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In every kid’s toy box, there are toy cars. And every car needs a road to drive on.

That’s why InRoad Toys created PlayTape, the world’s first and only system for constructing instant toy roads for vehicle play anytime, anywhere.

PlayTape is the first ever adhesive construction system for toy roads and rails. PlayTape sticks to any flat surface and is easy to tear and reposition. The recyclable tape peels up without any residue, so cleaning up is a snap. PlayTape Curves enhance straight road with the twists and turns every road deserves. PlayTape is made to-scale so it’s directly compatible with the most popular toy vehicles on the market. Just unroll, stick, and drive! Licensed versions of PlayTape for Hot Wheels and Thomas & Friends are custom-designed to leverage the power and ubiquity of the #1 toy car and #1 toy train brands in the world. PlayTape is 100% made in the USA.

For kids, PlayTape promotes creativity and imagination, empowering them to build unlimited networks of roads and railways anytime they want, anywhere they want. And best of all, kids can use PlayTape with the toys they already have!

For parents, PlayTape represents peace-of-mind that their child can play independently, safely, and imaginatively -- and without the hassle or mess left behind by other products.

Major retailers, e-tailers, and top-tier global brands are already on board with PlayTape:

and more!

Read on to discover how InRoad Toys is paving the future of play in the global toy space and jumpstarting the hearts and minds of kids all over the world.

From the internet, to smartphones, tablets, TV, and video games, kids are put in front of more and more screens at much younger ages than ever before. But, when it comes to cultivating young minds and promoting creative thinking, imagination, pretend play, and construction -- there’s still nothing quite like traditional play.

Thankfully, there’s still a large place for traditional toys in the hearts of kids everywhere --

Toy vehicles specifically have been a staple on retail shelves and in toy boxes for over 100 years. But there’s been one important thing missing: Toy roads to drive them on!

That’s where PlayTape comes in. With PlayTape, we’re letting kids take charge by enabling them to create roads and drive wherever their imaginations lead them.

In an effort to provide their children with fun toys that simultaneously engage and stimulate the mind, today’s parents look for several key product-feature trends:

PlayTape meets all of the above criteria and more. The way we see it, the act of creating should reflect the endless possibilities and twists and turns that the brain can conjure up. With PlayTape’s extensive range of useful features, we’ve made that possible.

Compatible With Existing Toys
PlayTape lets kids make the most out of our product and the rest of their toy box. PlayTape is compatible with and made-to-scale for the most popular toy cars and trains on the market, so kids can roll out PlayTape and begin using it with the toys they already own, including:

And more!

PlayTape is ultra-compact and easy to store and transport. Hitting the road? PlayTape lets you bring the fun along as a convenient travel toy. Take PlayTape anywhere – in your pocket or purse – and let your child turn their imagination into reality wherever they go.

Open-Ended Play
With PlayTape, the world is your playground, and we’re giving kids the green light to use it. We built PlayTape without the fixed-play patterns that come standard in other road and track systems on the market. Kids can create just about anything they want out of a simple system of straight roads and sticker-based curves. It’s ingeniously simple and yet ultimately flexible.  

Safe For Kids & The Home
PlayTape is made out of paper, and children as young as three can play with it and tear it with ease. No scissors, instructions, or parental supervision is required. It’s also surface-safe. Parents can feel comfortable that their child can stick PlayTape to nearly any surface, reposition it, and peel it off easily without harming the surface or leaving any gummy residue behind. Cleaning up is fast and hassle-free. Because the material is recyclable, it’s also environmentally conscious.

PlayTape has only been on the market for two years, and yet we’ve experienced an overwhelmingly positive response from retailers, reviewers, and consumers alike, making PlayTape the definitive market leader. Here’s a look at our key achievements since our initial product launch at New York City’s International Toy Fair in 2014:

PlayTape is one of the most award-winning new toys on the market, with over 25 industry awards and recognized by the Toy Industry Association as a 2016 Toy of the Year Finalist.

Consumer Demand
We’ve already sold over 4 million feet of PlayTape and hundreds of thousands of rolls around the globe.

Retail Demand
PlayTape products are sold in over 1,000 domestic stores, with international sales and distribution in a dozen countries. Multiple major retailers are carrying PlayTape this coming holiday season with over 30,000 “doors” in our 12-month pipeline, and QVC is bringing PlayTape on direct-to-consumer TV this summer.

E-Tail Demand
PlayTape is in the top 1% of toys sold on Amazon, and is a consistently top-rated toy on (among top holiday products) and By this summer, PlayTape will be on approximately 35 of the top e-tail sites.

Top-Tier Licensing & Partnerships Agreements
Hot Wheels PlayTape, under license from Mattel 
We’ve secured a license from Mattel to manufacture and sell Hot Wheels PlayTape, creating the perfect complement to the #1 toy car brand and #1 selling toy in the world.

PlayTape Thomas & Friends for Bachmann Trains
Bachmann is the oldest and largest toy train company in the world. Through Bachmann, we have the exclusive right to manufacture PlayTape worldwide for Thomas & Friends, the #1 toy train and preschool brand in the world.

Avalanche Brands
The #1 Amazon reseller, Avalanche has the exclusive rights to sell PlayTape on Amazon, helping us keep the Amazon market and price points where we want them.

InRoad Toys holds a broad U.S. utility patent, with additional patent protection and international patent pending for PlayTape. The PlayTape name itself is a registered U.S. trademark.

Major Manufacturing & Distribution
Our product is 100% Made in the USA and we have well-established manufacturing partners and a smoothly running supply chain able to flexibly handle orders from a single consumer to the largest retailers in the world.

Growth and more growth! Our priority now is to build on our current successes and expand the PlayTape footprint in the market as quickly and widely as possible, enabling us to achieve 3X year-over-year sales. We have an extensive product catalog, and expect our growing list of licensing partnerships will help us exceed expectations.

Find out how you can help InRoad Toys achieve these goals by requesting access to the business plan page of our profile.

The origin of InRoad Toys starts with a little boy named Brian. Back in 2002 when Brian was 4 years old, you couldn’t catch him without a toy car in his hand. With Christmas just around the bend, all he wanted to find under the tree was -- you guessed it -- a big box of toy cars! And that’s exactly what he got. But with all these great, new cars to play with, there just wasn’t anywhere to drive them all. It was that challenge that put Brian’s father, Andy Musliner, on a 12-year quest to design the perfect toy for building roads and unlocking children’s imaginations all over the globe. And so, PlayTape was born!

The InRoad Toys team is composed of executives with proven success in the wide range of disciplines required to rapidly expand a small business into a large one.

Andy Musliner | Founder & CEO | The original inventor of PlayTape, Andy brings over 30 years of experience to the table as a technology executive. This is his fourth startup venture. He is an 9-time consecutive winner on the Inc 500/500 list of fastest growing companies in the U.S. and has generated over $1B in shareholder value. At InRoad Toys, Andy oversees all aspects of the vision, strategy, sales, marketing, operations, product development, financial, and creative for the company.


Greg Heslin | VP Sales | Greg has 25 years of experience in the sales of toys and games, having sold over $1B in business. He led U.S. Playing Card Company to the highest recorded operating profits in their 125-year history and has experience leading a 100-person sales team. Greg started three business, leading each to a successful exit. At InRoad Toys, Greg manages all sales, sales channel growth, and all major accounts.


Wendy Gilbreath | VP Operations | An experienced operations manager in both toys and technology, Wendy’s was an engineering project manager for the iPhone 6 product team at Apple. At Fisher Price / Mattel, Wendy was the senior project manager for the Thomas the Train and Mickey & Minnie licensed brands. At Summit Toys, she oversaw all product development. Wendy holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Wendy runs manufacturing, supply chain, inventory, quality, testing, and sales support.


Dave Martis | VP Product Development | With 20 years of product design experience and 15 years in toys, Dave’s qualifications include former Senior Hot Wheels Designer at Mattel. He was the lead product designer at Summit Toys, where he created a toy line that was the top revenue producer for the company. Dave developed concept cars and motorcycles for Ford, GM, Lancia, Peterbuilt, GT Bicycles, Harley Davidson, and Hummer. He handles product design and development and package design for InRoad Toys.


Connie Steele | CMO | Connie is a seasoned marketing executive with 19 years of B2C and B2B experience in consumer goods, technology, and energy sectors. She is former VP Marketing for GridPoint, Director of Marketing at Network Solutions, and has held roles at AOL and General Mills. Connie is an expert in acquisition, engagement, quantitative marketing initiatives. She earned her BS in Math and Statistics and MS in Applied Statistics. Connie handles marketing for InRoad Toys.


Gus Kearney | CFO | Gus specializes in leading small business finance in a range of industries from technology to healthcare to pharmaceuticals. He led financial forecasting and analysis at AOL for e-commerce, marketing, and international. He is a CFA with extensive experience in GAAP accounting processes, financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting, and data analytics to drive cost savings and profitability improvements. Gus holds a BS in Analytical Finance & Accounting. At InRoad Toys, Gus oversees finance and accounting.


David Drykerman | VP | David owned and managed a successful logistics sales company for 13 years which partnered with UPS and 40 national freight carriers. He also is a former attorney with a broad background in civil, corporate, and government law. For InRoad Toys, David oversees corporate development, IP, legal, HR, contacts and administration.  

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