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Some incredible things go on inside the walls of healthcare facilities - but they’re also thriving homes for deadly bacteria.  At HyGenesis, we’re doing all we can to eliminate these silent killers in the health and ambulatory care arena through a proprietary system of disinfecting products.  

These claims have been supported by partner facilities, and been rewarded with upwardly trending revenue. It’s time to clean up the world of ambulatory care together!

With an increasing amount of bacteria becoming resistant to standard antibiotic treatment, the battlefield has tilted in the wrong direction for us humans.  It’s become more important than ever for healthcare providers to follow strict infection prevention and control methods - and sadly, this isn’t being done.  Traditional hand washing simply isn’t as effective as it used to be.  Even phenolic disinfectants, which are almost 20% more effective than soap and water, aren’t holding up - as bacteria counts will revert back to pretreatment levels after a few hours.  There is a clear lack of cleaning and disinfection competence in ambulatory healthcare settings, and to make things worse, community infection numbers have increased dramatically over the past few years.

This level of negligence should absolutely never occur.  This problem is a crushing one economically, too - with the national expense related to community infection exceeding $147 billion.  From the common cold to MRSA, there’s an urgent need for a low cost method that’s more efficient in reducing unintended community infection.  A better solution would remove a huge chunk from this total, cut down on costly work absences, and make us a healthier nation overall.  The healthcare industry is seeking answers, but unfortunately, have yet to find them.

For both the patient and the healthcare facility, the inconvenience that these infections present is devastating - but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore thanks to HyGenesis.

We’re bringing the health and ambulatory care arena the long-lasting antimicrobial protection it needs through a three-product disinfection system.  The HyGenesis System cuts down tremendously on America’s community infection problem by reducing bacteria found on skin, surfaces, and textiles by 80%.  Unlike traditional disinfection products, ours work around the clock for 6 months at a time before needing any reapplication.  We’re one of the only community infection-reducers out there offering a comprehensive system of products in this manner - delivering better protection while costing less thanks to bundling.

So, what’s our secret?  All three of our products use the same special organosilane molecule.  This chemical compound covalently bonds to a surface and destroys bacteria for as long as it remains on the surface.  Once applied, it’s incredibly difficult to remove from a surface. Let’s learn a little more about the three products included in the System:

Hand Armor
It constantly works to disinfect the germs that come in contact with your skin for hours with a single application. It kills and treats bacteria all day long with alcohol-free treatment that provides immediate sanitization on contact.

Surface Armor
The first true “triple action” product on the market - cleaning, disinfecting, and protecting all in one step.  Enjoy 6 months of surface protection!

Textile Armor
Unlike other solutions, our Textile Armor leaves laundry clean and sparkling even while it’s in use.  Applied during the rinse cycle, it provides long-term bacterial protection for all treated fabrics.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the magic of the organosilane antimicrobial.  It’s a unique species that binds to natural and synthetic substrates including skin, hard and soft surfaces, fibers, and fabrics.  The result is a durable, long-lasting coating that accelerates the decay of harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, yeast, and other microbes - precisely the villains we’re up against in health and ambulatory care.  It also prohibits (the) microbes from genetically adapting, making it unique from other antimicrobials that can leach off substrates and retain no long term disinfecting benefit component.  Because of these factors, HyGenesis represents a significant breakthrough - and is ideal for health and ambulatory care environments where toxic microorganisms proliferate.

The face value rewards of using the HyGenesis System are difficult to ignore.  Our products, with a single application, provide exceptional, unmatched long-term protection, and reduce overall bacteria content by 80% - enough to excite any healthcare professional.  That being said, we’re also distinguishing our brand through additional services designed to optimize the effectiveness of our products. Details on these services, in addition to even more bottom-line benefits, are as follows:

In a short period of time, we’ve come quite a long way in our quest to improve healthcare through reduced community infections.  Our company fully controls all three of the aforementioned products, all of which are now in operation after months of research and development.  With the majority of our current focus on closing this funding round and getting to next level of growth, here are some other accomplishments that helped bring us to this position:

The sales machine is working.  We’re already up and generating revenue. Through the sale of our Hand Armor alone, we’re ramping up to $3,000 per month in sales.

Big-name customers on board.  We’re currently doing business with a pair of formidable  dealers: Passport Health (240 offices around the US) and Amazon. Both are exhibiting growth.  We also just signed on with Image First Healthcare Laundry, a Michigan facility is in the process of implementing our system as a proposed distributor.

Successful Infield Practical Applications.  Kalamazoo-based medical services provider, Hospital Network Inc., has been utilizing our technology on their mobile MRI units for over 4 years - and demonstrates a constant 80% bacteria reduction with a once a year application protocol.

Supply chain partners secured.  We have agreements in place with two established FDA and EPA registered Michigan-based contract manufacturing partners, Elba Laboratory and Quadsil Laboratories, to produce our product set. Both manufacturers are on-line and have substantial excess capacity.

Getting positive attention.  Our products have been successfully analyzed by the University of Michigan, the Beaumont/OU School of Medicine, and Henry Ford Health Systems. Results of the Henry Ford Study have been published in the American Journal of Infection Control.  The University of Michigan study is currently under review for publication by Letters in Applied Microbiology in the near future.

Although we are having some success with the professional application of our surface technology, Hand Armor is currently our most active seller.  Our focus for the near term is squarely on bringing Surface Armor and Textile Armor up to speed by completing their EPA registrations.  All individual ingredients in our products have already been EPA approved for use in our application areas.  A formal registration of our unique formulations is the final step in the EPA registration process.  We believe that these registrations are a simple formality and will commence immediately once funding is secured.  We forecast first year revenues of approximately $300,000 once full registrations are complete.

The HyGenesis story actually originates from outside the healthcare sphere, where one half of our executive team was introduced to the company’s based technology and immediately saw a different application.  Since then, he’s been conducting continuous market research and testing in order to optimize its effectiveness in healthcare - and the result is the HyGenesis System.  Let’s get to know both leaders behind our vision:

After getting his start with IBM, Bob would begin an extensive entrepreneurial career through an initial foray into the healthcare industry.  He started a company that served the business offices of hospitals through a shared data processing online system, which honed a variety of different leadership skills.  After happening upon our technology while living in North Carolina, he would devote his life to a new venture that is now HyGenesis.  Bob has full reign over the evolution and development of the HyGenesis System, focusing largely on sales and continuous R&D.

In total, Rob has amassed an impressive 3+ decade career in a variety of technical industries.  Since 1993, he’s focused his attention on emerging technologies - and has developed a keen eye for identifying opportunities.  Rob’s focus at HyGenesis is on the company’s technology, operations, messaging and client interaction.

We’re also fortunate enough to receive key outside support from a talented Board of Investors/Advisors.  This trio of executives brings many facets of business expertise to our team:

  • George Angelidis, major investing partner and proven sales expert;
  • Tom Proctor, another major investor focused on providing operational guidance;
  • Todd Piersol, focused on new business opportunities and securing additional investors.

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