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Homen Industries: Fast Facts

To address the epidemic rates of gun violence in the United States, Homen Industries is deploying AI-powered camera systems designed to detect, prevent, and deter threatening events – ensuring safety and peace of mind everywhere life takes us. 

LifeShield is our network of advanced AI cameras, each equipped with a less-than-lethal deterrent, that offer a safe and reliable response to threats in real time.

Epidemic Levels of Gun Violence 

As of mid-August 2021, 12,923 Americans have died from non-suicide gun violence this year alone. Not only must we collectively grapple with this tragic loss of life, but schools, police departments, and political leaders are now tasked with putting an end to it.

In a nation starkly divided between gun rights and collective safety, it’s a monumental challenge coming up with an effective solution to curbing gun violence that still preserves our civil liberties.

One promising solution is already all around us – in the form of millions of security cameras on traffic lights, ATMs, car dashboards and our front doors.

Unfortunately, many of these camera systems are simply falling short. Not only do they often fail to prevent and deter crime, but they rarely manage to provide true aid during a crisis, ultimately offering a false sense of security.

A Debate-Ending Solution 

If camera systems were capable of going beyond passive observation to being the first point of detection, intervention and deterrence, they could fundamentally transform our approach to combating gun violence and save thousands of lives annually.

That’s why Homen Industries is building upon the traditional security camera system to create superior technologies that provide genuine, real-time detection and work in tandem with existing public safety agencies for faster intervention.

By simply replacing existing camera systems with a more intelligent network of security cameras, Homen Industries offers a solution that addresses our collective need for safety, without restricting gun rights or bringing more guns into schools and workplaces.

Meet LifeShield

LifeShield is a powerful and dependable security solution that utilizes the power of AI to track changes in behavior and identify potential criminal acts to allow for intervention before a tragedy occurs.

Powered by a learning AI, facial recognition software, biometric scanning, and back-end behavioral analysis, LifeShield will intelligently filter out routine activities to focus instead on actions that fall under threatening classifications.

When LifeShield detects actions that are flagged for review, responders are instantly notified and provided with a direct link to the recorded event, as well as live video, allowing them to make critical decisions more quickly and more accurately.

As an additional layer of security, flagged events will alert our monitoring stations off site, where H.I. Overwatch staff will act as second eyes to the exigent circumstances. 

Company Highlights 

Given the scope and severity of the gun violence epidemic in the United States, Homen Industries recognizes the need for security and peace of mind across a number of industries, resulting in a fast-growing market of over $78.23B in 2020.

Homen Industries’ revenue forecast is projected to be $24.6M by end of Phase II and $64.85M by end of Phase III. This includes an eventual market share of 70% in our target market of private schools.

Homen Industries is led by a cross-disciplinary team of experts in industries including sales, management, security systems, technology, and more.

The Homen Industries Team

John Homen, Founder & CEO | Homen Industries is the brainchild of John’s lifelong work and journey. From running cable as a teen apprentice, to finding missing people from the war effort, to the battle for corporate consumer buy in, it has always been about the people.

Dylan Ramsey, Sales and Marketing Director | Dylan has 20 years of proven experience and guidance delivering on sales goals, earning market share, and providing the wins needed to advance programs.

Jesse McIntyre, Product Development | Jesse was responsible for the adoption and installation of new technologies, security systems, FLIR and CCTV during his time in the Navy. As a current operations manager at the Veteran’s Benefits Administration, he has extensive expertise in project management, training coordination, and other key operations. 

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