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In the world of welding, extreme heat, heavy metals, and complex tools often equal error, empty wallets, and injury.  At Hybrid Development International, we’ve got the answer.

Companies in a number of verticals, including auto racing, can benefit from our awesome innovation.  With two decades of proven success in the market, we’re revving up our engines to even greater growth – join us!

More speed and better performance – it’s the never ending battle cry in the high-performance auto racing world.  Teams competing in NASCAR and other racing organizations are constantly on the lookout for parts, accessories, and engine tweaks that increase their chances of crossing the finish line first.  And, with many teams raking in millions in revenues (the top 10 NASCAR teams alone are worth an average of $148,000,000), they aren’t afraid to spend big to get the job done.

A big part of any Tubocharging or supercharging is connecting fluids and gas by custom welding fabrication, the process by which the parts are added to the vehicle through the heating and joining of metals.  The complex and volatile nature of high-performance autos places even more of an importance on error-free welding; but unfortunately, teams are falling short in many instances.  With the level of precision required to hold up in high-pressure racing conditions, traditional welding solutions just aren’t cutting it.  Welding defects are rampant in the racing world, with 67% of them attributed to poor process conditions and incorrect consumables.  And, in the world of auto racing, too much time and money are at stake to settle for unreliability.

While welding is a crucial part of auto racing, other sectors could also benefit from an improved welding and commercial piping solution. They include:

Breathe easy, welders and pipers.  The lost resources and frustration that come along with your job are now a thing of the past – thanks to Hybrid Development International (HDi) and our innovative HDi Conduit Joiner.

Thanks to a dedicated R&D focus, the HDi team has produced the industry standard in high-performance automotive parts for more than two decades.  The patented Conduit Joiner is a great example; it’s a low-profile, low-cost pipe-connecting mechanism that removes the need for difficult custom welding and simplifies part additions.  However, it wasn’t until recently that our minds were opened up to a world of even greater possibilities.  The Conduit Joiner is also ideal as a general welding and piping solution, with the potential to impact any industry in which these activities are common.  It’s the perfect product for custom fabrication wherever extreme performance and reliability are needed; namely, the examples given in the previous section.

The Conduit Joiner, just like all of our products, was designed and refined thanks to constant feedback and customer reviews. Every single HDi product must meet these six design requirements, or it won’t hit the shelves:

Many traditional piping and welding practices are now obsolete thanks to the award-winning HDi Conduit Joiner.  Our product saves time, unnecessary costs, and potential injury – three things of utmost importance during high-pressure, on-site fabrication jobs.  With quick-release locking, the Conduit Joiner can be quickly installed or uninstalled on-site and requires no tools to do so.  Just locate the female and male connectors on each end, push them together, lock the outer clamp around each half of the circumference, and boom – the two ends lock together.  No matter how you slice it, it’s remarkably more simple than welding in virtually any situation.

Worried about strength and security?  Don’t sweat it.  Once locked, our product forms complete circles against increasing pressure within the pipes – guaranteeing a firm seal every time.  Here are more factors that make the Conduit Joiner such an industry-shaking innovation:

There are 7 different models of the product, ranging from 2-4 inches.  Upon request, we’re also happy to custom-fabricate it onto any size pipe in our factory.  No limits.

High pressure and high heat is no issue.  The Conduit Joiner holds up every time in 500+ psi and 200+ degree (Celsius) environments, no matter if metal PVC, or other materials are being used.

Flow restriction is minimal, thanks to a smooth internal surface and an inside wall that matches pipe thickness.

There’s no need for alignment during installation.  The Conduit Joiner is free from rotation (360 degrees) and also allows for plus/minus 2 degrees in angle tolerance.

Able to be used in either air or fluid, the Conduit Joiner is ideal for marine and water processing applications.

The complex tools and dangerous high temperatures used in welding are eliminated with the Conduit Joiner.

We’ve been a staple in the Australian market since opening our doors in 1994 – and despite capital restrictions, we’ve managed to grow nearly every year.  Now, however, things are getting really exciting with the Conduit Joiner under our belts.  With it now receiving the majority of our daily focus, exponential growth is on the horizon.  These milestones helped us arrive here:

The public’s noticing.  Top recognition we’ve received includes 4 Global Media awards at SEMA 2008, an award for our CYBER CRX turbo charge kit, and our products also help winning multiple Australian GT racing championships.


Our brand’s got appeal.  HDi was also featured in the “Juiced 2” video game on PC, Sony Playstation, and Xbox.  Our brand also made an appearance in a Hong Kong-based action movie.

We’re collecting patents.  We’ve got valuable IP protection, thanks to a portfolio of design and utility patents on our various products (including the Conduit Joiner).

We’re conquering new markets.  In addition to our Australian office, we’ve also had a fully-operational location in Hong Kong since 2004.

The supply chain’s working.  Domestic distribution in Australia is handled in-house.  As for international, we have a plant and a warehouse in China, as well as a US-based distributor.

Despite these accomplishments, we maintain an ongoing focus on future development at HDi.  For more information, please request contact to our profile’s private side!

Our Founder and do-it-all head executive is Mr. Roger Chan.  Roger saw his lifelong passion for high-performance automobiles come to fruition in 1994, the year he started HDi.  The company has been his sole focus since then.  Aside from overseeing all operational and marketing activities, Roger also spearheads product design and development.  He’s also in charge of steering the ship long term – and executing our future development strategy.

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