are providing further information and working in collaboration to infuse our product into Canadian banknotes, as their process is proprietery.

We submitted proposals regarding our products and technology to : 

The Provincial Ontario Government. We received a call back of interest, we will remain in contact with them regarding being a potential mandated provider of coatings in government facilities.

We submitted proposals regarding our products and technology to : The Federal Government of Canada Science and Innovation. We received several email correspondence of interest requesting further information which we have sent and we will be following-up.

We submitted proposals regarding our products and technology to : The State of California and they have email corresponded with us that they are pleased to place our information on file for their further technology needs. We will be following up.

Finally, Trevor looks to see where partnerships may be appropriate in his Corporation moving forward. Donald has multiple other partners and affiliates including Simcoe Plastics, Optima Colour, HealthGuard™ and more.

Donald Meade | Owner, Founder, Patent Holder and Inventor HDM Global Corp. and Director of Coatings Corp.

  • Visionary business leader and mentor
  • Background: Education - International Business, Trade, Commerce

Trevor S. Perkin | President of HDM Coatings Corp.

  • Extracts best practices, training and Development, talent acquisition/dismissal
  • Background: Education - Graphic Design, Multimedia, Digital Post Production

Rachel Van Gerven | Executive Vice President of HDM Coatings Corp.

  • Administrative tasks, oversees the Sales force, talent acquisition/dismissal
  • Background: Education – Current MPA student, Bachelor of Arts - Sociology / Minor – Psychology, Early Childhood Education Diploma

Rebecca MacLary | International Accounts Manager of HDM Coatings Corp.

  • Sales, management of sales team, administrative tasks
  • Background: Education – Bachelor Criminology,                                              Policing, Psychology. Police Foundations,

Michael Perkin | Director General of HDM Coatings Corp.

  • Extracts best practices, training and Development, research and development, oversees production.
  • Background: Education – Emergency Telecommunications.

Michael Molnar | HR Director of HDM Coatings Corp.

  • Implements enforces all HR policies and procedures, oversees distribution.
  • Background: Education – Human Resources Professional certificate, Bachelor Philosophy

Shannon Yungblut | Executive Bookkeeper of Coatings Corp.

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Background: Education – Information Technology Support Technician

Rachel Perkin | Bilingual Executive Admin. 
of Coatings Corp.

  • Adminstrative and biligual tasks, sales
  • Background: Education – Education Specialist Technician

Nancy Henein | Arabic interpretor of HDM Coatings Corp.

  • Arabic translation services
  • Background: Education – Dental School, Translation Certifications

Brian Marchand | Volunteer Accounts Manager of HDM Coatings Corp.

  • Sales
  • Background: Education – Bachelor Psychology, Diploma Child and Youth Work, Diploma Developmental work

Bernard Burggraaf | Training Specialist of HDM Coatings Corp.

  • Training and best practices education services
  • Background: Hands-on technical knowledge

Patrice Robinson | Accounts Manager of HDM Coatings Corp.

  • Training and best practices education services
  • Background: Education – Diploma Westervelt College

Colleen Perkin | Research and development of HDM Coatings Corp. and Vice President of Quality Décor Painting & Decorating Inc.

  • Preferred painting contractor of HDM Coatings Corp.
  • Background: Education – VP Quality Décor Painting & Decorating Inc. Real Estate Agent.

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