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Technology can be simple, poetic and connected.

We are a lifestyle brand that makes technology incredibly simple with a proven track record of market success. We combine software and iconic industrial design to deliver the most intuitive connected experience ever.

We are most well known for delivering the world’s simplest and most advanced wireless speaker in the form of the HiddenRadio2.

These small speakers deliver big, quality sound, and iconic design. HiddenRadio1 wowed users with its intuitive functionality—just lift the cap to raise the volume—and with HiddenRadio2 we set out to raise the bar even further. We reengineered the speakers to deliver best in class sound, introduced a new MultiPoint feature so you can hook up two speakers at once, and the new intelligent capacitive touch sensor in the cap allows you to control your sound with just a tap or a swipe, either in the app on your phone or on the cap itself.

We love technology and design but can't stand complexity. HIDDEN was born out of our desire to create products we wanted to own ourselves, but couldn't find anywhere on the market. Our mission is to strip away all technological and visual complexity to create products that are iconic in design and incredibly simple and intuitive to use. 

We stand at the nexus between homewares and smart products to create connected technological homewares.

The HiddenRadio2 is the most advanced compact wireless speaker on the market. It combines the best in class audio along with intuitive interaction that senses the world around the user and reacts accordingly.

Superior Sound: We reengineered the speakers, using the highest quality materials, to deliver a full 360-degree experience at over 90dB.

Multi-Speaker Bluetooth: This feature was the one most requested from our customers. Now you can sync two speakers to create incredible surround sound — wirelessly. 

Magic Lift: Customers raved about the original twist-up action to raise the volume. Now? All you need to do is tap the cap or hit 'play' on your phone, and it lifts all on its own. 

Intelligent Touch Controls: By simply tapping the cap, you can play, pause, adjust the volume, skip forward or back, fast forward or rewind, answer a phone call, or even activate Siri!

AutoPlay: The patented AutoPlay system automatically senses your presence and activates your favorite music selection, you can even seamlessly switch to speakerphone.

Speakerphone: Incoming call? Just tap the cap to answer. Your friends and colleagues will appreciate the noise-cancelling microphones. 

Future-Proof: We added near-field communication technology, so you can sync up with our technology even if you use a newer phone with NFC, rather than Bluetooth

Though we have only launched two products, they both have been wild successes, launching HIDDEN into the public awareness and positioning our brand at the nexus of smart technology and design-forward homewares. Below, we've outlined some of our most notable accomplishments.

Initially we will distribute HiddenRadio1 and HiddenRadio2 through Apple stores, to build global awareness. From there, we'll follow up with our existing distributor base: we have a global fulfillment system with warehouses in Hong Kong, LA, Philadelphia, London, Toronto — and will soon expand to Australia and Germany.

The HUB is the next evolution of audio and the connected home. Spread them around the home to create a MultiSpeaker setup. Direct integration with music services makes it a truly independent speaker. Intelligent sensors and vocal commands allow for intuitive use never before seen in an intelligent speaker.

Fully integrated to the connected home, the HUB can control lighting, TV, Nest or any other connected device with the press of a button or a vocal command.

The HUB offers an incredible and intuitive audio experience and springboards users seamlessly into the connected home.


John and Vitor were motivated to break out on their own path in 2011, after the massive success of HiddenRadio on Kickstarter. It is one of the most popular crowdfunded projects ever, amassing almost $1 million and over 5,000 backers in only 60 days. This success prompted the long-time collaborators to co-found the HIDDEN brand.

Now, their focus is on growing and building the brand of HIDDEN and to continue to develop next generation products that push the boundaries of simplicity, use and quality of life. 

John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen, Co-Founder: Originally from Sydney, John left Australia to work at the Motorola European Design Center working on the next generation 3G handsets. He was responsible for leading and shipping the first compact 3G video handset.

In 2004 John moved Chicago to work at the newly formed Motorola Global Design Center in downtown.

In 2007 John moved to the Silicon Valley to drive HP's mobile computing effort.

Vitor Santa Maria, Co-Founder: Originally from Rio de Janiero, Vitor worked at the Motorola European Design Center from 2000-2004 and was responsible for one of the most iconic cell phones of our time, the Motorola V70.

After Motorola Vitor lead the Whirlpool design group of 20+ people and billion-dollar business ventures in homewares, food preservation and fabric care.

Vitor has accolades are far and wide reaching and include multiple iF Design awards, IDSA Gold, Red Dot award and Compasso D’Oro to name a few.


Bernd Schnell focuses on the development of creative business and marketing strategies for Kingston Technology. Prior to this advisory business, he founded several companies successfully due to his high competence in establishing enterprises and their worldwide positioning.

At the age of 19 Bernd established his first business while studying economics. In 1989 he founded S&S Marketing and Engineering GmbH, a distribution company for computer appliances (financed through venture capital). In four years, S&S grew to a turnover of €130 million, and was sold at high profit. 

In 1990, Bernd jointly founded Gericom AG which was listed on the German Stock Exchange a few years later. In 1998 IVC Venture Capital AG arose as a continuation of his successful business angel activities. Before taking a leading role working for Kingston, Bernd Schnell invented an innovative concept for building prefabricated houses. In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, Bernd worked as a financial advisor to John Tu.

Ryan Else is General Manager of Oregon Scientific North America. Managing, implementing and executing business strategy are core elements of his day-to-day duties. Mr. Else has also held sales and marketing roles in the fiels of internet security, enterprise software, profesional software services and distribution. He has a MBA from The University of Notre Dame and a BS in Marketing from Menlo College. He is also a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Stephen Svajian is a successful entrepreneur, and has launched:

  • DineOnMe.com (acquired)
  • AudioCaseFiles (acquired with 1,000% average return)
  • YBUY (acquired)
  • GetFresh.com

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