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Inductive Intelligence: Fast Facts

A Problem We All Face

There are a lot of problems involved in cooking.
People, more than ever, are pressed for time, and unfortunately, cooking done well, is time consuming, requires your attention, and only happens in the kitchen.  Have you ever been cooking a meal and got distracted by work or your family only to have the meal you  were working on get ruined?   Whether at a restaurant, at home or a friend's house, there's nothing worse than biting into what appears to be a perfect meal, only to be turned off by the fact that it’s cooked too long, or not enough. 

But every cooking experience imaginable can be included in this risky, over-cooked or under cooked category.

And with 77 million heatable, single-serve items consumed each day in the US, Japan and Korea alone, this is a huge problem.

We want to change that.

One Grand Solution

Inductive Intelligence is here to solve this problem with smart induction, which makes heating things more:

Convenience is one of the most enduring macro-trends in the last 20 years, and people have repeatedly proven they will spend money to buy time

So brands can design a repeatable heating experiences

  • What’s designed in the lab is precisely delivered to the consumer

The consumers and their kids can cook without worry,  because the system monitors the temperature for you

You can heat items using 75% less energy than using traditional methods like a microwave or a toaster

  • Just by changing Pop Tarts from toasting to inductive heating in the package,  you can save enough energy to power our hometown of Grand Rapids for a year

How It Works

Data Analytics Unlike Any Other

Our technology is quite unique in that it allows licensed retailers and consumer brands to collect data on the usage patterns of their consumers.

This enables a whole host of benefits, including:

Data from each package heated on an Inductive Intelligence smart appliance will pass from a user’s phone to Inductive Intelligence.

This aggregated data, scrubbed of specific brand identification, will be made available through subscription or exclusive partnerships with market research firm/s.

Traction & Accomplishments

We have participated in focus group tests with our partners and the product was extremely well rated and received. We have met or exceeded existing cooking methods for food taste and experience.


Currently working on a launch with a global breakfast food brand and the world’s largest direct seller

LOI with a major producer of single-serve food items

Currently developing packaging with a global meat and prepared foods supplier

Exclusive licensing agreement with a tier one automotive supplier

Currently doing consumer testing and development with one of the largest kitchen appliance companies in the world

Consumers Love Us

We received outstanding responses from participants within our focus group:

Meet The Team

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