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iLoveView: Fast Facts

The world is full of broken and strained relationships. Between the busyness of life, lack of time and communication skills, people are very disconnected in what is supposed to be a highly connected world. We developed iLoveView from the ground up to bring people back together. iLoveView empowers people to make and self-created videos to loved ones (or any person of interest) for the near or distant future, which includes a time-lock feature where the content is locked until the selected time of revealing, from one day to 40 years out. Yes, we are carving a niche.

Lifelong Problem

Our world is always moving forward.

It waits for no one, yet we all expect the those we love and cherish to be there when we return.

Whether away for business or pleasure, to fight for our country and our freedom, to help others in times of need, or any other reason at all, the reality is that as the years go by, time goes with it.

We can’t get back our children’s youth or send them messages from the great beyond.

But what if there was way to communicate better -- a groundbreaking way to bring people together without being intrusive? No such solution currently exists, so it would take a game-changing and incredibly innovative startup to make this happen.

One Groundbreaking Solution
Imagine a future where your love can be preserved forever, transcending death

iLoveView solves these problems by providing all of us with a unique platform that allows people to send self-created videos -- to a person of interest or a loved one -- in the near or far future. With the patented time-lock feature, you can now send your most intimate and important messages with precision to the future.

It allows people to love on purpose by preserving our greatest commodity, which is time.

More than a digital time capsule, iLoveView is highly versatile, solving many of humanity’s most intimate communication problems.

Why We’ll Lead

Serving those who serve us: Whether in the military, on the road delivering essential goods to stores across the nation, on the frontlines fighting the pandemic, or simply away to make a living, you can't get back the time you've missed. This is one of the many challenges we all face on some level. Some of us are in blended families and only see our children on select days. Others may be away at school and rarely see their parents. The challenges are endless, but instead of remaining disconnected, iLoveView was designed to bring us together with those we care about most.

Unlike any other solution available today: Users capture their message and add it to their “secret group," where no one knows it’s there except for the user and the person or persons invited to that group. Recipient(s) will receive a notification that they have a video to be viewed in x amount of time. They even are able to see the time-lock/countdown to the release of their video.

Built for today, tomorrow and the future: Using a waterfall drip algorithm to notify registered users of an upcoming video, we are dedicated to ensuring recipients can view their videos when the creator intended -- whether today, tomorrow or many years into the future.

Traction & Accomplishments 

Our prototype was ready in January 2021.

We have been diligently working for the last year and a half to come up with a very solid prototype that we believe can take us to 500,000 users -- and maybe even 1,000,000 users. Our delivery infrastructure is a creative hybrid of both physical and cloud server structures, which will all be upgraded in due course.

The word “iLoveView” and the “iLoveView” logo (the heart inside the camera lens inside the eye) are trademarks registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office. We also have a Patent Pending (#63116016) registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Meet The Founder

Eric Gutierrez | Founder

  • As a father, constantly away on business, has experienced firsthand the pain of being away from family
  • Understands what it means to be away from those you love
  • Dedicated to providing an avenue for everyone to be able to send their loved ones video messages in the future, whether on the road, in the military, on the frontlines fighting the pandemic, etc.
  • Built iLoveView from the ground up to solve all of these problems and more
  • Former internet marketing guru turned pastor.

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