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Integral Spine Solutions is a medical research and development company dedicated to providing powerful surgical solutions for the spine surgery community. Our proprietary spine surgeon fusion procedure is the least invasive, most cost-effective method available today, and positions our company squarely at the forefront of innovation in the surgical field.

As the largest segment of our country's population, the Baby Boomers, continues to age, the need for effective back treatment methods will continue to increase. But spine surgeries are traditionally expensive, painful ordeals, requiring long hospitalizations and extensive recovery periods.

At Integral Spine Solutions, we’re developing innovative surgical solutions that significantly reduce the pain of surgery—the physical and the financial—and get patients back home and back on their feet faster than any method on the market today.

Spine fusion surgery is a form of back surgery frequently used to treat chronic back pain stemming from a variety of causes, including injury, abnormal spine curvatures and severe inflammation.

A disc is removed from the spine and a device or implant, typically containing bone or bone growth material, is put in its place between the vertebrae. Over a period of 3-6 months, the material grows, fusing the vertebrae together and typically resulting in a significant reduction of the patient’s pain.

Drawing on state-of-the-art fluoroscopy (X-Ray) technology, Integral Spine Solution’s minimally invasive spine fusion procedure requires just a 1.5-inch incision, resulting in:

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so patients are able to undergo surgery in the morning, and return home later the same day. Recovery time is extremely low, with most patients returning to work just 1 week after their procedure.

The ISS method is designed to be an affordable option for patients and physicians alike: the procedure is reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies, and is 25% more cost-effective than competing methods.

The ISS method is already well on its way to becoming the spine fusion surgery method of choice for surgeons across the United States and Europe.

Our method and technology are fully developed, and we have an IP portfolio consisting of 4 patents protecting our innovations.

Cadaver studies have already been successfully completed, and the first live surgeries are scheduled to be completed by May of this year.

We expect regulatory approval from both the FDA in the US and CE Mark in Europe to follow in Q4 of 2014.

The Integral Spine Solutions leadership team is comprised of seasoned professionals with more than 100 years combined experience in the medical device industry. The team represents a well-balanced skill set and experience in clinical practice, R&D, manufacturing and global technology commercialization.

Herbert Mertens: President & CEO, is a seasoned executive in the global medical device industry, with 10 yrs of experience in medical device startups, in addition to 15 years of experience with Fortune 100 device companies. His background includes several C level jobs, global sales management, R&D and manufacturing, and he holds several patents in the spine industry.

Bassem Georgy: Chief Medical Officer & Secretary, is a board certified neuroradiologist and pain management physician. He is affiliated with UCSD as an assistant professor, served as President of the American Society of Spine Radiology (ASSR) and lectures on spine intervention all over the world. As an Interventional Neuroradiologist, he holds several patents in the spine industry.

Lex Jansen, Vice President of Research & Development, brings over 20 years R&D experience in minimally invasive therapies to the ISS team, including 10 years in the spine industry and 6 years with Kyphon. He holds several patents in spine.

Craig Coombs, Regulatory Consultant, acted as VP of Regulatory with Kyphon and Medtronic spine. Craig has developed our regulatory strategy and is a household name at the FDA.

Beto Cantu & Dave Eschbaugh, Managers of R&D Access, are jointly responsible for the designs of our Chute access system. Both hold patents in spine technology and together they have over 25 years of experience in the spine industry.

Integral Spine Solutions has assembled a strong advisory board with a tremendous peer-recognized clinical background, as well as industry experience.

William R. Taylor, MD
Dr. Taylor is Chairman of the company’s Scientific Advisory Board. He practices spine surgery and is clinical professor of surgery, department of Neuro surgery, at the University of California San Diego. Dr Taylor was instrumental in the early and continued success of Nuvasive, a San Diego based spine company.

Bohdan Chopko, Ph.D., MD
Dr. Chopko is a neurosurgeon and practices spine and intracranial neurosurgery in Henderson, Nevada. He is an associate professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at Stanford University. Dr. Chopko is also an entrepreneur and advises several other spine companies.

Juan Manuel Dipp, MD
Dr. Dipp practices Orthopedic/Spine surgery at El Prado Hospital in Tijuana, BC, Mexico. He was instrumental in procedure development for the PercuDyne dynamic spine stabilization device of Interventional Spine, a company based in Irvine, CA.

Ramsin Benyamin, MD
Dr. Benyamin is an interventional pain physician who is the president and founder of Millennium Pain center with seven locations throughout Illinois and also Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Benyamin is clinical assistant professor surgery at College of Medicine, University of Illinois. He is the past president of American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) and currently he serves as the president-elect for ASIPP.

Edward Brennan
Ed has over 30 years of experience in new medical technology ventures. He started his career in regulatory with Medtronic and progressed to run several medical organizations (Cryocor and Samsung diagnostic) as a CEO. Ed has a broad experience in venture capital and M&A, and is chairman of the company's audit committee.

Ralph Amato
Ralph has 40 years of experience in the financial services sector. He is CEO and founder of Ventana Capital partners and has extensive experience in reverse mergers, OTCQB shells, primary and secondary offerings and M&A. Ralph advises the company on financial strategies.

Terry Moore
Terry has over 20 years of experience in venture capital, technology and life sciences. He is Managing Partner and founder of Moore Venture Partners LP in San Diego, as well as chairman of the VC roundtable in Southern California. Terry is Chairman of the company’s compensation committee.

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