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Healiom: Fast Facts

Healiom is an AI-based real-time specialist care logistics platform that enables access to real-time medical specialist care for mid-level acuity conditions and chronic condition risk assessment. Timely access to specialist care ultimately improves quality, risk scores and healthcare economics.

Long Wait Times
to See Specialists

Timely access to specialist care results in better outcomes, especially for mid-level acuity cases and for patients with chronic conditions that require risk assessment.

133M patients in the US have been diagnosed with one or more chronic conditions.

The national average wait time to see a specialist provider face-to-face (also referred to as an ambulatory visit or encounter) is 24 days.

Long wait times are generally a function of the imbalance between the supply of specialists and the demand for specialist care in specific geographic locations.

20% of patients with chronic conditions (or mid-level acute conditions) can be addressed by a remote specialist.


A typical encounter will involve a patient 50 or more years of age with mid-level acuity issues related to one or more chronic diseases involving the heart, lungs and/or kidneys, endocrine or immune systems. There are 50M+ people in the US suffering with chronic conditions.

Healiom Enables
Remote Specialist Care

Healiom's platform and network removes time-limited and geographical barriers for patient access to specialist care as well as enables healthcare providers to perform timely risk assessment to support proactive care.

The Healiom virtual care logistics platform unlocks the supply of medical specialists to match patient and primary care referral demand, achieving better outcomes for patients, while reducing emergency department utilization, avoidable readmissions and delivering improved healthcare economics.

The Healiom platform enables access to real-time medical specialist care allowing health systems, value-based care organizations, specialist medical practices and health plans to provide timely care and  improve quality and  risk metrics.

The Healiom platform enables specialty practice groups to offer patients care options outside of regular office hours driving up patient satisfaction and retention as well as creating a new revenue opportunity.

How the
Healiom AI Works

Healiom’s AI engine, Holmes, contains 80M+ healthcare related data points and trends. Holmes has been validated with 17,000+ use cases involving patient care.

Holmes Clinical AI Engine

  • Determines the level of acuity (99.9% accuracy) and determines how soon care is needed and whether the care can be provided remotely.
  • Creates and ranks a medical differential (90% accuracy) to determine what specialist provider skills/expertise are best matched to the case.
  • Supports Specialists by predicting diagnoses, prescriptions, labs, imaging and other high probability orders for the encounter. 


Holmes Logistics AI Engine

  • Matches patients to the available specialists with the most relevant experience, including subspecialties, and patient preferences
  • Provides/supports the remote specialist performing the encounter with longitudinal health data access and documentation of current encounter
  • Automates quality reviews following an encounter
  • Orchestrates and monitors the claims and billing process, including timely payment of the remote specialist providers

Traction & Accomplishments

Product Development

Specialist Physician Network & Patient Enrollment 

  • Signed partnership for specialist physician coverage with OpenLoop, developing onboarding/training program.
  • BAA signed with an MA plan for patient enrollment and pilot program launch.
  • Discussions with other managed care health plans and accountable care organizations for patient enrollment and pilot program participation. 

Technology Integration

Meet the Team

Ash Damle
Ash is a serial healthcare and artificial intelligence entrepreneur, investor, and advisor. Ash has raised over $100M for multiple startups with an enterprise value of $400M. He has worked with leading venture capital firms focused on healthcare technology.

Jamie Moy
Jamie is a former Wall Street executive with 20+ years of cross-functional background across operations, strategy, business development, product, investing and capital markets. Jamie is a founder, investor, operator, and global community builder in early-stage companies with a focus on tech and impact. 

Carla Gallegos
Carla has over 30 years of experience in advanced technologies, diagnostics, and business software focused on providing strategic solutions and services to leading companies and integrated delivery networks. Carla led the healthcare Incubator for Cisco Systems and worked as a senior executive at Eclipsys Corporation (acquired by AllScripts), HealthVision, Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals & HMO, and The Kaiser Permanente Medical Group. 

Sean Howse, MD
Sean is a practicing emergency medicine physician who has also worked as a consultant focused on healthcare product design, throughput management, and managed care. Sean received his MD from Wake Forest University and was the Chief Resident at North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital during his emergency medicine residency.

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