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Generator powered by magnets cuts electric costs by 50 %

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Imagine an electric generator powered only by permanent magnets.

Imagine eliminating CO2, stopping Climate Change, and cutting the cost of electricity by 50+%

We believe the invention does conform to the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Read this very slowly; Magnetism is caused by the quantum mechanical spin of unpaired electrons.  Electrons spin forever.  (I know, “spin” is just shorthand.)

The invention appears to be transferring energy from the Quantum mechanical spin of electrons to physical motion and then to electricity..   

We have a working model. 



Our Goal is to create CO2 Free power at $0.02 per kWh and create wealth.

Past attempts to create a magnetic motor have failed because they used apposing magnets with like polarities, for example, North repelling North.  This creates a side affect called cogging, which causes the magnetic fields to catch on each other and to stops the rotation.  These experiments failed.

Infinity SAV USA discovered that if we use magnets and apposing coils of copper wire, no cogging effect or resistance to spin was created.  When a magnet approaches a coil of copper wire it induces a like polarity in the coil; North induces North, North and North repels. This is called the Lorentz Force and there is no cogging – problem solved.

The problem is not the fundamental laws of physics. The problem has always been engineering.

Magnets last a 100 years, and don’t wear down like batteries – they don’t store energy; they’re a quantum mechanical force.

We believe magnetism can be harnessed to create an endless supply of clean energy, just as we have already demonstrated with our working prototype.

Our generator driven by magnets does work and does produce energy.  It will be up to physicists to explain why our generator works.

Great inventions don’t appear out of nowhere. They are a series of incremental steps.   See the History video.

Stop Climate Change and cut electricity costs with magnets from Gary W Tripp on Vimeo.

The world just can’t shake its reliance on fossil fuels. Efforts to shift to other energy sources have trudged along, struggling to demonstrate their practicality or excite us enough to commit to them. Why is this?

The most common alternatives to fossil fuels – wind and solar – have both proven problematic. Wind blows mostly in mornings and evenings, and doesn’t provide us with a consistent supply of energy. What’s more, wind farms can have a negative impact on the environment, destroying the ecosystems of birds that migrate along the same windstreams used to produce electricity.

Solar power doesn’t furnish the round-the-clock energy we depend on, either. Backup batteries or gas generators are required, which increases its cost. And it isn’t portable. Switching to solar energy is complicated and expensive.

Meanwhile the CO2 levels continue to rise and the damage caused by Climate Change goes unchecked. People buy electric cars to help the environment, but the electricity they run on is often created by burning fossil fuels...

Is there a better solution? Yes.   Magnets.

An overlooked energy source that produces zero pollution, zero heat and zero CO2.

At Infinity SAV USA, we’ve built a generator that uses magnets to create motion and produce electricity.

When a permanent magnet approaches a coil of copper wire, it creates a like polarity in the coil, North creates North and North repels North. In our generator, we’ve placed a rotor containing permanent magnets inside a stator containing copper wire coils. The repelling force just described causes the rotor to spin.

Once the speed of the rotor reaches 1500 rpm, the rotation becomes self-sustaining – a source of endless energy.

Generating electricity using permanent magnets doesn’t produce heat or exhaust, which means that our generator doesn’t require ventilation, heat shielding, etc. It’s cheaper and cleaner than natural gas. And it’s more reliable than solar or wind.

Our heat-pump-sized generator will go virtually anywhere, and no transmission infrastructure is required like traditional energy sources.We plan to use the well-established sales and installation network of heat pump, furnace, and air conditioners distributors and electrical contractors to sell, install, and service Infinity SAV’s generator. With no money down, consumers will pay us just as they would with any other utility bill.

Providing electricity at the astonishingly low cost of $0.02 kWh, our generator will allow us to live in a cleaner, all-electric world.

Infinity SAV USA will...

In addition to the obvious benefits to our environment, such a significant reduction in energy costs will also allow us all to grow more wealth. Having cheap, clean energy will especially have a profound effect on the poorest among us.

An endless supply of clean energy? Electricity generated through magnetism? It’s understandable if it all sounds too good to be true.

Honestly, we have to accept that there is something groundbreaking about our generator. You see, magnets last a 100 years and don’t wear down like batteries – they don’t store energy; they’re a quantum mechanical force. Magnetism is caused by the quantum mechanical spin of unpaired electrons.

We believe our generator does conform to the Law of Conservation of Energy. 

The arrangement of magnets and coils is transferring the Quantum Mechanical Spin of Electrons in magnets to physical spin and to electricity. The only problem is no one has a device that can measure the quantum energy transfer.

The problem is not the fundimental laws of phsics. The problem has been engineering.

We know that our generator driven by magnets does work and does produce energy.  It will be up to physicists to explain why our generator works.

The Founders have invested $1 million over the last five years to develop the technology that powers the Infinity SAV USA generator. We will use modern computer engineering and massive amounts of computing power and our working prototype to design the next generation prototype that will be able to power a house.

Our technology is real. Our team members have already been issued 10 electrical/mechanical patents and on seven computer patents for other inventions.  As part of the intinal work, we will file patents to protect our primary design.

We use the endless energy of permanent magnets with the Lorentz Force to create rotary motion and generate electricity. Soon, our generator will power the world.

Infinity SAV USA was nominated for the Katerva Award for sustainable innovations in renewable Energy.  The Katerva Award is the Nobel Prize of sustainability.

The development process involved three incremental steps before developing the magnetic generator prototype that we have now.  This prototype is the basis to begin engineering.

PATENT --Infinity's core technology is based by our US Patent.

In a video demonstration of our prototype, the Infinity SAV generator produced 119 watts of excess energy in 5 minutes – the equivalent of lighting of two 75-watt bulbs for an hour.  In an hour the generator produces 2 kW.

Stop Climate Change and cut electricty costs with magnets from Gary W Tripp on Vimeo.

Our videos have so far received over 2 million views and elicited tens of thousands of requests to purchase our generator.

Press: Several articles in Clean Tech Alliance, Future Entech, Mideast new services, and alternative energy web sites.

We’re on the verge of delivering what Everyone wants: cheap, renewable, CO2-free electricity.

Want to learn more about Infinity SAV? Request access to the business plan tab of this profile to see where we’re going and how you can help us get there.

30 years ago, Infinity SAV Founder Gary Tripp had a vision of a generator powered by permanent magnets. He built a machine, but, after several revolutions, it stopped. He always knew the problem was lack of adequate engineering. Last year, he became optimistic that the problem could be solved and began searching for promising new technology to computer engineer a solution.

That is when he met Andrii, a Russian inventor, living in Korea. After speaking through a translator for several months, Gary went to Korea to meet Andrii and examine the generator he’d been working on. They quickly teamed up to bring Andrii’s invention to the U.S. for proper engineering and prototyping...

Gary is serial entrepreneur who began his career by starting a business for his burglar alarm invention while still in the MBA program at UW. His inventions include a cloud storage and online backup system, as well as 7 US patents. Gary has had lifelong involvement in renewable energy development, including Infinity SAV, Great American Energy, Water Power Inc. and PolarStar Energy. He has an MBA and is a retired CPA.     

Andrii started his inventing career while still a student at Moscow Technological University. He has more than 20 inventions and 10 patents to his record, including a magnetic air-conditioner, new induction boiler, magnetic boiler, magnetic heater, and smart glass. He is the primary inventor of the Infinity SAV generator.

Ozen Engineering is a well-known and respected engineering consulting firm, which also teaches ANSYS software to engineers (including team members at Tesla). Ozen specializes in FEA including Physics, Permanent Magnet Motors, Electric Motors, Dynamics/Rotating Machines, Electromagnetic, Near and Far Field Radiation, Electromechanical, Fatigue & Reliability, Parametric Design Optimization, Magnet Design, MEMS, Renewable Energy, and Wireless Communication. Infinity SAV will contract with Ozen to use ANSYS Maxwell FEA computer simulations to analyze and improve our generator design.


Jesse McQueen - Technical Advisor

Inventor of the feedback loop technology 

Twelve years ago Jesse had an idea how to accomplish his lifelong vision of using magnets to create energy. Using spare car parts he was able to create feedback loop that continued to produced energy even when disconnected from the initiating source. Jess applied for and received a US Patent 7,095,126 B2 INTERNAL ENERGY GENERATING POWER SOURCE

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