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Dried fruits are a healthy snack, but they are often preserved with sulphur dioxide and unnecessary fat.

Commonly known as sulphites and sulfites, this chemical helps retain freshness -- but it comes at a price. Dried fruits are a healthy snack, but they are often preserved with sulphur dioxide and unnecessary fat.

Unhealthy banana chips available in the market

Banana chips, which can now be found in every better hotel in Europe at the cereal buffet, are fried in oil or fat. They are therefore very hard in texture, largely tasteless and the nutritional ingredients are almost destroyed by the manufacturing process and thus unhealthy.

These problems may be inaccurately attributed to other things, so those affected continue to consume sulphites and unnecessary fat.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. In some cases sulphites can even lead to life-threatening anaphylactic and asthmatic reactions.

This is a massive problem, and after observing some technological innovations for more than 10 years, we are prepared to solve it.

We have seen the incredible growth and development of applied production techniques for "TVP" (Thermal - Vacuum - Puffing) products.


Now, by using a superior process -- “INVAP” (INert-VAcuum-Puffing) -- Instant Food Marketing is able to produce products:

Without any preservatives or auxiliaries whatsoever.

  • This is great for consumers (who either can't or simply do not want to consume sulphites)
  • It is also great for the organic food industry, which is always searching for new ways to avoid preservatives

That are crisp, crunchy, delicious and nutritious.


You can reach us directly for more information at

And while sulphites have been used for many years, long-term exposure could prove to be detrimental to anyone that consumes them.

Which begs the question:
how can you enjoy a "healthy" snack when it’s full of dangerous chemicals?


Instant Food Marketing solves all of these problems with the “INVAP” (INert-VAcuum-Puffing) process, which allows dried fruits to:

With the "INVAP" technology:

As a result, oxidation reactions (as they inevitably occur with the drying systems normally used -- tray dryers, belt dryers, etc.) are excluded.

Since the dehydration cycle is completely sealed, the process dependent drying conditions are always constant.

The respective environmental conditions (ex: temperature, humidity, or fresh air contamination with salt and/or aroma, etc.) play no role and can be disregarded.

This allows for the best fruit products -- and the healthiest, most delicious snacks -- ever created.




By using "INVAP" technology for the production of TVP products, higher quality characteristics of the final products can be achieved, especially in:

  • Cell disruption
  • Natural color
  • Consistency
  • Appearance
  • Aromatic taste experience


Bananas are not yet available on the market as a TVP-product.

We will produce directly where the fruits are growing in Costa Rica and harvest them ripe with maximum taste and sweetness.


We are excited to be working on partnerships with one of our competitors.

This is significant because their B2B clients have big interest in our bananas and want to sell them in mixtures with their fruits.

Our founder has also established many contacts with several companies in the B2B sector, which have shown great interest in our finished products.

For the B2C sector, the development of our own brand (snacks) has already begun.

Trademark protection already exists in various countries. And the brand is used under the exclusive license.



Michael Wefers (DE)
Board of Directors - President

  • Leads technology, research and development
  • Associate, Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering
  • 50 years of experience in business and entrepreneurial innovation, including:
    • Plant engineering and construction
    • Drying technology
    • Microwave methods
    • Various inventions and patents in the field of TVP systems
    • Sales

ThomasDibke (DE)
Board of Directors – Member CEO

  • Associate Dipl.-Ing. Process Engineering
  • 30 years of experience in business and entrepreneurial innovation, including:
    • Plant engineering and construction
    • Drying technology
    • Sales
    • IP management
    • IP marketing


Pascal Büchel (LI)
Board of Directors – Member

  • MBA
  • Certified trust expert
  • 12 years experience in:
    • Business
    • Marketing
    • Entrepreneurship and Management
    • Accounting
    • Tax law

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