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Hememics Biotechnologies has a proprietary biosensing platform technology which detects antibodies and antigens in minutes. Hememics biosensor HemBox™ is a immunoassay biosensor detector for Sars-CoV-2 virus. HemBox™ is pocket sized and is a fraction of the cost of competing brands.

Rapid Testing Delivered

Identify bacteria anywhere with a testing lab the size of your cell phone.

Patented technology provides pathogen rapid, detection at a fraction of the
usual cost.

Medical solutions can be implemented in the time it takes to read this sentence.

Faster Diagnosis. Targeted Treatments. Preserving Life.

The HemBox™ biosensor employs a simple, three-step process from sample collection to result, making it easy to use and nearly error proof. 

Breaking Convention: Product Features

Conventional Multi-lab Assay

  • 18 step process to identify virus and bacteria pathogens
  • Results can be between hours to days before pathogens are identified

Hememics Assay Breaks Convention

  • A 4-step process to identify virus and bacteria pathogens

Hememics Biotechnologies 4-Step Process

Outperforming Our Competition

Meet the Team

John Lehman Warden, Chief Executive Officer
John has served in executive roles with five start-up companies. To date, he has returned more than $75MM in net profits to investors. At Biovista, he led business development efforts with Pfizer, Novartis, Abbott Labs, and RB Pharma. At GTA, an SBIR start-up, he built a market for a proprietary petroleum polymer, Viscon. His sales and relationships resulted in an $18 MM purchase of this business group. Viscon has been used to treat more than 7 billion gallons of diesel fuel. Mr. Warden was formerly an entrepreneur with a telecom services start-up that led to a management role with AOL. Since joining HeMemics, Mr. Warden engineered and built the proprietary software and hardware for the HemBox and HemChip system, and has developed a business relationship with the HeaINOVA Personalized lth Accelerator, to help HeMemics advance to commercialization.

David Ho, Ph.D.,  Founder and  CSO
Dr. David Huy Ho has been at the forefront of blood research for over a decade and considered an expert on platelets. He is well published and his work added to the knowledge of how the blood coagulation protein factor XI interacted with platelets. Expanding on his research, he invented a unique desiccation technique to preserve human cells for extended storage; this work resulted in three US patents and numerous scientific awards and honors. 

Dr. Ho is the founder and CSO of HeMemics Biotechnologies Inc. and served as a grant reviewer for the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of NH. Additionally, Dr. Ho has directed multiple inter-organizational projects with academic, government and industry partners related to cellular products for wound dressing, tissue regeneration, and transfusable applications.

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