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Hypnos Virtual is pioneering immersive digital media with its disruptor technology, Scentscape™: a multi-sensory, cross-platform smart technology with a variety of applications, including entertainment, wellness, and customized cannabinoid solutions.

Scentscape’s unique Bio-Media technology is a media-synchronized, bio-aromatic airstream, that introduces an entirely new level of media perception that immerses viewers into a bio-digital world. With Scentscape™, users experience media, wellness, and even customized cannabinoids like never before.

Media consumption has been on the rise year over year. Consumption of at-home media and virtual/immersive technologies reached record highs during the pandemic as people sought more creative ways to explore the world while stuck at home.

In addition, spending time indoors has led more people to seek better ways to engage in their home wellness activities, including aromatherapy for exercise, sleep and more. This created a demand for a brand-new suite of “theratainment” products and a desire for a new media technology that enables the ability to virtually-travel and “feel like you’re somewhere else”.

On-going data and projections now suggest that this consumption boost is here to stay. This growth now has a combined media market size of over $300 billion.

To meet the demand of a market seeking more immersive digital experiences and improved wellbeing at home, the future of media must now go beyond on-screen imagery and sound to deliver more profound, life-like experiences that also uplift mood and create bio-telepresence capabilities.

Scentscape™ is a media and Wellness Disruptor technology.

Scentscape™ is a multi-sensual immersive media technology that transforms your TV or smart device into the next evolutionary leap forward in media and virtual communications.

Engineered with proven neuroscience technology, Scentscape™ creates a media-synced, Bio-Media “scent-track” to movies, music, videos and even AR/VR, allowing viewers to experience media and wellness like never before.

Scentscape™ also offers its very own media experiences such as remarkably lifelike telepresence, virtual travel, and bio-identical virtual nature. ​Licensed Users can even create and share their own home movie “Scentracs” with our Digital Aroma Workstation app and software.

With clinically-verified biochemistry, Scentscape™ has the power to not only immerse viewers in an elevated media experience, but it also functions as a powerful digital neurolimbic aromatherapy/theratainment technology, available right in your own home.

Scentscape™ Bio-Media technology influences the brain on a neurological level with clinically-verified, natural aromatic essences that are atomized into a cold-diffused media-synced airstream called a Scentrac™.

Scentscape’s Bio-Media Scentrac™ technology syncs with video and media just like a musical soundtrack. Millions of bio-aroma combinations are mixed on-the-fly with quarter-second precision and deployed for lifelike experiences that 1) clinically “fool” the brain, making us feel teleported and immersed within the media itself (we call this feeling Bio-Immersion.) 2) Uplift and modulate mood, at the speed of light, via the neurolimbic system starting with stimulation of the olfactory epithelium in the upper nose. 3) Creates a new artform of Extra-diegetic Bio-Media Scentracs that modulate mood even more dramatically than film musical scores.

Beyond TV, smart devices, and AR/VR, Scentscape™ has numerous applications such as Bio-Immersive telepresence, virtual travel, home-wellness "Theratainment" experiences, Bio-Identical Virtual Nature and more. Scentscape™ is a cross-platform, smart technology that has unlimited applications potential.

Feedback from beta testing of Scentscape™ has been overwhelmingly positive, with enthusiastic acceptance from men and woman of all ages.

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