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 Head of Security’s HS3 platform is a web and mobile app, workflow management platform and marketplace for security agents, security agencies and security end clients.  

We are first and foremost a technology company, offering mission critical software and solutions to the security industry.

HS3 offers a full-stack of security solutions. Our workflow management platform streamlines and automates the fulfillment of security requests and facilitates the resulting payments. Our seamlessly integrated marketplace makes it easy for security agencies to find staffing for these requests, as they are able to leverage our deep pool of high quality, certified security agents.

Security starts here, so let's get started!

Lack of automation leading to high administrative burden

The security management industry continues to rely on extremely manual processes to arrange staffing, manage the fulfillment of requests and process the resulting payment. This not only leads to wasted time and unnecessary human error, but also leads to low agent and customer satisfaction as well as high attrition rates.

Difficulty finding certified, compliant security agents

Security is a particularly challenging industry to find suitable staffing due to a combination of its extremely high compliance requirements and the fact that it almost exclusively relies on 1099 contractors. As a result, the supply of qualified labor is extremely fragmented and scarce, leading to both security agencies and end clients alike struggling to fulfill service requests.

Both can lead to costly errors for Agencies and End Clients alike

HS3 is a unique B2B ecosystem designed from the ground up to facilitate effective, independent security management in a networked environment. It puts the tools managers need in one convenient location so they can expertly manage their exposure and overall                         security operations.

By presenting as a neutral, brand-agnostic technology solutions provider and not a biased “online security company” in the traditional mold, we are able to avoid considerable sunk and recurring costs, while keeping the burden of professional responsibility on individuals contracting through us.

The HS3 platform (v1) is currently in beta testing with close partner agencies and clients through the end of 2019. We have an agile development feedback cycle with our development team in order to prioritize and address all user feedback during the testing.

Hard launch is scheduled for January, 2020.

The HS3 Portal is currently used by over 50 B2B customers.

$250,000 in total revenue by June of 2019 (prior to the HS3 launch)

HS3 platform and software is unique protected, proprietary intellectual property.

We now have over 25 partnerships and more than 300 agents nationwide.

Meet the Team

    Kurt Cooper, CEO and Founder

    After his time serving in the United States              Marine Corps infantry reserves Kurt began            his career within the security industry.

    Over the years Kurt came to realize that most        security companies were doing almost                    everything manually and security officers were      bouncing from contract to contract.

    He knew there had to be a better way, but              could not find a solid solution. So, Kurt went out and created Head of Security's HS3 platform to harness all facets with the industry, which has become the hub and centralized resource for the security industry.

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