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What We Stand For

We design and manufacture high quality, hyper-breathable snowboard outerwear, midlayer, baselayer and accessories for the core specialty snowboard market. From a technology standpoint our main point of differentiation is that our product incorporates a branded breathable technology called Cocona. We are the first company to use Cocona in outerwear, midlayer and baselayer in the snowboard space, creating a "trifecta" of super breathability.

Homeschool X Cocona = Revolutionary

We put function at the forefront and focus on three things: breathability, durability and a timeless aesthetic. We are using a new breathable technology called Cocona that is as revolutionary as Gore-Tex. Cocona is an active carbon particle made from coconut shells that we apply to our product making it super breathable, quick drying and naturally anti-stink. You can see the technology in action in the section below.

Homeschool X Cocona Tech Explained:

All Homeschool products use a branded breathable technology called Cocona.  Cocona is an activated carbon particle made from coconut shells.  This carbon is applied to our product which increases breathability by 40-60% over much of what is currently available.  This technology also allows our baselayer to dry much more quickly than competitive baselayer products, making it useful for a wide variety of activities.  We are one of the few companies out there using this technology in base-layer, mid-layer and shell, creating a "system" of total comfort.

Small Company Riding With a Big Vision

These days small, core companies are almost non-existent. Our goal is to fill the void in our industry by creating highly technical and timelessly designed products with an edge.  In an age of corn syrup beverages and bulls eye retailer sponsorship we want to bring back some of the rebellious energy to snowboarding by doing what the big companies can't.

Being small allows us to put much more focus on our product, but in doing so, it leaves very little for everything else.  We are going up against companies that are many times our size with much larger marketing budgets, but in terms of performance, our products can go up against anything out there.

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Team rider Tyler Morton

Team rider Joel Fuquay.

No Compromises

We started Homeschool Snowboarding in 2009 because we felt that a lot of compromises were being made to technical apparel in the industry. We spent two seasons testing our product in the harshest conditions the Northwest could dish out.  We learned a lot and incorporated what we found into the product. As a small company if something isn't working we fix it, something that is much harder to do at a large company.  Our desire was to address the issues that serious snow enthusiasts face in wintry conditions and create a superior product that would allow you to stay out longer and ride harder in harsh conditions.  If it works here in the Northwest, it will work anywhere.  

The name “Homeschool” comes from the idea of learning by doing and doing for yourself what others can't or won’t do.  It is about standing for something, and when you stand for something, you stand apart.  We want to stand apart from the crowd and bring about change to an industry that has become over-commercialized and too disposable. We are doing this grassroots with a focus on creating a great product. Our products can be found at the best specialty shops in the western US.  We are raising money to be able to do some of the things the bigger companies take for granted: attend a key international trade show, do some marketing, and expand our reach to the rest of the country and beyond.

The Homeschool Gear - Your Rewards






15,000 mm waterproof / 30,000 gm breathability


15,000 mm waterproof / 30,000 gm breathability

-Riri Aquazips

-Magnetic Closures


15,000 mm waterproof / 30,000 gm breathability


15,000 mm waterproof / 30,000 gm breathability

Night Witch 3.5L Pullover Jacket

20,000 mm waterproof / 25,000 gm breathability

-Riri Aqua Zips


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