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At IndeeLift, we give new meaning to the phrase “pick me up when I am down.”

IndeeLift’s mission is to ensure the safety, dignity, and independence of all individuals who are at risk of falls -- and the people who care for them.

On November 7th, 2017 Indeelift received a patent for human floor lifts specifically designed to provide caregivers, emergency responders, and other healthcare professionals with a way to safely lift their elderly, injured, or disabled loved one or patient from the ground or floor after a fall. 

The number of individuals in need of care is growing.


Approximately 14M individuals aged 65+
Experience falls every year. 

This figure does not include falls sustained by other groups, such as the injured, disabled, and injured or disabled veterans.  

80% of all falls cause no injury.*
The person on the floor just needs some help getting back up on their feet. 

But recovering from a fall can be easier said than done. 


Recovering after a fall poses a significant risk of injury, not only to the individual who has fallen, but to loved ones, caregivers, emergency medical responders, and other healthcare professionals assisting them. 

Individuals, caregivers, and healthcare professionals need a solution that helps individuals to recover from falls, protecting the dignity of the individual, and the safety of the individual and those assisting them.

And with IndeeLift, that’s exactly what we’ve created. 

IndeeLift is the solution for safe, easy, respectful fall recovery.

IndeeLift promotes: 

IndeeLift for home can be self-operated or assist-operated by a loved one, giving individuals the ability to stay in their home independently, safely, and longer

IndeeLift reduces risk of injury or long-term strain to both the fallen and the loved one, caregiver, or medical professional assisting them

IndeeLift enables healthcare professionals and emergency medical responders to quickly and efficiently lift the patient wherever they have fallen.

IndeeLift offers solutions for all settings where a fall may occur, purpose-built for the needs of each specific setting. 

For home and business use:
HFL-300 / HFL-400
The HFL raises a person off the floor with a mechanism that can be operated either by the individual , a caregiver or loved one. 


For healthcare settings:
HFL-400-P / HFL-550-P
The HFL replaces cumbersome sling-style lifts, helping patients get to their feet quickly or be transferred to a bed or wheelchair without the need for a lift team. 

For EMS applications:
HFL-500 / HFL-550-E
For emergency medical services, the HFL is a simple and portable tool designed specifically for medical-emergency and lift-assist calls involving patient lift and/or transport. 

This product is revolutionary.
We need an IndeeLift in every one of our buildings."

Regional Director, multi-state assisted living corporation 

I just completed a workers’ compensation claim that cost my company more than the cost of four IndeeLifts.”
Executive Director, 180+ unit assisted living facility

That's it? The last time I fell, we had to call the fire department, and I was on the floor for more than an hour."
A senior citizen that had fallen in a public 
senior center where an IndeeLift HFL was on site.

Dealer agreements with seven leading online and brick and mortar distributors of EMS and medical equipment

$275K in sales revenue in 2017.


First production units of the HFL-500 started shipping on 11/15, with the majority going to EMS providers implementing field pilots across the country.

Continuing to respond to requests for demos across the country from EMS providers interested in learning more about our transformative products.

Completed the necessary requirements to become a vendor to the Federal Government including General Services Administration and the Veterans Administration.

Recipient of the EMS World “Innovative Product of the Year 2017” award, as evaluated by industry experts (NAEMT) and promoted by the EMS World Trade Shows and magazine.

EMS Pilots in process in Houston TX, Champaign IL, Dayton OH, Lufkin TX, etc

2018 is shaping up to be a busy year for IndeeLift. 

In 2018 we will: 

Deliver the first two hundred IndeeLift systems to our customers in the EMS market. 

Ramp the consumer and EMS sales with some strategic selling partners.

Pursue our sales pipeline of more than 200 EMS systems, with a high probability of exceeding our production capacity before the end of the second quarter

Receive a review of the HFL-300 from Medicare, which will make our consumer products more available to individuals across the United States 

Continue to showcase our new EMS units at important industry trade shows around the country 

Interested in learning more about the future of IndeeLift and how you can be involved? Request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile and let’s talk! 

Steve Powell | Founder & President

Having gone through the perils of trying to help a fallen loved one, Steve knows first hand the tribulations of trying to help someone get up. Steve’s father would fall multiple times per week during the last few years of his life and it quickly became a challenge to help him back up. Energized by wanting to invent a solution for his family’s challenge, the IndeeLift was developed and has received numerous awards since. Fueled by the serendipity of the solution he developed, Steve leads IndeeLift into continuous growth opportunities as IndeeLift is primed for market expansion.

Founder’s Story can be read more - IndeeLift Origin Story

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