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Our innovative solutions are efficient, cost-effective, and accessible for households, businesses, and municipalities alike.

A company built off of the promise for a cleaner, greener tomorrow, IEC is powering a better world today.

As the world continues to grow and expand, and as the realities of a changing climate become more and more obvious, it has become apparent that we need to find greener, cleaner energy solutions.

Most homeowners and business owners, especially those in urban areas, don’t have the resources to implement renewable energy systems into their houses and establishments. In fact, most urban areas have regulations prohibiting the installation of certain solar and wind systems that pose a danger to crowded neighborhoods.

In addition to their inaccessibility, traditional wind, solar, and hydro systems remain largely inconsistent and ineffective. Wind power generators are built large and heavy to provide high volumes of power but they are rarely met with the large volumes of air required to produce power. Solar systems, while more popular, also require heavy equipment to install and operate, and many times, end up costing people more than traditional power sources.

Existing storage systems for renewable energy are only partial, inefficient solutions. Even the most robust batteries only have a lifespan of 2-3,000 cycles, which is about 5-10 years. That base life is simply not enough to capture the potential energy these systems provide.

Simply put, there are renewable energy systems out there, but they are only partial solutions. Independence Energy Concepts, however, has engineered the complete package.

In contrast to traditional solar, wind, and hydro systems, the IEC hybrid system can be installed by a single technician with nothing more than a ladder and a few basic tools. Safe, inexpensive, and ultra-efficient, we offer the perfect system for homeowners, businesses, and even entire municipalities. Our vision is to scale our groundbreaking systems to power entire cities using existing infrastructure, including power and light poles, for easy placement.

Whether for home, business, or an entire city, IEC is building a brighter, greener, more energy efficient future, one system at a time.

Independence Energy Concepts is committed to bringing renewable energy to every market, especially those that are furthest out of reach. Our innovative systems are the only renewable energy systems specifically designed with urban areas in mind. They don’t require heavy equipment or special machinery, like cranes, to be installed, and they can produce usable power at less than 1m/sec wind or convection speeds.

The IEC Rebel hybrid power system is the first of its kind to be designed specifically for the urban market. Our wind system can produce usable power at the rooftop level.

What makes IEC’s systems stand out? Our revolutionary and complementary technologies, the Rebel Class Rooftop Power System and the Rebel Power Block System.

Rebel Class Rooftop Power System
A truly one-of-a-kind system, the Rebel Class Rooftop Power System is a hybrid built around IEC’s patented stator technology. It produces more power per square inch than any other traditional generator on the market. It is the only home renewable energy system powered by wind, convection currents, and the sun.

Its features include:

Rebel Power Block System
IEC’s proprietary Rebel Power Block system is a unique and innovative power storage and management system that works for any kind of renewable energy system. Each block is 16”x11”x4” and weighs in at only 43-47lb, which means it can be mounted on the wall, stacked on a shelf, or build up on the floor.  Small, powerful, and convenient, the Infinity Core Battery series will be to power storage what USB thumb drives and SD cards were to data storage.

Its features include:

Independence Energy Concepts has come a long way from the garage-born startup we began as. We have developed the core technology that allows our proprietary generator head to reduce the carbon footprint. IEC is ready to go to production immediately for the Infinity Core battery. The Infinity Core Air battery is at the final phases for commercialization, only needing final form factoring in order to bring it to market.

The Infinity Core Series -- Key Features:

The Infinity Core Air Series -- Key Features:

Both batteries will provide immediate revenue streams for IEC to foster continual cash flow for company growth while field testing of the Rebel Series products is underway. We named this revolutionary system “Rebel” because it is poised to be a true rebel in the industry by combining wind, solar, and attic convection current into a single powerhouse of a system.

Although the Rebel products are not yet on the market, IEC has already amassed an interested customer base. Our Facebook page currently has over 1,370 likes.

We are currently in the pre-revenue stages of final testing for the Rebel systems, however, IEC ran a pre-order campaign that yielded 42 pre-orders — a total of $630K worth of sales — in just one month.

IEC has filed a provisional patent for our unique generator head technology, and we plan to file final patents closer to our products’ release.

IEC was built on innovation, and since developing our flagship system, we haven’t stopped.

Once the Infinity Core and Infinity Core Air products are launched, we will proceed with field testing the Rebel series to prime that product line for commercialization as well.

In the future, IEC plans to expand its product line and focus on creating new renewable energy solutions, including:

  • Industrial power backup systems
  • Utility scale distributed wind and hydro systems
  • Aircraft power systems
  • Conventional generator system generator heads

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A dedicated group of inventors, innovators, and business professionals, the Independence Energy Concepts team is committed to creating renewable energy solutions that work for everyone. A small, garage born startup with global potential, IEC wouldn’t be anything without the hard work and dedication of it’s small but mighty team.

A long-time IT professional and business owner, Quentin Sachse is the inventor of the IEC generator head. A born innovator, Sachse is a specialist in operational efficiency, risk management, and quality assurance.

Before coming on board at IEC, John Bennett held several management positions, including ISO Certification Manager, Maintenance Manager, Deputy Program Manager, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and Director of Continuous Improvement. He holds a Masters of Business Administration and a PhD. in Management and Applied science. Bennett’s focus is on leadership and change management.

A long-time government contract engineer, Lonnie Lefebvre has worked on several high-profile programs, including the Global Positioning System. Previously, he has worked as a Systems/Vehicle engineer, Principal Systems Engineer, as well as several other technical positions. Lefebvre holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering, and a Master of Science in Computer Science.

Greg Maceau has been a practicing attorney since 1980, and has worked extensively with several small businesses. He brings to the table a deep understanding of both National and International law.

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