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With the world moving faster than ever, busy people often find they urgently need short-term labor to do tasks such as cleaning out the attic, standing in line for a service, going grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, or even do tasks such as plumbing and carpentry. Our service matches the customer in need with a henchman on duty who can perform the task: we like to think of ourselves as the Uber for short-term workers, and our aim is to make life easier for our customers.


When people look for people to do short-term work for them, the process is quite laborious and involves posting on varied sites like CraigsList, Facebook, and myriad other sites. Then there’s a convoluted process that involves trying to ascertain if the people you’re hiring are trustworthy and can do the job that you want done. It is far too much effort for something that is essentially supposed to be an easy process.

That’s where HireHenchmen.com comes in.


It’s very easy to request henchmen to perform just about any task on HireHenchmen.com. The three-step process is simple, and because the henchmen are rated in reviews based on their previous jobs, the ones who are rated the highest will always be given the option of tackling available jobs.

Make a request for a henchman

Give the henchmen detailed instructions when they arrive to complete their tasks

Pay henchmen, which is automatically charged once the job is completed


Work on the website (hirehenchmen.com) and the app/product has commenced using Ruby on Rails and Google Cloud. We are working on establishing all the policies and back-end that is needed in order to support the workers on the platform as well as the customers. Strong conflict resolution policies and excellent customer service that keeps customers coming back to the platform are a priority. A system of interviewing henchmen, assigning them initial default ratings, and tracking and rating their completed jobs so that they can be ranked algorithmically is also a top priority.


Ryan Kopf, Founder
As a serial entrepreneur, Ryan Kopf enjoys building products and services that adds value to people's lives. He has been programming and developing for almost 20 years, as well as founding his own companies such as an event management company that went on to gross $1.5M annual revenue, a themed dating website, an online event management platform, and even a solar installation company (his latest venture) that is expected to gross $1M in revenue annually.

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