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Herbal Botanical Products, LLC:
Fast Facts

Herbal Botanical Products, LLC develops proprietary topical pain products infused with a combination of CBD isolate, nanosized CBD and select terpenes derived from the Cannabis Sativa L industrial hemp plant. Our customers use our topical pain products to help to manage a wide variety of recurring chronic pain issues.

We operate under the brand name Theá Panakeia Botanicals. In Greek mythology, Panakeia was the goddess of natural remedies in Greek mythology, where she would treat people with natural potions & poultices to heal people.

Because of the superior quality and effectiveness of our topical pain management products, we were selected to participate in Kevin Harrington’s upcoming Health & Wellness market campaign on Connected TV, through his company Shark Discoveries and As Seen on TV.

Herbal Botanical Products, LLC
The Beginning

Herbal Botanical Products, LLC (“The Company”)  is a Wyoming Limited Liability Company, formed to execute a Cannabinoid product set formulation and distribution business plan.

The Company is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of Panakeia Holdings, Inc (“Panakeia”).  Panakeia has invested a total of $560,000 in product development, inventory purchase and acquisition of the assets from the Bankruptcy Estate.  Panakeia’s ownership will be diluted as a result of this Offering.

The Company entered the CBD product space by buying the inventory and Intellectual Property from the Bankruptcy Estate of Neuro-Endoceuticals, LLC, Case Number 6:19-bk-05180-KSJ in the Southern District of Florida..  In that Bankruptcy Estate, the Company bought the secured debt and became a UCC secured creditor.  As a result, the Company is in possession of the physical assets of the estate, which are securely stored in a warehouse in St. Louis, MO. 

The assets acquired include, 22,000  containers and caps/lids, significant CBD isolate and CBD finished goods, a substantial amount of other supplement inventory including over 300 pounds of Telomere, Neuropathy, and Collagen powder, which can be emulsified with a carrier oil and infused into other topical products.

The Company also has CBD finished goods inventory that will sell at Suggested Retail Price in excess of $100,000.  In total The Company has finished goods and raw materials inventory that will generate well  in excess of $1,000,000 in sales.

Our products were vetted by The Arthritis Foundation and we were offered the opportunity to become a Platinum Partner with co-branding rights.  We expect to begin that partnership next September 2021.

We have an agreement to begin advertising on all digital assets of www.Villages-News.com in Florida, which services The Villages in Florida, the largest senior living development in the United States with over 150,000 residents age 50 plus..  The web site gets 6.2 MM monthly hits.

Our data base partner, DMDatabases, has 17 million email addresses of chronic pain suffers, of which we already own 50,000 for email marketing purposes.

The Company has selected BMG Creative to design and execute a digital Omnichannel strategy for the Company’s products.

Post funding we will hire or appoint, a Medical Director, who as part of his responsibility, will assist a ghostwriter in the creation of a CBD pain management booklet, of around 50 pages, based on research from the National Institute of Health.  This booklet will be published and promoted by Forbes Books, and will carry the Forbes brand.

Many CBD Products are Ineffective 

Studies show that cannabidiol (CBD) can be effective in the treatment of chronic pain, yet hundreds of CBD products on the market offer little to no efficacy for pain management.

The reason for this is the lack of formulation guidelines and the proliferation of low-grade product with little to no CBD concentration, which leads to ineffectiveness.

It’s estimated that 95% of “ordinary” CBD (isolote) is not absorbed into the bloodstream, remaining trapped in the lymph nodes or dissolved by stomach acid, which further reduces effectiveness.

Effective Topical CBD Solutions 

The Science Behind the Products

All  of our products are clinical grade with a focus on quality, concentration, effectiveness,  and value. All products are designed to:

  • Provide rapid onset
  • Provide lasting relief
  • Help reduce inflammation

CBD is a proven anti-inflammatory agent* and acts as a neural blocker for topical management of many types of chronic pain. When our topical pain creams are applied to an affected area, the active ingredients are absorbed through the dermis by following the hair follicles into the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).
* www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov › pmc › articles › PMC7023045

We use nano CBD, which is made of smaller molecules encapsulated by a water molecule, making it easier to digest and process in the ECS & bloodstream for maximum efficacy.

Once the topical cream is applied, the CBD triggers CB 1&2 receptors located throughout the human body and a neural signal is sent to the CB 1 receptors in the brain via the ECS, instructing the brain to stop the pain sensation at that location on the body. Onset is rapid and relief can last up to 5-6 hours, depending the patient and product.

Available Products

Depending on the customer, these tinctures may have beneficial effects for those with insomnia and help to promote a full & restful sleep and may ease symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. These products are recommended for everyone over the age of 18.

New Product Pipeline

Traction & Accomplishments

We were vetted and selected to participate in Kevin Harrington’s upcoming Health & Wellness market campaign on Connected TV this fall. We have a complete, perpetual and unrestricted license to use Harrington’s image, his company logo from Shark Discoveries and the “As Seen on Television” tagline.

The Company’s products have been completely vetted with The Arthritis Foundation and the Company has been offered the opportunity to become a Platinum Partner, complete with co-branding rights (participation in this program will be part of the Use of Cash from this offering).  We are also an advertising partner with Villages-News.com whose digital marketing assets serve The Villages in Florida, which is the largest senior living development in the United States with almost 150,000 residents, all of whom are 50 plus.  In addition, the Company has partnered with DMDatabase.com for pain suffers email addresses and has access to over 17 million such addresses for email marketing purposes.  The Company already owns a database of 50,000 such addresses.

The Company has future plans to partner with The St. Jude Foundation and donate 1% of sales as part of our corporate commitment to giving back. The Company also plans to partner with Forbes Books for a ghostwritten, published and co-branded marketing of a pain management booklet, which will create additional credibility for its product set and provide much needed consumer education regarding the effectiveness of the Company’s products, and specifically CBD.

All of the pain product formulas are proprietary to the company.

All products are manufactured in an FDA registered laboratory.  We currently fulfill our own product from a central location in Kentucky with 1-3 days shipping standards via UPS.

Meet The Team

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