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Hydroil Solutions:
Fast Facts

Hydroil Solutions disposes of oil and gas waste through slurry fracture injection (SFI), virtually eliminating the transportation costs and reducing environmental liability of traditional disposal methods.

Our first SFI facility will be located in the Bakken Oil Field, North Dakota.

Concerns with Oil and Gas
Waste Disposal

The One-Stop Solution

The Hydroil Solutions SFI facility will solve these 4 critical issues in the oil and gas industry in North Dakota:

How It Works

Slurry Fracture Injection is a deep well disposal process by which O&G waste is safely disposed of in a mixture called slurry that is injected into the ground deep under the water tables and below the biosphere.

On the surface, the waste streams are mixed into a slurry using a surface processing unit. This slurry is then pressurized and pumped into a wellbore.

The fluid then rapidly dissipates into the surrounding rock formation below the earth’s surface, allowing injection pressure to disappear quickly and leaving no long-term remnant of pressurization.

The solid waste then remains behind, entombed permanently by the weight of the overlying rocks.

Company Milestones

Completed SFI project Technical Feasibility Study (TFS)
Our TFS assesses and establishes the technical, environmental and economic viability of the SFI process for our facility in North Dakota. 

Completed SFI Project Implementation/Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED) Study
These studies further establish the assertions from the TFS, address outstanding items and provide detailed information and design specifications for our SFI facility. 

Approved applications and permit process via state agencies
Hydroil has our NDIC (North Dakota Industrial Commission) orders and permits for the facility as well as SFI disposal well.  

Secured commitment for a 16-year lease with Anytime Hydroexcavation in the Bakken

  • Our site consists of 10 acres on land with ideal geological formations for SFI.
  • We will be in close proximity to our customers at the heart of O&G operations in ND.

The Hydroil Solutions Team

Jake Anderson, CEO | Jake has several years of business management and real estate experience. He is a manager/director at CVS in their Medicaid Business Unit where he is directly responsible for over $100M in annual revenue.

Gary Woolsey, COO | Gary has over 35 years designing and executing environmentally- friendly waste disposal solutions in the oil, gas and energy industries while registering multiple innovative patent solutions.

Scott Mead, EVP | Scott brings 10 years of commercial finance experience and previously managed a commercial loan division. 

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