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Our Story

IFTHISFITS is a service that increases each customer’s interaction with online clothing retailers and enhances their confidence in their purchases.

Our service allows customers to create an avatar that has the ability to transform into their actual life-size dimensions, entered by the user. This gives customers the ability to dress up and customize their avatar using real clothes that are available in stores!  Each person can essentially "try on" clothes in different sizes to see how they may actually fit them in real life, before they purchase the clothes online.  The idea is to give customers another tool to help save time, money, and energy on purchasing and returning clothes that may not fit.

This also provides a new opportunity for department stores to market their clothing to customers by allowing them to be more interactive online. What makes this cool is the new opportunity to interact more with your favorite clothing stores online, on a more personal level, as well as connect with other users who have similar clothing interests.  A new community of online shoppers sharing style tips and advice with each other is another great feature created by the service we will offer.

Our service will revolutionize the way customers shop for clothes online.  The money we are looking to raise will go to finishing up the prototype that will bring this unique product to life, as well as give us the ability to test it out with local stores.

Our team consists of Quentin Gray, Amna Abid, Sara Salem and Steve Albert. Our team is a very diverse group with many skill sets and backgrounds, all coming together to launch this business. We thank you upfront for whatever you can pledge to help bring our dream business to life.  Success doesn't just take a few in a group, it takes many like-minded people coming together for one goal. Those who are willing to help will bring a cool new product to the market that millions can benefit from.  Thank you again.

Patrick Wells

How It Works

To become involved with our site, users can pick from different given body types that may be close to their form and tweak them in different areas to give a more accurate display of how their body looks. There will be an option to increase or decrease different body sections to make this possible. Another option will be to allow users to upload a full-body image of themselves. After users feel they have created an accurate avatar, they can move forward with adding clothes from stores that have an online clothing section.

Clothing images will come from stores uploading pictures of their inventory to our site's database, which will also include all the available sizes. Users will be informed as to which stores are signed up and providing which clothing, and they will have the ability to save each clothing item they try on to their personal profile.  This gives users the opportunity to decide if they want to buy items later or compare them to other clothing items they might be interested in. All avatars will have the ability to rotate so users can see different viewpoints, which gives users a more accurate idea of how clothes will look once purchased and delivered.

Our Business and Services

We want to provide users with a new platform to virtually "try on" clothes before purchasing, as well as give stores a new way to market their clothing to customers. We want to help reduce online returns, increase online sales, and give companies a new and potentially more profitable way to gauge customer interaction with their products. With our competitive edge we will be able to provide customers with a new and convenient way to interact with department stores' online clothing products.

We provide a service that truly fills an unmet need in our market. We provide a new and creative way to potentially shop online by having a fun, interactive experience with your favorite online clothing store. Our service changes and improves the current customer experience online.

Visual Of Our Prototype/Layout

Here's a visual layout of what was explained in the previous section:

Why We Are Raising Funds

We are raising funds to finish building our prototype. We have used our own capital as well as gone to family and friends who were able to help us out some. Your donations will allow us to continue the process of testing and developing a functional product we can take to the market and test out in stores.


Here is a look at our t- shirt reward with our company logo.  To show our appreciation, we will be sending a t-shirt and more to those who back our company on Fundable.

Background of Our Team

Our founder, Quentin Gray, has first-hand experience as a Manager running a Bus Tour company in California; he has been a huge part of its success since the company launched in early 2000. His leadership and understanding of how to maintain a successful business from the ground-up gives us a competitive edge.

Steve Albert is our Product Analyst. Steve's experience with understanding interaction between products and customers and the financial elements involved is key to our business's success.

Amna Abid works in sales and marketing and holds a Master's Degree in Marketing. Her years of experience in marketing and sales gives us a better understanding of what plan of action to take in reaching our target market.

Sara Salem has extensive knowledge in the fashion industry as well as experience in sales.  She and Amna both do outreach to stores.

Patrick Wells has experience as a Creative director on other startup companies. Patrick has a B.A in Graphic Design and has experience with concept-to-completion of design layout ideas. Patrick’s creative mindset allows our company to be unique within our industry.


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