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ImaginLand On-Demand Flex-Child Care Facilities

ImaginLand provides premium on-demand childcare in a safe and fun environment. We offer convenience for parents and emotional and social skills development for your child, so you can tend to work, emergencies, or whatever.

Each 6,000 sq/ft facility has a dedicated area for each child age group with over 200 age appropropriate activities that develop specific skills at each age level that schools and other activities do not focus on today. 

For ages 3-6 ImaginLand offers stories, mystery and adventures with characters, dress up, plays and far more . . . 

Children Get To Explore Their Talents and Interests

ImaginLand helps each child discover their special talents and learn to work with other children in teams, with emphasis that they gain expereince in leadership, confidence and team work.

Emotional Intelligence & Socialization

We help Children develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ), which has been shown to be more important than IQ to success in life. 

ImaginLand is innovating in six different ways (see below) in the staid $44 billion child care industry with a safe and kid-centric "Wow" experience each visit for ages 3 to 11.

Membership guarantees a space without notice 17 hour / 7 days / 360 days per year. This allows parents to handle regular shopping, unpredictable work, errands, date-nights, emergencies, or whatever life throws their way without advanced planning or worry. We provide a superior alternative to unreliable sitters where kids can meet, play and grow anytime.  Members also get live streaming video of our facility and their child in case they are just learning to leave their child alone or want to watch progress. 

A user-friendly mobile app provides non-member parents with guaranteed reservation with the push of a button. WATCH OUR VIDEO BELOW. This is no longer available after all memberships are sold. 

Sample Activities for Kids from 3 to 5 years old

At ImaginLand, we provide unlimited opportunities for socialization, adventure and imagination, learning with others to enhance a child’s self-esteem and growth. 

Activities for Kids from 6-8 years old

This age group needs more time working cooperatively with other children. Group projects, teams and sharing common goals allows children to develop the skills to be successful working in life to achieve their goals with and through others. 

Activities for Kids from 9-11 years old

This age group needs to develop a new level of teamwork skills, leadership and self-confidence to seek out and learn new things.

1) Programs like Outward Bound, Boy Scouts and Girls scouts help children grow and explore but ImaginLand will be a little of this every week for years. ImaginLand will be a place to explore new things and build self-confidence.

2) They will have hundreds of activities to choose from, but most importantly do these with other children their age and stretch their boundries. Wall climbing, 3D design and printing, Build a Robot, Robot Soceer, Drone races and obstacle courses will all be option for kids to find out about themselves and where their talents lie while working with others.

3) Friendships will form. Competitive teams will form. Children will open a world of possibilities. 

Many parents have little family support or unpredictable work schedules. Everyone has a need for flexibility to run errands, exercise, have personal time or even just go grocery shopping without their young children. We give parents total flexibility. 

Overwhelmed Parents: Between work, parenting, chores, maintaining relationships, and needing a break for “me time”, parents can be overwhelmed. ImaginLand provides more life balance and a built-in break, weekly, monthly or even daily, if needed.

Virtual Workforce: Over 40 million people today work from home with unpredictable schedules to run their own businesses, contracting or telecommuting. ImaginLand provides a solution to this growing virtual workforce who need alternative childcare solutions that work harmoniously with their fluctuating work schedules.

No Couple Time: Dual income parents can be “money rich and time poor.” That is, they put work and parenting first, but their relationship with each other often suffers. Busy parents need guaranteed, flexible childcare that will allow them to enjoy a date night 2-3 times a month and revitalize romance in their relationship. We can save your marriage, too!

Unreliable Babysitters: Last minute cancellations, inattentive, unreliable, mystery guests, no transportation, home privacy and security are all serious issues associated with teen babysitters. Parents need a more reliable option with on-demand control. With ImaginLand, getting safe and reliable childcare is as easy as calling an Uber! It’s even easier for members: just show up, with no need to reserve or call.

Whether you need immediate childcare to tend to an emergency, get work done, run errands, or just take a short break from the business of life and get in a workout or massage, ImaginLand is here for you. 


ImaginLand gives parents flexibility with our unique selling proposition:

Convenience: Members will be able to get instant childcare anytime, including evenings and weekends, when regular daycare is generally not available.

Safety: We offer a secure facility where kid-friendly employees have undergone thorough background checks. Parents will have access to secure live video to stay informed on their child’s well-being.

Emotional & Social Development: Centers provide over 200 actitives, programs and tracks children and parents can choose that can be resumed on every visit. Children can design and 3D print characters and items for group projects, learn to fly drones, build a robot, play robot soceer and hundreds of other activities designed to get children working together and learning too. 

ImaginLand Customers

ImaginLand customers are people like Kaitlyn, John, and Cheryl.

Kaitlyn and John are a couple in their mid-thirties, with two children and a combined annual income of $75k. Their lives revolve around work, parenting, and home chores. They have little time for romance, and haven’t gone out on a date in months. In addition to more quality time with their spouse alone, Kaitlyn wants to attend yoga twice a week and John occasionally needs to work later hours, causing a conflict in schedules.

With ImaginLand, Kaitlyn and John have a safe and secure childcare option that allows them to schedule anything knowing they have backup. They can drop off their kids, even for just an hour, while they finish up work, attend that yoga class, or simply share a glass of wine alone. ImaginLand is a reliable place to leave their little ones, with staff that they know will engage with their kids and play with them like they do. ImaginLand puts their minds at ease while they reclaim a bit of sanity in their lives and romance in their relationship. The child care credit can pay as much as 100% of the ImaginLand monthly fee.

Cheryl is a successful real estate broker and divorced/single mom with a six figure income. Although the children are with their dad on alternating weekends, she needs the ability to do occasional evening listing appointments when both the husband and wife are available, and also sometimes an hour or two for home showings on the weekends when she has the kids. For her, ImaginLand is a necessary and tax-deductible necessity that allows her to increase her income and peace of mind.

Babysitters are almost never available on short notice, but ImaginLand is always open for members. Even non-members can make a reservation in 30 seconds on our smartphone app. For Cheryl, ImaginLand is the ideal childcare option. It’s perfectly okay for her to drop off the kids with no notice at all, because sometimes she only has a small window of time to show a house or meet a client.

For Kaitlyn, John, and Cheryl, ImaginLand is not just day care. From arts and crafts to storytelling sessions, kids’ movies and visits from themed characters like Garmon the Wizard and Princess Bella, ImaginLand is a fantasy world of fun and adventure that their children absolutely love. It’s a place that keeps them entertained and busy with creativity and learning activities while giving them the time to take care of the things they want and need to do.

Live streaming video of our facility and your child


Our plan is to open about 120 locations in 15 major cities around the U.S. We may also franchise more locations in other markets and/or develop partnerships with larger corporations wishing to provide flexcare services to their employees with some sponsorship.

Starting in 2018, we will select locations with high-traffic shopping areas and a high density of younger children within the appropriate demographics. We have conducted a location analysis identifying the best locations for the first nine facilities but the demographics and density needed are very easy to find in all major metropolitian areas. 

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David is an experienced customer service and sales manager who has been trained by Wynn Casinos to handle high-end customers and provide top notch service. He has won awards for exceptional customer service, including a Forbes 5-star Award, and has a strong sales and brand building background. He has also been the recipient of numerous national awards in public speaking, theatre, poetry, dancing and choreography. David developed the ImaginLand vision and concept from the ground up, studying the pain points of all his friends with kids, and remembering his own mother’s struggle when he was a boy.

Bob is our lead executive for strategy and execution in app development, sales and marketing strategy, and operations design. He is an expert at installing the growth and management systems needed to scale businesses. Bob has 34 years of professional experience, 26 as a CEO and 12 years as a management consultant and coach for over 200 small businesses and startup companies. He has trained over 1,000 CEOs and created over 160 video training courses for CEOs and executives on leadership and management best practices. He has driven two startup businesses to over $100 million in sales each.

Anne has over 20 years' experience as a senior brand strategist, she has a deep understanding of franchise building, including from-scratch brand and market entry strategies for highly successful children-related companies like American Girl and Baroue's flagship store in Kuwait.

Robin has 20 years of experience as a Childcare Director, and a 15-year track record of running profitable and high-quality childcare centers including the NASA Childcare Development Center, KinderCare, and YMCA. She has turned around failing daycare programs and grown them by adding creative options for the local market. She has successfully launched three separate childcare centers, and has a deep understanding of developing and executing childcare education programs and curriculum. She has a passion for delivering a superior experience for the children and service for the parents.

Jessica has more than 15 years’ experience in the childcare industry, where she started as care giver, then education specialist and eventually became a center director. She has received recognition and honors from the Cultural Diversity Foundation, Senator Harry Reid, Governor Brian Sandoval, Congresswoman Shelley Berkley, and is a member of The Golden Key International Honor Society. Jessica was the keynote speaker for the 2016 SNAEYC Mini Conference on the Social-Emotional Development of Young Children. She is Versatile, resourceful and results orientated leader with advanced qualifications in education and social services. She has demonstrated initiative, strong communication, and problem-solving skills, as well as excellent leadership abilities to coordinate, oversee and direct projects, programs and initiatives.

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