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HPC: Fast Facts

Human Potential Consultants (HPC) is an employment and recruiting firm focused on providing government organizations with dedicated, reliable, long-term labor.  The detailed processes we take in both contract bidding and hiring have been perfected over our 20 years in business, resulting in satisfied clients time and again. As a recent graduate of the 8(a) disadvantaged business, we surge to the front of the line for many different contracts.

An Unguided Workforce

Jobs: unfortunately, everyone needs them. While this is something we all realize at an early age, most of us are never taught the right way to go about it. The result, all too often, is a workforce that lacks the prospecting skills, self-worth, and general workplace readiness needed to optimize their job opportunities.

Most firms thrive in 1 or 2 of these areas - but finding one with the job placement resources to excel at them all is becoming exceedingly difficult.  For the sake of the American workforce, it’s time for a new player to step up and lead the market!

Found in markets around the US, employment & recruiting firms attempt to address this ongoing need; but as a whole, they’re falling short too. Success in the industry depends on the following factors, which today’s firms are struggling to capture all at once:

Realize Your Full Potential

At Human Potential Consultants (HPC), we’ve got a 20-year track record of executing cutting-edge employment solutions that put people to work.  We’re one of just a handful of firms that soars past all the hurdles in the industry - delivering the highest standard & most diverse range of employment solution services for both ends of the spectrum.

While we do maintain a secondary focus on nonprofit and private business clients, the government sector is our true bread & butter.  Over 2 decades, we’ve executed 75+ contracts with 20 federal agencies - thanks to our in-depth knowledge of government contracting.  These 3 primary divisions allow us to provide true end-to-end service:

As (a recent graduate of the 8(a) small disadvantaged business, we learned how to take the first crack at various types of contracts. This designation is crucial to us fulfilling our commitment to designing & offering clients the most competitive, efficient, and cost effective employment solutions found anywhere.

How HPC Operates

Here’s a quick glimpse into the process
we utilize to secure government contracts:

However, assisting governments with their organizational goals while putting people to work goes far beyond just the bid.  The ultimate mission for every HPC contract is to successfully implement and evaluate our solutions while continuously improving them based on the client’s needs.  This unending commitment starts with a 3-phase hiring process that lets us to secure the best employer-employee matches (1-year minimum):

Further exhibiting our desire to keep the American workforce ahead of the curve, we’ve also developed a pre-employment program that allows job seekers to gain a better understanding of their skills and abilities.  The program takes a proactive approach to “employ-ability” by assessing the individual’s current skill set in addition to their learning potential - allowing them to continuously live up to future employment standards.

HPC also proudly offers:

Gaining Traction

It’s been a prosperous first 2 decades for us at HPC.  Have a look at just some of the many impressive accomplishments we’ve amassed along the way:

Eclipsed the $5.4 million annual revenue mark in 2015.

An employee attrition rate of less than 5% over the past five years.

Successfully implemented 75+ projects for federal agencies, including the US Dept. of Agriculture, US Marines, SSA, Dept. of Veterans Affairs, and many more.

State-level clients like the Michigan Dept. of Labor & California Dept. of Corrections.

Maintaining a 15-year, 1,000+ support staff-candidate database to draw from.

A sales process that gets results, with a close ratio of over 50%.

Recent graduate of the 8(a) Disadvantaged Business

A Little About Us

HPC was first conceptualized back in 1997 on the belief that assisting people to improve their self-worth & work readiness would increase their job prospects.  Never shying away from serious community challenges, the company has now established itself as a widely-respected player in employment & recruiting - and is led by these two individuals:

Garnett Newcombe, Owner - Founding visionary who steers executive decision making

  • Strong passion for helping unemployed/underemployed individuals
  • (and those facing extra-ordinary challenges) obtain additional employment resources
  • Spearheaded our initial efforts to target governmental agencies
  • Responsible for our growth into a self-sustaining, $10 million-plus business

Leonora Vides, Director of Operations - Manages all client engagement services and solution implementations, in addition to a variety of other duties

  • Has been with HPC since 2001
  • Helps foster client loyalty by ensuring they fully utilize the breadth of our solution

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