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Poker is about much more than guy's night out with a few beers and a 20-dollar buy-in; it's a serious, high-stakes combination of art and science, with its own vibrant community of players, fans and experts.....a community with 10s of millions of members. And poker is a powerhouse across all media!

Over the years, a wealth of material has arisen around the playing, viewing and studying of the game. But in the 21st century, each of these sources, on its own, is incomplete. Televised poker is entertaining, but it’s also highly edited, meaning it frequently misses critical tournament context. Formats haven't kept up with broadcast innovations that engage and immerse viewers in the experience. Poker training websites are instructional, but only present one expert’s point of view (and are they really expert or just riding a lucky streak?). Instructional software is engaging, but it’s based on imperfect models, instead of actual high level play. Poker books, however well-written, cannot adapt to the constant evolution of the game. InSight will be uniquely positioned as a one stop resource integrating the best of all poker media.

At the heart of the InSight Poker experience is our proprietary collection of hardware and software that, taken together, creates a fully automated HD poker broadcast solution that:

Reads RFID labeled cards, chips and unique “game control tokens

Integrates the information from the table with proprietary game and tournament control software

Manages broadcast length with patent pending game innovations

Broadcasts or live streams the tournament for pay-per-view

Records the action for post-production of video-on-demand and embedded interactive games based on the video.

All of this can be accomplished with a single operator for the entire tournament, and without any significant changes to game flow and dealer functions.

The InSight team believes our proprietary technology is going to change the way that gaming tournaments are managed and broadcast.

That’s why, in addition to producing our own tournament series, broadcasts and VOD, we are also packaging our technology as a turnkey solution that casinos and other poker tournament providers can use to broadcast their tournaments easily and cost-effectively.

High profile poker tournaments like the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour require several technicians and millions of dollars of investment in a broadcast trailer just to enable their single table broadcasts. But with the InSight PokerTable, entire tournaments can be broadcast with just a single operator and less than $100,000 in hardware per table. We will also develop a lower cost broadcast hardware package at a budget level approriate for charitable events providers, bars, and social clubs. 

InSight Poker is a "new media" venture, centered around an innovative series of live tournaments, that combines the best elements of all media devoted to poker—video, web based training sites, smartphones, software and books—into a single, comprehensive poker experience.  

The InSight model has something new for everyone, from casual viewers looking for a more engaging experience, to serious students of the game looking for new ways to build their expertise.

Live poker tournaments with unique features and cutting-edge technology that will attract the best players in the world

Multi-screen live broadcasts and cloud-based video-on-demand replay of our events with numerous viewing options, showing every hand played by every player, using cutting edge second screen technology.

On screen Twitter discussions during the live broadcast

Analysis and commentary from experts, as well as the players themselves.

Games and quizzes built from actual hands and embedded in the video-on demand, playing out actual tournament scenarios — perfect for both casual play and for developing skills.

It is important to note that InSight is a media venture that does not derive any revenues directly from gaming. 

We have obtained exclusive worldwide rights to state-of-the-art chip counting technology, developed byOPTYS. This technology is absolutely essential to the accurate tracking of game actions needed to automate the games. Others may claim to have chip counting capabilities, yet they don't use it in their broadcasts. Our experience with manual entry of bets and chip stacks is that it is labor intensive, prone to error, and increases dealers' responsibilities. 

We are developing paten pending expansions to existing RFID poker solutions with the assistance of assetpulse, an expert in RFID technology and experienced in the use of RFID in gaming applications. Our software will access the table information and generate all tournament controls, video graphics and local tournament monitor displays without the need for tournament or broadcast personnel to enter any data.  Casinos and cardrooms will be able to reduce the staff needed to manage a tournament, and differentiate their brand from others with turnkey live broadcasts.

Key Code Media, an industry leader in developing applications that integrate broadcast and web technologies, will apply their proprietary technologies to InSight Poker Tour broadcasts. Professional poker players who participate in our tournaments will be able to leverage their presence far beyond their prize potential, with one-click, touch screen access to their marketing presence. 

And the wild card in the deck...our flexible technology is easily expanded to other gaming events, allowing us to offer new types of content to sports broadcasters.

Why should professionals take time out of their busy touring schedule to play in our tournaments? Why should high level amateurs mark their calendars for a chance to play an InSight Tournament? Why should viewers watch...even pay to view...another tournament, when there are many already available on TV?

In addition to our unique approach to navigating through the dozens of viewing hours available from a single tournament, the social media utilization and our post-production special features that add value over and above standard broadcast fare, we have developed a marketing plan so unique that aspects of it can only be shared with Accredited Investors. Here is an overview:

Players receive an overlay on their tournament buy-in through special prize pools unique to InSight. Professionals looking for every edge will find value in our prize structure that is unequaled.

Players will have direct and indirect financial incentives to market our broadcasts for us, leveraging their vast networks of fans and friends to ourmutual advantage. The incentives are provided in two-tiers, leveling the playing field between high profile pros and lesser known pros/amateurs and incentivizing them to spread our vision..

Viewers will have a stake in the outcome of the tournament, ensuring that they are totally engaged in the live action and will enjoy second guessing player's actions as they watch replays on demand. 

Our "viral marketing plan" will deliver viewers at an incredibly low Cost per Acquisition. Every player and every viewer will want to InSight market to other potential viewers for us!

During the development of InSight we have received inquiries from venues that need an effective and affordable automated broadcast technology to market their brand.

A worldwide poker tour, sponsored by the dominant online poker site, inquired about a turnkey solution to broadcast their final tables.

They are establishing an international live tournament presence and have enormous market capitalization and cash. The InSight PokerTable is the answer to their needs. There is no other technology in the world that will be able to compete with ours due to our patents and exclusive rights to chip counting technology. Our approach to this company will be to offer installations of the table at every venue they visit during the year both for use in broadcasting their tournament, and to "leave behind" for the venue's use throughout the year. There are at least two other prominent poker tours that are positioned to benefit from  this kind of all-inclusive package.

A charitable event promoter is waiting for our proposal to live stream their client's poker events. 

Our multi-table broadcast solution is likely to be beyond their budgetary constraints. In response we will develop "InSight Light," a lower cost single ​table broadcast system, including access to discounted live-streaming rates through our master account.

There are nearly 100 poker venues with 25 or more tables that regularly run their own poker tournaments. The competition for players is heating up, and will grow as the market expands. Card rooms like the Bicycle Casino have already recognized the value of live streaming their tournaments. We are very familiar with the technology that is being used at the Bike, we even explored it as an option early on in the development of the InSight Poker Table. We found too many drawbacks in the quality, design and level of automation to consider using it.

Likewise there are of hundreds of charitable event organizers that provide poker tournaments for their client charities. Offering "15 minutes of poker fame" to players who attend tournaments with live-streamed features and final tables will give buyers of "InSight Lite" a very effective differentiator as they market their services.

Warren Suggs—Founder and CEO—founded a company over 15 years ago that developed software for one of the first online poker sites in the world, The site's format anticipated many of the developments that have been adapted by online poker gradually since then. As an avid player, part-time poker coach and follower of the game, he is intimately aware of the shortcomings in the current delivery of poker entertainment and education. The concepts behind the InSight PokerTour and Tables have been in development for over 6 years. Technology has finally caught up with his InSight! Outside of the poker world, Warren has consulted to some of the largest corporations in the world on business reorganizations and mergers/acquisitions as a Principal and Senior Actuary for the West Coast with Towers Perrin (now Towers Watson). He managed a team with over $5 million in annual billings, helping to grow the team's book of business from under $2 million. Most recently he has assisted sponsors of Taft-Hartley plans with the benefits aspects of labor negotations.

Tony Price - CEO of Murdock Industrial Inc.,  Co-Founder of Poker On Air,  Co-Founder Chase the Bracelet
Tony is a 15 year owner of a wholesale distributorship with 20 employees.  With a bachelor of science double major from Otterbein College in both Business and Computer Science, coupled with double minors in Art and Photography, he well grounded in the current marketing and business environment of ‘everything internet’. With an affinity towards functionality, aesthetics, design and use, he has applied his talents to and coupled them with his love of Poker. For over 4 years Tony has been broadcasting both live and on-demand poker shows in single table tournaments, multi-table tournaments with feature table, single table sit-and-go's, cash games, and poker charity events. All events use a custom built RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) poker table and RFID chip embedded playing cards. The poker shows he has worked on have given him insight into custom electronics, poker table construction, website layout and design, live streaming, video editing, producing and current difficulties and potential of technology in the field of live broadcasting and poker. 

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