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Fueled by Data. Driven by Technology.
idrive: fast facts

idrive is a full-service commercial fleet monitoring platform that’s helping businesses save big on previously sunk costs through a commitment to superior technology.

Our use of AI, deep learning, and other elements allow us to produce unsurpassed accuracy on key features like accident prediction and distracted driving protection.  It’s all supported by telematics and hardware that keeps running, even with poor connection.

Fueled by Data. Driven by Technology.
still distracted

Speed kills on the roads, but so do other things.  In fact, distracted driving is actually the number one factor contributing to the nationwide increase in accidents.

Things get even more devastating on the business end - as distracted driving is the 2nd leading cause of fatal commercial fleet truck crashes.  The 1 in 5 commercial vehicles involved in accidents annually create even more issues for businesses, including:

And with most companies self-insuring fleets and drivers, these costs hurt even more.

Many businesses have attempted to mitigate these pain points through GPS tracking, which gained popularity as the fleet monitoring standard about a decade ago.

But despite its cost effectiveness compared to video monitoring and ability to produce telematics data, the GPS avenue still lacks visibility and does little to address distracted driving.  Fleet managers, as a result, remain stuck in neutral.

Fueled by Data. Driven by Technology.
fix your fleet

The next level of fleet management technology has arrived to produce better results for businesses worldwide.  Introducing idrive: an AI camera-based technology platform for driver monitoring that saves lives in real-time.

Our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) ecosystem combines professional in-cab cameras with elements of GPS tracking, video telematics, computer vision, deep learning, and proprietary AI to create the world’s safest drivers and optimize fleet performance.

While most companies rely heavily on cellular connection to operate their cameras correctly, AI is embedded directly into our hardware to ensure consistent performance.

Our disruptive offering continues with facial recognition-based fatigue & distraction detection, which can not only ID drivers but also alert drivers/managers of distractions & drowsiness in real time.  All of this, and more, is delivered with outstanding accuracy:

Fueled by Data. Driven by Technology.
how we operate

The key to this accurate performance - which is unmatched in our space - are proprietary (patents pending), mature AI algorithms run a data lake of 11B video events collected over 10 years.

These computer vision algorithms are in place to precisely monitor & accurately identify alertness and attention characteristics/conditions.  It’s all processed simultaneously and in real time, making risk mitigation possible for both drivers and fleet managers.

Our AI is also “trained” as part of a vast deep learning network that constantly improves idrive’s performance.  The billions of miles we have - along with growing driver data - allows us to predict accidents, warn drivers, assess risk, & more with extreme accuracy.

The IP on all hardware & software is 100% owned by us, with everything built in-house.  This keeps us well ahead of the technology curve by providing us the flexibility to integrate third party solutions and customize & add features based on customer needs.

As for the hardware, it’s built with Bluetooth 4.2 + BLE GPS tracking automatic transfer, along with internal 802.11 WiFi for speedy connections.  It also comes with a Micro USB connector for 300mb/sec downloads & 50 mb/sec uploads, and covered camera detection.

Like many competing products, idrive also provides video telematics for live driving data, and the ability to request live videos from a vehicle.  Just a handful more of the many features & benefits we offer include:

Fueled by Data. Driven by Technology.
accelerating quickly

We’ve come a long way since our 2009 beginnings as an AI camera company:


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Fueled by Data. Driven by Technology.
meet the team

The idrive journey began in 2009 as our trio of experienced engineers (one whom used to work alongside Steve Jobs) began designing & building one of the world’s first real-time in-cab commercial monitoring dash cams with GPS and video telematics.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve grown this concept into a legitimate multi-million dollar business poised to change commercial fleet management.  Let’s learn a little more about the minds behind this vision:

Sean O'Neil
Has built tech products for NASA, Intel, and many others during his 25+ years as an engineer & project manager.  Successfully founded, ran, and sold his first engineering company to Flextronics back in 2007.

Mark Findley
Seasoned IT professional with over 25 years in the field.  Has overseen large-scale engineering and product development undertakings for several technology companies during his career.

Florin Pasol
Possesses expert-level proficiency in programming and software architecture, heading up various software products including complex web apps, ERPs, and embedded systems.  Has been active in the software industry for 15 years.

Anca Burke
Notre Dame MBA who’s proven herself as a business transformation leader with multiple F100 companies.  Has lived on 5 continents and brings a wealth of international experience spanning throughout her nearly 2 decades.

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