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Quick Pitch

There’s a new spin on fizz and it’s coming to your beverage aisle. It's Nanny Fay's Homemade Bliss, a wonderful, refreshing all natural citrus-based, tropical party punch that is the first and only step for any gathering.  It's a Ready to Drink 100% Juice/Nectar beverage and we’re selling it in 12 ounce glass bottles.  Nanny Fay's Homemade Bliss is all natural and all good. And it's a party in every bottle. 

Key Features

Nanny Fay's Homemade Bliss is only 110 calories per serving, which is less than soda and most juice drinks. Our product's low caloric properties are dramatically less than other bottled juices, sodas or comparable beverages. We have found that the low-caloric profile of Nanny Fay’s Homemade Bliss makes the drink attractive to three key audiences – 1) Disenchanted bottled juice drinkers who think the drinks are too sweet, 2) Bottled water drinkers who long for taste and variety and 3) soda drinkers who are interested a low-calorie beverage that doesn’t contain artificial sweetener.

The juice can be enjoyed as a virgin drink or mixed with the alcoholic beverage of your choice.  We're offering no giveaways, no gimmicks, just great old-fashioned goodness.

Traction and Funding Needs

We are new to the beverage industry and we worked with the folks at Power Brands USA to covert our Mother's homemade recipe to a marketable product that we’re launching at the Annual Americas Food & Beverage Show and Conference on September 24-25, 2012 in Miami.

In anticipation of launch we've created quite a bit of buzz via our brother/sister gorilla marketing campaign and we're pleased with the response.  Through the gorilla campaign we secured commitments from retailers to carry the product.  Our initial buyers include the following retailers two South Louisiana Soul Food Restaurants, a South Louisiana Grocer that has served the areas since 1941, a South Louisiana Nightclub, an East Atlanta Vietnamese Restaurant, and a South-eastern Cupcakery with stores in Georgia and Florida. So thus far this has been a BLISSFUL BLESSING!!! Given these commitments and the tremendous response from potential buyers we believe will have to finance our initial production run to get the product to the retailers who have ordered the product and become our first customers. Hence we're raising money on Fundable.com.

The positive feedback we've gotten from major retailers is coupled with the reluctance that you'd expect when launching any new product. But with your commitment retailers will be inclined to take a chance on our product. Finally, we’re hopeful that we’ll land some large purchase orders in Miami that will finance future production but we don't want you or our first retail customers to wait for their product until then.

About the Business and Team

Our Mother, Sandra Fay Walls August was born and reared in the heart of South Louisiana and it was there that she learned everything about cooking, entertaining, and hospitality.  Her food philosophy and thoughts on entertaining focused on the notion that through her cooking she was fuelling souls, one dish at a time. Sadly on January 13, 2012 our Mother loss her battle with lupus, so to ease our grief and to celebrate her legacy we’ve decided to share her homemade recipes with the world through Homemade Bliss, LLC.  We’re  a privately-held new business with the simple objective of developing new and unique food and beverages that deliver Nanny Fay’s homemade recipes to the world.

The first product we’re launching is Nanny Fay’s Homemade Bliss. It is a wonderful, refreshing all natural citrus-based, tropical party punch that is the first and only step for any gathering.  It can be enjoyed as a virgin drink or mixed with the alcoholic beverage of your choice. 

We're an inspired sister-brother team  that has an unbreakable bond.  Weldon’s (June) the CEO and Kimberly’s (Kim) the COO but don’t be fooled Kim is always the Big Sister. :-)June is a law enforcement, security, warehousing and logistics professional. Kimberly is an energy attorney whose practice areas include external, government, legal, legislative, media, public, compliance, and regulatory affairs work.

Homemade Bliss, LLC’s legal team or as we refer to them, Nanny’s Angels includes  Shanda J. McClain, Patti Robinson, Vanessa Caston Lafleur, and Mary N. Winston.
Our sales team includes Dale Jamison and Ronald J. Parms and ouur Marketing Team is headed by Evon W. Cook.

CEO June and his big sister, Kim.


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