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The Deck of
Your Dreams

Your deck should be a peaceful place that is all your own - a relaxing space that can be customized and perfected in any way you desire.

However, Brian Johnson, a lifelong inventor and avid do-it-yourselfer, struggled to make his deck all it could be.

He wanted to do something that seemed very simple: attach a planter box to his decks spindles without covering the handrail.

When looking for hardware to accomplish this task, he came up short.


He also found an option to hang a bracket over the handrail, but this can be problematic and not the look he wanted. Besides, handrails come in varying widths and thickness, and none of the products were one-size-fits-all.

After scouring the marketplace for a proper solution, he started to experiment with his own idea: a mount that could hold the hardware to the deck, which would then hold the planter box.

He took his initial concept to a welder and couldn't believe the results! The solution provided versatility, simplicity, durability and unprecedented strength.

Johnson began to refine and perfect the product, and from there Hold It Mate was born.

  • U.S. Utility Patent #9,958,112 Awarded to Mr. Johnson in May 2018 
  • Hold It Mate offers the sturdiest deck rail gardening system on the market
  • Needs no tools beyond the included Allen wrench
  • Can be installed in minutes with no harm to your railing
  • Powder coated, heavy duty steel is virtually wind and weather proof
  • Modular by design allowing multiple accessories to be used to create truly unique deck décor
  • Works by connecting two mounting rails opposite of vertical spindles of a railing/fence system
  • Once the mounting rail set is connected to the spindles, the proprietary accessories simply snap on


No Great Solution...

There is an enormous gap in the hardware category of deck railing gardening & accessorizing.

The problems are massive:

  • Most deck railing system are now more than ever made with materials other than wood
    • Aluminum, Wrought Iron, PCV/Vinyl, Recycled wood (Trex), etc. dominate the market
  • There is a large shortage of hardware options for anything that isn't made of wood
  • Further, products made for wood are not ideal, as your only option is to permanently screw hardware into it
  • If this hardware is bumped, struck or damaged in any way, it could destroy the spindle and cause expensive damage



Some options involve flimsy wire baskets that hold a planter box over the top of the handrail. These can bend over time as planters become heavy with soil, plant growth and water, eventually leading to the possibility to fall off.

Another is a 2 piece system that holds a small box, but only hooks to skinny handrails and easily falls off if bumped…not ideal. 

...Until Now

The Hold It Mate Mounting System solves all of these problems by:

We've spoken to many railing manufacturers, and they tell us this range is ideal sizing for all the systems they sell.  Including aluminum, wrought iron, PVC/Vinyl, recycled & yes, even wood!

How It Works

The Hold It Mate Mounting Rail connects to vertical spindles by clamping a mounting rail on each side of the spindles

  • Slide the sleeve nut into the recessed hole of the front mounting rail and spin the correct sized bolt into the sleeve nut
  • From there, insert the bolt end into the key slotted groove into the back mounting rail
  • Once a mounting rail is on each side of the spindles, use the included Allen wrench to tighten the sleeve nut to the bolt, snugly positioning Hold It Mate mounting rails to the spindles​

The installed mounting rails create a connecting point for Hold It Mate's proprietary accessories.

Only Hold It Mate accessories fit the mounting rails to ensure the best, most durable solution available.

To accommodate consumer needs, Hold It Mate offers 3 lengths of mounting rails allowing for unparalleled flexibility & modular use.

Rave Reviews
Customers love the products!

The praise started pouring in two years ago and has continued to this day across Amazon and other retailers.

I bought 2 of these a couple of weeks ago and I love them. The kit is fairly easy to put together and once installed, works beautifully. I had been looking for something like this for a long time and was very happy to find this.
-- Amazon Customer

We have a metal deck so standard bird feeder hangers don't work for us -- you can't clamp them tight enough to hold -- but Hold It Mate is perfect. It's the only thing we've found that works!
-- Hold It Mate Customer

I ordered two of these for my bird feeders and they seem to working great so far! I have narrow metal deck railings, so I have had a hard time figuring out how to fasten hooks to them, since most seem to be geared towards wider, wooden spindles. These seem sturdy, and have been working well for the bird feeders. They were very easy to install. I decided to order two more so I can hang flower baskets as well. Definitely recommend!
--Another Satisfied Amazon Customer

Meet The Inventor

Brian Johnson | Inventor, Founder, Owner and Operator

  • Mr. Johnson spent 20 years in the video game industry starting as a regional sales manager & advancing up to executive level Vice President positions
  • Served as VP of Business Development for Activision Publishing before starting his own game publishing company, 21 Rocks Corporation, in 2006
  • His job at Activision was to discover and ink partnerships that would add to the growth and bottom line of the company
  • He successfully brought a number of Nickelodeon & Mattel brands, including the Barbie franchise (the world's most popular doll) to Activision
  • He was also charged with managing the companies third party distribution business, shipping products like, Corral, Big Fish Games, TDK Media & many other smaller than Activision publishers that needed access to retailers such as Walmart, Target & Best Buy 
  • He even helped foster the development of key marketing opportunities, such as a custom-made video game for Red Baron Pizza which was ultimately delivered via 5 million CD-ROMs inside frozen pizza boxes to celebrate their 25th anniversary
  • Mr. Johnson left Activision to build his own publishing company, where he concentrated on licensing games from developers and launching them to the retail market
  • This venture was a great success; within two years of founding, 21 Rocks had 7 titles selling through over 35,000 units a week at Walmart over the holiday period 
  • Over the course of 7 years, 21 Rocks moved over $30M of video games through retail, creating happy licensors along the way  

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