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Health Heresy Holdings: Fast Facts

Hippocrates said, “Let Food Be Thy Medicine. ” Health Heresy Holdings (HHH) is a holding company focused exclusively on incubating, nurturing, and infusing capital into a portfolio of multiple existing early and seed stage organic packaged good, nutraceutical, health & wellness startups our principals are actively already involved with. HHH provides investor diversification and portfolio exposure to multiple companies in a great growing segment of the economy: wellness and organic packaged foods.  We are focused on those companies seeking to become the dominant players in their markets - and looking to capitalize on the fast-growing $4.2T global wellness market and $100B organic packaged food goods market.  All the while, repairing the poor state of health for global consumers and creating significant ROI for shareholders.

An Unhealthy Situation

So, what gives?  In the US, the majority of funds are spent on a "make work" philosophy that relies too heavily on subpar science and research - leading to:

  • Medically created (iatrogenic) diseases and side effects are the 3rd leading cause of death/disability in the USA according to Johns Hopkins
  • Associated drug interactions & side effects that skyrocket costs
  • Employers & families interests being in direct opposition to financial interests of the healthcare system

New Gallup Poll shows American public finds the pharmaceutical industry (“Big Pharma”) least liked and trusted industry in the USA with a negative 31 rating (only 27% approve).  Given that Johns Hopkins recent study says pharmaceuticals and medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death and create disability in millions of consumers is this low approval a surprise? The current system is financially unsustainable and is not producing needed results.

We’ve now found ourselves in a position where radical shifts are required.  One of the first places many are looking is toward the wellness industry - which emphasizes solutions that help people stay healthy to avoid entering the messy, broken system altogether.

In fact, roughly 50%+ of healthcare spend could be eliminated via improved outcomes with a focus towards prevention & scientific evidence, and away from reactive care.  However, despite the massive opportunity it presents, the wellness market remains very immature.

The Wide World of Wellness

Look no further than the massive $4.2 trillion value of the global wellness market to understand the outstanding position we’re in with HHH.  A few other points worth noting:

Our primary target are paradigm changing wellness startups that are vertically integrated seeking to disintermediate and pop the iatrogenic health treatment bubble that currently exists - ultimately encompassing the entire range of wellness companies, but focusing on the key areas mentioned earlier at the outset.

It’s also important to understand the customers of the companies we invest in as well.  Depending on the company, this could come in the form of both consumers (a tea buyer or cancer patient) and other businesses (looking to reduce employee costs via wellness).

Global Wellness Market Growth

Wellness Economy Sectors, 2015 and 2017

How We Operate

The first three investments we make will occur immediately upon securing the appropriate funds.  Our goal is to potentially own preferred equity in each company at the earliest stages of growth with plans to exit as soon as is viable – with an objective of achieving as high a multiple as is achievable from the exit of our initial investment from each portfolio company with some companies having the potential for far higher returns, even IPOs.  We are focused on incubating, investing, and acquiring companies with the right balance of risk and reward where we have the ability to scale into a large market and achieve > 10x our invested capital.

Initially, our investment portfolio will take the following shape:

This provides investment diversification and balance within high growth industries.

1st Investment: Regeneration Holdings Innovative Cancer Diagnostics

Regeneration Holdings, a cancer diagnostics and therapeutics company.  The founder invented the most accurate malignant melanoma cancer test in the world as a cancer researcher at the University of Iowa shortly after he left Harvard Med School where he had his own laboratory & taught for 7 years.

Our new cancer tests are paradigm changing

Developed by former Harvard cancer researcher who discovered Vasculogenic Mimicry in cancer (see  )

Our test does several things at once:

  • Diagnose pattern of tumor for the pathologist
  • Tell you if it is malignant or not
  • Tell if our novel non-pharmaceutical treatment will kill it within 72 hours
  • We are focused on rapid diagnoses combined with cure recommendations

Designed by a university medical school research professor who discovered Vasculogenic Mimicry in cancer, the leading indicator which defines malignancy in cancers used today in hundreds of research labs and an emerging target area of cancer therapeutics by leading pharmaceutical companies.  Dr Maniotis has been written about in Science Magazine 19 times for his discoveries.  See :
He created the most accurate Melanoma diagnostic test in the world in 1999. (See  Our scientific leader recently served as Program Director for the Cell Biology of Cancer at the University of Illinois, Chicago Medical School and Associate Professor for Bioengineering and before that he ran a cancer research laboratory at the University of Iowa medical school.  He taught at and ran a lab at Harvard Medical School for 7 years.

2nd Investment: Wild Bliss Organic Teas Being Sold Already Nationally on Amazon & in 50 retail stores

3rd Investment: Wellness Water Holdings

Currently working on an opportunity with the Mayor and city council of a pristine mountain town on mountain-spring-fed water bottling opportunity with existing 30,000 liters/hour of capacity or credible $250,000,000 a year in potential bottled Mountain Spring water revenues

Water that is already piped to land for this bottling plant equals 30,000 Liters/hour or 263,000,000 Liters/year  (this is the excess capacity after current city usage)

$1,000,000 invested already by municipality. Engineering complete & water already piped to land

4 acres land for bottling plant offered by city for bottling plant (water already piped there)

7.8 PH (extensive testing and water analysis of the water already done)

Rich in magnesium, calcium and other beneficial elements

Source of water is completely isolated from industry (60 miles away from nearest industry – remote mountain village)

Potential Wellness Water Holdings Financial Model Based on 1st Project
(Potential current capacity of 30,000 liters / Hour of highest caliber mountain spring water)

Rethinking Health & Wellness

The time is now for wellness to take center stage, for the sake of the American consumer.  Introducing Health Heresy Holdings (HHH): an investment holding company with a vision to create a healthier nation through equity partnerships with organic packaged goods and wellness startups.

We are aiming to overthrow current paradigms in healthcare with a focus on radical, paradigm-shifting, evidence-based diagnostic, and therapeutic business models.  Initially, we will own significant equity stakes in 4 startups, before growing to 10 and beyond.

Our strategy is based on making investments that help people realize their full health potential while drastically reducing medical costs at the same time.  The HHH approach is much more preventative than reactive - with solutions focused in the following areas:

Our team’s combined experience in healthcare science and with scaling startups is what sets us apart.  Our lead scientist, for instance, made one of the most crucial cancer discoveries in cellular biology history (Vasculogenic Mimicry) - which is now used in over 700 labs.

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