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Inhalió Inc.: Fast Facts

Inhalió is a cloud platform and data-centric company in the scent industry.

Inhalió provides rideshare companies with new ways to make more revenue and differentiate their services while providing customers with a state of wellness and well-being, including ingredients to reduce microbial aerosols such as bacteria and viruses including (COVID-19).

We are the only company who has solved and patented, a quantitative data-driven methodology that involves every stage of the scent business: infusion, diffusion, and insights.

We see demand and have traction and are aligned with strong vertical industries.


Rideshare industry lacks new
revenue sources and better consumer experiences

As automotive ridesharing becomes increasingly popular, rideshare companies are challenged with differentiating their service, maintaining and increasing per-ride revenue, and improving passenger satisfaction and wellness.

Odors, difficult to hide, are often to blame for bad passenger experiences, as are motion sickness, bacteria and virus fears, and the lack of a pleasant scent.

Use scent to create a
clean and healthy “Wellness Ride”

Inhalió Inc. delivers an on-demand, multi-scent experience that can improve passengers’ moods, relieve motion sickness, reduce airborne bacteria and viruses including Covid-19, bad odors, and create a healthier “wellness ride” using intelligent cartridges with a wide selection of scents.

With the Inhalió Digital Scent 3.0 Platform, rideshare companies can add scent diffusion systems quickly and conveniently into their fleets and increase revenue from every ride:

Key Features / How It Works

The Digital Scent 3.0 Platform consists of three distinct data-centric components.

Traction & Accomplishments

The Inhalió team has made enormous progress. To date we have:


Meet The Team

Keith Kelsen, Chief Executive Officer, Founder, is a veteran of business and building international companies and multiple start-ups. He has held numerous CEO and Chairman positions and built successful worldwide SaaS and media companies. Mr. Kelsen is the Visionary of Inhalió.

Yvan Régeard, Chief Technology Officer, provides the technical management of the 3.0 Scent Platform. He is a recognized expert in fragrance hardware and software development, and he has a strong knowledge of the scent marketing market.

Yves Cotarmanac’h, Chief Operating Officer, has a Master degree in Finance and Accounting from ESCEM  and more than 10 years of experience as CFO/COO. Yves manages the European operations for Inhalió and oversees multiple markets.

Michael Sullivan, Chief Financial Officer, is a CPA and financial expert. Mr. Sullivan has worked with numerous start-ups and launched successful companies, like Digital Island over the last 30 years.

Mike Foster, Chief Marketing Officer, is a Silicon Valley experienced marketer of SaaS-based platforms. He has significant brand marketing, product marketing, and partner marketing expertise.  B2B is his specialty, creating successful partner programs and materials for go-to-market activities.

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