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Inner Realms Journey (IRJ) is a web and app platform delivering guided meditation journeys in a heroic fantasy inspired adventure game.

Key Features:

  • Growing library of meditation Journeys, Quests, & Trainings.
  • Ecommerce marketplace of IRJ branded items & dropship products that support our customers.
  • Support practitioners sessions.
  • Online community discussion and chat rooms.
  • Live global webinar-style guided meditation adventures.
  • Community quests to make a positive impact on global challenges.
  • Built in gamification with  points, levels, and much more for user excitement and engagement.

Key Highlights:

  • 100+ beta testers have proven product market fit with positive feedback.
  • Average 4.5/5 Star User Rating from Demos to Target Market Gamers.
  • Only meditation platform offering a game-oriented experience.
  • Designed for recurring revenue.
  • Designed to avoid consumer burnout with progression of new content, unfolding storyline, special events, and community activity.
  • Wide market appeal to meditators, gamers, and non-traditional customers.

Gaming Culture
Millions of video game consumers spend countless hours gaming.

Why Do Gamers Love Games?

  • Gamers appreciate the challenge associated with interactive and dynamic challenges.
  • Community connection in multiplayer games.
  • Escape to an altered, detached, virtual universe.
  • Experience of empowerment and accomplishment

Gaming Problematic Tradeoff
Time and energy is disconnected from player’s personal life.

Why Meditation & Gaming?

  • Create a more personal experience.
  • Empowerment and accomplishment in users’ real life.
  • Increase emotional, mental, and physical well-being.
  • Use of time and energy towards personal growth and life.
  • Create stickiness of selfcare, self development, and self improvement.

Give gamers a justification for spending hours gaming.

A New Evolution of Gaming & Meditation Gaming with Purpose

The IRJ experience brings

  • A richer experience of fantasy worlds.
  • A way to bring the fun, magic, and play into users real life.
  • Practices of meditation and personal transformation into a fun, exciting, and powerful format for the masses.
  • A system to encourage and excite users to continue their journey and engagement with the platform.
  • The opportunity for members to become the hero in the Inner Realms Journey and in their real life.

Imagination Realized...
Inner Realms Journey bridges the gaming and meditation markets in a world desperately seeking the fun and benefits of both.

Users Journey through IRJ includes:

  • Initial setup tutorials and training (Free 10 Day Trial)
  • Content that unlocks by level as users progress.
  • Guided meditation Journeys into mythical realms.
  • Real life Quests (activities) to transform customers’ personal life into an epic adventure.
  • Training practices to support users in the IRJ platform and in real life.
  • IRJ Journal to track progress and support empowerment.
  • Community Quests to overcome global challenges (i.e. community activities, fund raising, etc. for deforestation).
  • Online live guided group meditation webinar for members.
  • A rich, engaging storyline that players participate in.
  • Online community groups to connect and meet.
  • Marketplace with merchandise that supports their journey.
  • IRJ Mentors for personalized support.

As members progress, their “Soul Avatar Form” evolves. Simultaneously, in real life, members are empowered to live more engaged, healthier, and exciting lives.

Average 4.5/5 Star User Rating from Demos to Target Market Gamers.

Aaron Pyne, Founder, & CEO
Aaron brings 17 years of meditation, spiritual training, and teaching experience with individuals and large groups. He has also worked for 15 years in the web, branding, and graphic design industry. Aaron has been a gamer since his teenage years. His range of skills sets forms the foundation of every major key aspect of creating IRJ.

Scott Piepmeier, Creative Director
Scott has worked in the arts, acting, and filmmaking industries since 2012. He brings his years of creative direction, project management, and presentation development to Inner Realms Journey.

Adam Hays, Creative Director
Adam brings 20 years of experience in team management and customer service to support the development of IRJ. Adam is a lifelong gamer and excited to “take on the adventure,” which lies ahead.

Nicolae Bogdan Bratis, Audio Editor
Nicolae is a top-rated audio editor/music producer. He has worked for other successful meditation apps as lead editor. He has over eight years of experience in audio editing and music production. Nicolae has a full studio equipped with the latest hardware and software for fast and high-quality editing. He is excited to help create rich and engaging content for our members.

Developer & Marketing Team
IRJ  has a team of technical developers and digital marketing resources ready to build and market the platform.

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