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Our patented Diesel-Hydrogen Assist Technology (D-HAT™) systems utilize cutting-edge Proton Exchange Membranes (PEM) to produce pure hydrogen and infuse it into the combustion chambers of any large running diesel engine. The optimal amount  of hydrogen causes the fuel to burn 10X faster, dramatically increasing engine efficiency, while significantly reducing harmful emissions, increasing engine life, and reducing maintenance costs on the engine and exhaust system.

Finally: A first to market, proven “pure hydrogen” technology solution for the highly polluting, margin pressured world-wide shipping and transportation industries!

The gauntlet has been thrown down for the diesel fleet owners around the world.

The message: evolve or die.

The world-wide maritime industry has come under fire by a demand from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) that the sulfur content of their emissions drop from the 3.5% it is at today, to 0.5% by Jan 1, 2020.

Any ships not conforming to that rule may be declared unseaworthy.

The diesel industry has tried to come up with solutions to cut costs and reduce emissions:


- Fuel additives
- Wings
- Wind friction reducers


But most of these solutions have fallen short of their promises, and more importantly, all have had a minor impact on what the diesel fleet operators so desperately need.

HoD Pros represents something dramatically new for all major diesel powered industries: reliable, sustainable, economically significant viable cost and emission reduction.

Making the HoD Pros solution possible: the power of pure hydrogen enrichment.

Hydrogen burns 10X faster than diesel fuel, and expands by 20,000 times its volume. 

Introducing the optimal amount of pure hydrogen into the diesel engine’s combustion chamber increases fuel burn efficiency while also reducing partially burned fuel waste.  The result: a faster, cleaner, more complete fuel burn.

Diesel-Hydrogen Assist Technologies (D-HAT™)
The only hydrogen assistant your fleet will ever need.

The on-board system retrofits onto the engines of operators’ existing fleet. Installation is easy and takes only 4-6 hours. The system can easily be moved from truck to truck, as fleets are upgraded.

Above all, the D-HAT™ system completely removes the need for on-board hydrogen storage and eliminates all safety concerns.

The numbers are in: only D-HAT™ delivers significant, meaningful cost and emissions reductions for diesel fleets.

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