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Holiday Swap: Fast Facts

Enormous Problem

Travel costs are rising.

Worse yet, AirBnb's expenses have now reached 95% of the cost equivalent of hotels in the USA.

This is a serious problem, and it will significantly harm the travel industry if something isn't done.

Now is a time for change.

One Groundbreaking Solution

Holiday Swap solves these
problems by:

  • Reducing costs
  • Allowing everyone to use the platform
  • Connecting users with similar properties

College students in NYC with one bed apartments, for example, match with a one bed apartment in Miami.

AirBnB has 175 million users but just 2 million hosts, and to host you need to own the property. Unfortunately, most people rent, and subletting is illegal.

Holiday Swap solves this problem, inspiring Business Insider to refer to us as the "Tinder of Travel." It’s a true sharing economy marketplace that will continue to grow rapidly in a weak recession economy.

Why We’ll Lead

We have already attracted 400,000 users and 25,000 properties worldwide.

Our new annual Subscription offerings are the main revenue generator, allowing Users to get unlimited swaps and can quickly match with the properties for $59.99.

Our Premium offering also includes a property damage guarantee for just $119.99.

Why We’ll Dominate

We are a leader in the home sharing economy with equal supply and demand

  • Our affordable home exchange platform is making traveling truly accessible
  • Travelers spend 34% of their budget on accommodation and only 9% on experiences
  • Holiday Swap offers travelers a way to save on accommodation so that they can put their money towards the creation of new memories

We reach 30 million people every week

  • With 3.5 million+ followers on social media, our ads and posts reach 30 million people every week
  • Selected by Google as one of the top 8 apps for the Universal App Campaign, leading to real user growth and reach

We are changing the way generations travel with meaningful partnerships

  • Our user base is growing at 30% month-on-month
  • We have partnered with leaders in travel, such and local as Time Out, Qatar Airlines, Middle East Private Funds for ancillary revenue and local restaurants, tours and activities as verified businesses on MyMaps Holiday Swap will feature at the Dubai World Expo 2020

Traction & Accomplishments

We have received high praise throughout the media:

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