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imgScrimmage is a social catalyst platform that plants the seed of a story or a moment by prompting continuous engagement. Letting the world speak in photos, imgScrimmage sets experiences into motion that cultivate spontaneous interaction among users.

In an increasingly fragmented world, shared events are among the last remaining real-world connection for many people. And while social networking can serve to bring people closer together, it does so on a superficial level. You only get a virtual connectedness, lacking the satisfaction of a significant, real and enriching interaction.

Not to mention, there’s no true motivation to capture photo-worthy moments with today’s social media outlets. You can go days or weeks without posting a photo, existing in a limbo of inactive connections that become less relevant and less connected over time.

Where does imgScrimmage take the lead in social networks? It converts experiences into memories while consistently inspiring users to engage with featured content. Unlike current popular mediums that join users together through shared photos and videos, imgScrimmage offers a platform for authentic moments through the satisfaction of significant, real and enriching interaction. imgScrimmage was created to change the capability of social networks.

imgScrimmage was created to usher in a fundamental change to the passive photo-sharing paradigm.

imgScrimmage strengthens connections by changing how people interact with a moment. Each user has the opportunity to create a story through genuine interactions that capture how each of us see and experience the world around us. imgScrimmage is there for every occasion – whether it be a scavenger hunt, a dare, or simply asking, “How’s your day going?”

imgScrimmage is fun and easy to use. Start connecting with a few simple steps!

1.  Assign a scrimmage for you and your friends to
2.  Take a photo or choose an existing one
3.  Unleash your creativity with our editing tools —
     draw with an array of colors, add text, and/or
     include a caption for your picture
4.  Select your level of privacy and invite certain
     people to your scrimmage
5.  Set a time limit for your scrimmage
6.  Share with your friends through social networks
7.  Create and let the scrimmages begin!

Once upon a time, Alexander Vandervert and his friends decided to play a game in their group chat. They randomly asked each other to take a picture of what they were doing at certain times and send it. The game evolved into dares and other challenges, and Alexander began noticing longer chats and more conversation — essentially, a stronger connection. imgScrimmage was born, and has grown tremendously since then.

Accepted! As of June 11th, 2014 imgScrimmage was accepted into one of South Florida's premier incubators, the Enterprise Development Corporation. At EDC, imgScrimmage will be provided comprehensive assistance under one roof to ensure the future growth of the company. imgScrimmage will be able to tap into an array of resources including mentors, investors, community collaborators, and business services.

We’re ahead of the game. imgScrimmage went live May 9 of 2014, and is currently available in the Android Play Store and iPhone App Store

The imgScrimmage community is growing. As of now, we have 100+ users and 600+ Facebook likes

The team at imgScrimmage has completed development of a new video feature, and will launch this as well as the Windows app by the end of 2014

Alexander Vandervert, CEO & Founder, is a natural entrepreneur with a passion for developing products and services that create practical solutions for underserved market needs. He is founder of a South Florida recycling business and has equity share in At imgScrimmage, Alexander leads the team in company operations, growth strategy, financial management and marketing efforts.

Elias Amador, CTO, has built numerous websites and mobile applications for a wide range of clients, including a major home security company and an online apparel retailer. Elias brings a tech-savvy sales and marketing perspective to the imgScrimmage concept, and is responsible for developing and managing all the technologies we provide to our users.

Sean Stembridge, Graphic Designer, is a renowned designer and founder of SMS Designs. Specializing in branding, web development, software design and digital media, Sean provides imgScrimmage with a wealth of experience as a graphic designer for companies around the world.

Brad Thornton, Business Analyst, has crafted web-based software solutions for leading companies, and coordinated digital marketing web development across major business divisions. He is imgScrimmage’s ace IT development expert.

Gillian Speiser, PR Specialist, is an independent journalist and publicist. With experience in digital marketing, nonprofits, public policy analysis and qualitative research, Gillian continuously demonstrates her prowess in writing and editing through a variety of mediums.

Jose Miguel Vera, Digital Marketing Consultant, specializes in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, paid search, reputation management, and e-commerce. His passion for creative outlook allows Jose to help imgScrimmage grow its potential.

David Bates, imgScrimmage Legal Counsel, has been involved with the project from the very beginning and has been responsible for facilitating many relationships between mentors and imgScrimmage. Bates is a Shareholder of Gunster, Yoakley & Stewart, P.A. David serves on the firm's Board of Directors and is Co-Chairman of the Firm’s Technology & Entrepreneurial Companies Practice Group.

Robert Strandberg, Adviser, has extensive experience in all aspects of growing technology enterprises, including strategic and tactical planning in highly competitive technology markets, financial and operations management, building and leading high performance development teams and all elements of financing for both public and private companies. Mr. Strandberg received his BS/Engineering at Cornell University and an MBA from Harvard University.

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