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Meet The Team

Jong Shin, President and CEO
Jong is responsible for running the company, business, product planning, marketing and sales. He’s the former Vice President of Innovations at LG Electronics.

Minshik Roh, Chief Content Officer
Minshik is responsible for content licensing and services planning. He’s the former Vice President of Contents and Services at Sony PlayStation.

Don Chang, CTO and Head of Korea Office
Don is responsible for technology, development and manufacturing. He’s the former Vice President of Engineering at Samsung Electronics.

iiRcade, Inc.:
Fast Facts

iiRcade is a Delaware Corporation headquartered in Skokie IL and started in 2019 by former VPs of Sony PlayStation, LG and Samsung, creating an arcade gaming experiences brought to today’s gaming standards for everyone in the family to enjoy.

iiRcade is iTunes for arcade gaming, an arcade-based gaming platform built for the entire family to enjoy and build memories together :

  • Legally download and enjoy thousands of officially licensed and quality approved arcade games for everyone in the family
  • Play classic arcade and today's modern games from PS4, Switch, Steam as arcade games, like having Dave&Busters in your home
  • Play with your friends and family or anyone around the world via online arcade gaming

iiRcade is also the first platform in gaming history that enables anyone to bring their games to the arcades easily without money, risks and time, enabling a new paradigm of content sourcing and infinite content growth potential.

iTunes for Arcade Gaming

Gamers have been nostalgic for arcade gaming since the arcade market crashed in 2000.

Unfortunately, with no legal way of playing arcade games, gamers pirated arcade games and played them at sub-par experiences on their PCs to try to relive their childhood gaming.

The experience has been bad and their favorite game companies were going out of business.

Gamers have been waiting for someone to create a legitimate way to play these arcade games with the best experience while supporting their favorite game companies.

Just like how iTunes turned the piracy-filled MP3 market into a legitimate $17B business, iiRcade is going to turn the piracy-filled arcade gaming market into a legitimate business that will become $29B in market size by 2027.

A New paradigm of gaming platform
Changing how we play games

What if there was a gaming platform that makes gaming so immersive that it feels like you are inside the game? What if you can play these games together with your friends from anywhere in the world via online? What if… you can bring the Dave & Busters experience to your home?

Introducing iiRcade, a new paradigm of gaming that enables you to experience the adrenaline pumping modern and classic arcade gaming right from your home, enabled by today’s best modern technology. Play PS4, Switch and Steam games as completely immersive arcade games for the first time ever, as well as the classic arcade games that you love enhanced with today’s technologies, to experience a totally new style of bad ass gaming that you have never experienced before.

From a list of hundreds of officially licensed games and continuously growing, purchase and download new games to your premium iiRcade device, creating your own custom arcade in a single device. Shoot zombies in 19” crisp modern HD graphics, 100W of powerful stereo sound and authentic premium arcade controls that are right in your face, making the gaming experience so cinematic that feels like you are inside the game. Compete with anyone via online arcade gaming to become the best in the world.

This is iiRcade experience.

iiRcade is a gaming platform
Providing contents and services

iiRcade is a platform with all iiRcade-enabled devices connected to a single server, providing endless number of contents, services and online experiences for all iiRcade users. iiRcade platform is very flexible and infinitely expandable, enabling easy and fast addition of new services, including new online gaming and entertainment services and so much more that were unimaginable before, made possible on iiRcade.

iiRcade enables anyone to make arcade games
For the first time in gaming history

Just like how gamers have always wanted to own an arcade at home, game developers have always had the fantasy of developing an arcade game, a dream deterred by expensive costs, time and resources needed to make happen. That is, until iiRcade.

iiRcade is the first platform in gaming history that enables anyone to develop an arcade game. iiRcade supports today's most popular gaming engines natively, including Unity, Unreal 4, Game Maker 2 and more, and has proprietary patent-pending technologies built into iiRcadeOS that turn any game into an arcade game. Bringing existing modern console games to iiRcade has been very easy, with most games requiring only 1 day to 1 week to bring as amazing arcade games on iiRcade.

Traction & Accomplishments 

Product Development: All development, including product, platform and server development are complete and live in the field since launch in January 2021. iiRcade marketplace currently has over 250 games available for purchase and growing fast. We have also deployed a market-disrupting Online Global Leaderboard technology for classic and modern games, creating competitions and leagues. We’ve also deployed market-differentiating Jukebox mode that turns your iiRcade into a 100W Jukebox for your home, enabling iiRcade to become the perfect entertainment product for your home.

Patents and IP: Our patent with 14 new technologies and 26 claims is granted in many countries around the world and published in the US. Our 2 trademarks are also granted around the world, including the US. More patents will be submitted once the funding round is closed.

Social Proof: Our strong, loyal fan base loves iiRcade and plays games on iiRcade every day. We have 21K+ members across our social network, 16K+ people in our email list, and growing quickly. Many celebrities are also huge fans of iiRcade, including professional wrestlers, actors and actresses, social media influencers and more. There are hundreds of videos and thousands of pictures and posts on iiRcade created by users and influencers, including reviews, game play videos and more, showing how our users love iiRcade.

Partnerships: We have over 60 partnerships with game companies including Sega, Taito, Tozai/IREM, Arc System Works/Technos Japan, Psikyo, Data East, Jaleco, Dotemu, Playdigious, Handy Games and more. We have partnered with the biggest distributor in the world and biggest retailers in North America to launch and distribute iiRcade.

Manufacturing: Located in Korea, our factory has expertise in manufacturing professional arcade devices. They manufactured the Pump-It-Up arcade machine (competitor to Dance Dance Revolution) and all Casino arcade machines in Korea. They are deploying the exact same methods to build iiRcade, thus one of the reasons why iiRcade products have the highest premium quality products.

Distribution: Distribution takes place via online and offline distribution from the biggest retailers in North America and Direct-to-consumers via our homepage. 

Press Mentions: IGN has named iiRcade the Best Arcade Product of 2021. We have 100+ press mentions, including IGN, USA Today, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Gamespot, Yahoo!, GQ, Digital Trends, Input Magazine, the Inventory, Marc Saltzman, Old School Gamer Magazine, theGamer, Gaming.net, Hardcore Gamer, Operation Sports, Mens Gear, Venture Capital Journal and more.

Named Best Company in Illinois: iiRcade has been selected as a top company in Illinois by BestStartup.us

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