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Who are we?

We also provide Value Added Service to Stores that leave money on the table by not using InK. The InK system brings added revenue to stores by selling products that are sitting and not moving, and otherwise will not be sold. And we can provide data and metrics that will help stores to provide better pricing structure and better customer service.

Most of our competition sells product at fixed price, or via auction. There is no way to negotiate a price one on one.

 eBay only provides a platform for transactions.

Amazon has merchandise for sale.

Groupon promotes stuff that people otherwise would not buy.

Another value that we provide, which is one of the most important elements of the InK platform is the value of its metric and data collected from all transactions and discounts. This data can produce valuable insights on:

  • consumer purchase behavior
  • merchant items sales trends
  • discount magnitudes
  • sales potential

Demonstration of InK-CAN button for Bigcommerce store

A New Level of Collaborative Deal-Making

Consumers and retailers are missing out on sales all day, every day.  When an online store prices a product above what the consumer is willing to pay, and there is no chance to negotiate this price to an acceptable level for both parties, each suffers.  Being able to negotiate pricing is what allows consumers to feel like they are getting a bargain on a product, and it keeps them coming back for more.  This is a feature that is sorely missing with most of the e-commerce websites today, most of which have non-negotiable prices for their goods and services.  As a result, if an e-commerce website does not advertise a competitive price, they will build unwanted inventory and lose customers to competing websites until they update to a more competitive price. The same is true for brick and mortar stores.

Imagine if customers had the ability to negotiate prices within a retailer's online store -rather than a customer going somewhere else to shop around, the store will allow him to negotiate the price and work out a deal that fits for both parties.

Providing a platform for sellers and buyers to negotiate prices solves this problem.  And that is what InKomerce is all about.

InK CAN is an innovative new automated negotiations platform. By using a proprietary 2-way negotiation algorithm, InK aims to bring online retail to a new level of collaborative deal-making.

Our Personal Story

Test our system

It started as an idea. It is reality now. Try it at (negotiate the best price and toughness test)

The InKomerce Platform

InKomerce is the world’s first online Computer Assisted Negotiation (CAN) System with a new patented technology, that empowers buyers to negotiate better prices for goods and services. We are a service company. We do not carry inventory, we do not cash out the transaction, and we do not do deliveries. We just provide the platform for negotiations. We have built the InK CAN interface for Big Commerce, the host of 35,000 online stores, and soon will be offering our service. As we progress we will interface with other hosting companies like Shopify, Yahoo, and others. 

We will approach stores and online stores and request to place the InK CAN button (API available) on their product pages. (See below).

By placing the InKomerce “InK” button on the product page it allows consumers to negotiate the price of the product by simply clicking on the InK button. It is on auto pilot for sellers, meaning it works uniformly and efficiently for each seller once installed.

Once the customer is on the seller's site and is planning to buy something, whether it is a service or product, clicking the InK CAN button gives the buyer the ability to negotiate the price of that item.

How Does It Work?

Current online retailers suffer from lost sales due to gaps in product pricing vs. buyer willingness to pay. There is a lack of information that allows sellers to appropriately determine the best price to offer each individual consumer, and as such, many sales are left on the table.

InK allows sellers to upload any and all unsold items and uses a seller directed toughness scale to offer negotiated discounts to buyers. This allows the seller to achieve a sale that would otherwise not have occurred, and turn inventory over faster.

We will install our InK CAN button/icon in the store’s product pages; by clicking that button, their customer will be directed to the InKomerce site to register and open account, so he/she can use InK's negotiation service anywhere the InK CAN button is present. Once the negotiation is complete and the customer has agreed to the price, the customer will be redirected back to the store’s site for checkout, for payment and delivery or pickup.

Buyers who previously found products above their willingness to pay can now have a chance to purchase items that a seller is willing to negotiate. InK will represent both parties in a fair and efficient negotiation process.

Flexible Product Offering for Any Seller

Button on Seller Website. Integrated InK CAN button on seller website, placed on item listing pages or item details pages. Transitions user to negotiate on InK’s system for each item, results passed back to seller! Seller integrates final prices into their checkout pages / shopping cart! Button can be auto applied via script for every unique SKU.

Kiosk in Stores. Physical brick and mortar stores can integrate an InK kiosk with their inventory system. Buyers can negotiate for an item on the spot so stores become purchase points instead of showrooms.
* Possible long term offering, not part of initial offering.

InK Website. InK's own website can create a listing of all items that current have an InK tag across all sellers. InK can provide full categories of all items for negotiation across multiple sellers, multiple locations, and multiple listings.  All transactions can be processed and the final sales page transitions to seller's website. InK can provide exclusive discount for users with InK accounts and frequent buyers (negotiators).

Meet Our Founders

Gershon Wajntraub, Founder and CEO

Serial Entreprenuer has 25 years of experience in technology and business worldwide. Gershon is the founder and CEO of Gastronaut Corp. developer of Wireless /Mobile POS systems for restaurants, sold to TableSide OPS. Gershon holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Ronen Moldovan, Founder and CTO

17 years experience in the EDA industry. Ronen founded the CAD department of Saifun Semiconductors. Previously the lead software developer in Electronic Design Automation in developing tools for VLSI companies with integrated circuits. Ronen holds a MS in Organization Behavior from Polytechnic University, NY and BS in Computer Engineering from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Barbara Wajntraub, Co-Founder, Secretary and Treasurer

Previously Data Systems analyst for LA county.

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