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Introducing i-REVEAL, the marketing intelligence tool that uncovers marketing blind spots and visualizes multi-channel marketing spend.

i-REVEAL grants small and mid-size businesses full visibility over their marketing spend and strategy.

The intelligent software ensures your company's marketing is built upon firm foundations whilst simultaneously highlighting new methods and opportunities to market your business.



It is estimated that ineffective marketing strategies cost businesses in the United States $400 billion every year. 

Many small and mid-size businesses lack the knowledge to develop, manage, and sustain an effective marketing program. 

This results in poor marketing ROI and the inability to acquire and retain customers. 

That's where i-REVEAL comes in...


i-REVEAL is a step-by-step platform that helps businesses to identify marketing blind spots, fix them quickly, and provides the dynamic tools needed to adapt and grow faster. 

The forward-thinking software saves businesses time and money by pinpointing their problem areas early so that the necessary changes can be made to ensure return on investment. 


Fundamentally, one of the main reasons why people fail at marketing is because they lack the knowledge and insights, what a frustrating feeling right? To know you need to do something to be successful but not knowing how to do it is the state that so many of i-REVEAL's clients were facing.

There are 32.5 million small businesses in the US. They contribute to 44% of US economic activity. 

  • 48.9% of these survive five years or more. 
  • 50% operate from home. 
  • 82% of these businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems. 

There is a total market size of 32,850,000 small and mid-market companies in the US. i-REVEAL only needs to reach 0.08% of this market size in order to reach its 5 Year Modest Project. 



i-REVEAL has a competitive advantage over the rest of the market for several important reasons.

i-REVEAL presents a holistic view and is the only marketing tool that performs a comprehensive audit across all marketing functions and activities. This includes a 360-degree performance assessment.

After successful testing with various companies at different stages, i-REVEAL has proven to be easy to use and accessible even to non-marketers. 


i-REVEAL uses an annual subscription revenue model based on 3 tiers of subscription levels. 


Dyron is the Founder and President of InCon, LLC. He is an entrepreneur and versatile marketer with over 13 years of experience that spans a range of marketing disciplines.

In addition to founding the parent company InCon, LLC, Dyron has also created i-REVEAL. His entrepreneurial spirit and quest to help others to succeed began when earning his B.A degree from Alabama A&M which led to him starting his first company, Ideality LLC, where he led marketing research and insights. After gaining a passion for the marketing community, Dyron went further to acquire his Master's in Business Administration from Texas A&M University. 

Dyron is also an activist. He loves to volunteer and stay active with his church where he works with church leaders to create outreach initiatives to enhance the community. 


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